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Runervals 5.0
10 K Strength Builder

50 Minutes of Tempo Training for the 10K
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Instructional Workout
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Coach Troy is back again to lead the intermediate to advanced runner to a personal best in their next 10K. With a focus on improving your anaerobic threshold, strength, and proper pacing, this treadmill workout will be a winner for you, if you are willing to do the work. Mile repeats are at the heart of this production. It sounds like work, yet that is what is needed once or twice a week to improve your fitness to a higher level. Since you will not want to be repeating this workout on a daily basis, check out some of the four other videos in this series and you will have a chance to mix up your sessions between the hard and easy days of fitness development. This DVD is "off the cutting room floor" and is not at the same level of picture and sound quality of the first three in the series. Visit the official website at Spinervals.com to place an order, watch a video preview in quicktime format, or learn more about purchasing the entire series at once for a discount.

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