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Treadmill Conditioning

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55 Minutes
Available on VHS

This 55 minute tape will take you through a 39 minute treadmill workout. If you are used to just setting one speed and waiting for the clock to expire to stop running, than this tape will guide you through a variety of speeds, hills, and repetitions to make your workouts more enjoyable. Like most classes, you are joined with four other participants (each with their own level of training effort) on the screen in addition to your instructor, Bobby Kelly. After some brief instruction you will begin your warm-up, then the fun really starts in with jogging, hill intervals, and changes in intensity from a "walk/jog" to the "final kick". The short music segments shift with the changing tempos and Bobby keeps his ongoing motivating talk in synch with a lyrical quality at times. He is having fun and he encourages you to do the same while working to improve your own fitness. Five minutes of stretching and and additional four minutes of "safety tips", that includes more information on form, round out this tape. You can order this directly from Results Only.com. An additional tape in this series is The Baby Boomer Treadmill Workout.

· Instructional   · 1997   · Topics   · Treadmill Running   · Workouts