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Treadmill Running

There are many reason why someone may prefer running indoors. Perhaps the weather is severe with frozen rain or extensive amounts of snow and cold, or maybe you need to stay close to home with a new baby in the home. Who knows, maybe you may even want to pursue the treadmill marathon world record set on December 11, 2004 by Michael Wardian, of Arlington, Virginia, (2:23:58) that exceeded Josh Cox’s 2:31:04, set at the Boston Marathon pre-race expo on April 17, 2004. Whatever the reason, if you need a bit of extra motivation to get in some training on your treadmill then you may want to consider one of the following videos to guide you:

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The Baby Boomer Treadmill Workout
Escape Exercise!
Fitness Journeys - Through the Forest 2 *
Runervals 1.0 - Easy Intervals with Team Clydesdale
Runervals 2.0 - Treadmill Tempo
Runervals 3.0 - Cheetah Fast
Runervals 4.0 - Up, Up & Up! The Hill Climber!
Runervals 5.0 - 10K Strength Builder
Runervals 6.0 - Time Saver I, Tempo & Cruise
Runervals 7.0 - Time Saver II, Leg Speed and Technique
Scenic Workouts Yosemite *
Treadmill Conditioning
Treadmoves: Aerobic Cardio Blast
Treadmoves: Total Body Sports Conditioning
Treadmoves: Training for Speed
Video Stride: Canada Banff - Lake Louise
Video Stride: Hawaii
Video Stride: Switzerland
Virtual Active - American Northeast Run *
Virtual Active - American Southwest Run *
Virtual Active - American Southwest II Run *
Virtual Active - Chicago Run *
Virtual Active - Los Angeles Run *
Virtual Active - Northern Italy Run *
Virtual Active - Northern Rockies Run *
Virtual Active - Pacific Northwest Run *
Virtual Active - Swiss Alps Run *
Virtual Active - Wild California Run *