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Runervals 4.0- Up, Up & Up! The Hill Climber!

55 Minutes of Hill Training

Order at Spinervals.com 2005
50 Minutes
Instructional Workout
Available on DVD

If you are wanting to improve your hill running speed and endurance look no further than a treadmill for a great workout. Coach Troy has the experience and track record of treadmill videos to put together a demanding workout for the advanced runner. Maybe you have improved your fitness with one of his first three workout videos and now is the time to bump it up to the next level of fitness. If you increase your intensity with these hill repeats your running partner may be asking you for your secret. If you are willing to work hard, and push yourself to the next level, then bring this DVD into your home and don’t look back. Visit the official website at Spinervals.com to place an order (Note: this is "off the cutting room floor") or watch a video preview in quicktime format.

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