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Runervals 7.0
Time Saver II-
Leg Speed and Technique

Three, 30 Minute Speed Workouts
Designed to Improve Speed & Form

Order at Spinervals.com 2006
90 Minutes
Instructional Workout
Available on DVD

Here are three highly effective 30 minute workouts designed to dramatically boost your leg turnover and leg speed. This DVD has a really high difficulty level, so you will want to do some warm up and stretching before taking on one of these workouts. Are you ready to push your limit with one of these workouts: "Striders for Speed", "400 Repeats", or "Speed Combo". Coach Troy guides you through as you accelerate and recover from each interval. Bring your own background music, as this production focuses on the instruction and lets you pick your favorite play list to make your workout complete. Order this 2006, 90 minute DVD, directly from Spinervals.com where you can also go to view a short trailer.

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