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Runervals 6.0
Time Saver I-
Cruise & Tempo Training

Three, 30 Minute Threshold Workouts
Designed to Improve Pacing and Strength

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90 Minutes
Instructional Workout
Available on DVD

Join Coach Troy for an interval training session on the treadmill. Research has shown that by incorporating threshold training into your training program that this pace work near lactate threshold will improve pacing and the removal of lactic acid which results in faster running times at all distances from the 5K to the marathon. The first workout is entitled "10K Tempo Intervals", next comes the " 5K/10K Cruise & Tempo Intervals" and last on this 90 minute DVD is the "5K Cruise Intervals". This production does not have any background music, so check your play list and start to maximize your treadmill training with the clear instruction from Coach Troy. A trailer can by viewed at Spinervals.com where you also can visit to place your order.

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