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Runervals 2.0
Treadmill Tempo

45 Minutes of Strength Building

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45 Minutes
Instructional Workout
Available on DVD

Run with Coach Troy Jacobson and his guest athletes in these tough 45 minute interval workouts on treadmills. Set to upbeat music and with on-screen graphics, Runervals workout videos are so motivating and effective, you may finally find peace with your treadmill during those dark winter months. If you like doing 400 meter tempo repeats on the track to develop strength and speed than this is the workout for you. Join Coach Troy as he takes you through 45 minutes of challenging tempo running. For intermediate to advanced runners, this workout is perfect in preparation for the 5k, 10k and even the half marathon. Read reviews of this second tape of a seven part series. Spinervals.com offers both VHS and DVD versions of this production.

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