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The Baby Boomer
Treadmill Workout

Results Only: The Exercise Video Series with Bobby Kelly

Order at ResultsOnly.com 1997
45 Minutes
Available on VHS

Join instructor Bobby Kelly with four "baby boomers", each at different levels of fitness (from a speed walker to runner), for an upbeat treadmill workout. After some introductions and instructions, the 39 minute workout begins as you are guided through a warm-up then start increasing your intensity at a level that is right for you. Every minute or two you will shift emphasis as you walk, jog, climb hills, and tackle increased intensities as you prepare for your "final kick". This tape follows through with about five minutes of stretching after the cool down. The music by Musicflex changes with the requirements of the workout and Bobby is there with you all the way as he mentions pointers about your form: stride length, arm carry, breathing, and posture. It will be easy to find your own comfort level with this tape as you follow along on your treadmill at home. You are sure to increase your fitness over time with consistent use with this tape. Treadmill Conditioning is another tape produced by Bobby Kelly and both can be ordered directly from Results Only.com.

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