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16 Speed and Power Drills for Sprints
2011 National Distance Running Summit *
25 Tips & Drills for Coaching the Hurdles
25 Tips & Drills for Coaching the Sprints
28 Speed and Power Drills for 800 Meters
30 Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles
300 & 400 Hurdles
400-Meter Strategies and Training
The 800 Meters


Adidas Vancouver International Marathon Training Guide
Advanced Methods for Lactate Threshold Training
Aerobics- Jogging
Aqua Jogger Complete Water Workout
AQx Sports
AQx Sports Aquatic Training


The Basics of Lactate Threshold Training
Becoming A Champion Distance Runner
Becoming A Champion Distance Runner: Advanced Techniques & Training
Becoming A Champion: How to Run Faster!
Becoming A Champion Hurdler
Becoming a Champion Runner: Competing with the Heart-Mind of a Warrior
Becoming A Champion Sprinter
Becoming a Champion Hurdler - Beyond the Basics
Becoming a Champion Sprinter - Beyond the Basics
The Best of British Track 100M & 110M Hurdles Drills
The Best of British Track 100M & 200M Short Sprints Drills
The Best of British Track 200M & 400M Long Sprints Drills
The Best of British Track 400M Hurdles Drills
The Best of British Track Endurance Running Drills
The Best of British Track Fundamental Movement Drills for All Athletes
The Best of British Track Middle Distance Drills
The Best of Running and Racing
Better Running: In Four Chapters
Better Track and Field Officiating: Running Events
Bill Dellinger’s Fundamentals: Conditioning with Stewart Togher
Bill Dellinger’s Fundamentals: Hurdles with John Gillespie
Bill Dellinger’s Fundamentals: Middle Distance/Distance
Bill Dellinger’s Fundamentals: Sprints with George Wallcott
Bill Dellinger’s: Conditioning the 400M Runner
& Intermediate Hurdler

Bill Dellinger’s: Distance Conditioning
Bill Dellinger’s: Distance Running Technique
Bill Dellinger’s: Hurdles Techniques
Bill Dellinger’s: Relay Technique
Bill Dellinger’s: Sprint Technique
Bill Rodgers: Running for Fun and Fitness
Biomechanics Studies of Track & Field Events
Biomotor Development for Speed-Power Athletes
Bodies in Motion
Breakthrough to Advance Performance: Building Confidence Everyday
Breaking the Tape
Building a Better Runner: Volume 1
Building a Better Runner: Volume 2
Building a Successful Cross Country Program
Building Your Cross Country Program with Pride


Championship Form: Distance (800 M to Marathon)
Championship Form: Hurdles
Championship Form: Sprints
Chasing Mercury, Battling Hercules: Getting Fitter and Stronger with Periodization Training
Chasing Pheidippides: Marathon Training 101
Children Running: Fun!
Coaching 1600 and 3200 Meter Runners
Coaching By The Experts: Track And Field Running Events
Coaching Cross Country
Coaching Cross Country
Coaching Distance Runners: Planning Guide for Success
Coaching High School Track: Distance Running
Coaching High School Track: Getting Started
Coaching High School Track: Hurdles
Coaching High School Track: Sprints & Relays
Coaching Hurdlers: Planning Guide for Success
Coaching Speed
Coaching Sprinters: Planning Guide for Success
Come to 100m Dash Practice
Come to 200m Practice
Come to 400m Practice
Come to 4 x 100m Relay Practice
Come to High Hurdle Pactice
Come to Intermediate Hurdle Practice
Come to Relay Practice
Come to Womens 100m Hurdle Practice
The Complete High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success Series *
Complete Speed Training Volume 2: How to Build Champion Sprinters *
Conditioning for Sprinters
Coping with Life: On the Run
Core Strength for Middle Distance & Distance Runners
Creative Training Games and Tactics
Cross Country Distance Training
Cross Country Form & Tactics
Cross Country Intangibles for Success
Cross Country Training: A 3-Phase System for Peak Performance


Deep Water Running
Developing Championship 300/400M Hurdles Distance
Developing a Dynamic Warm-Up Program for Speed-Power Athletes
Distance Running Techniques
Distance Training- The Michigan Way
The Distances
Do It Better: Running
Don Kardong’s Marathon Survival Video
Drills for Speed Thrills
Drills for Speed, Agility, and Quickness
DrTri Endurance Conditioning Workout


Escape Exercise!
Evolution Running
Explosive 400 Meter Dash Training
Explosive Sprint Drills


Fat Man Running
Feed Your Face...Pull Your Teeth: Training for Sprints and Hurdles
A Fifty-Plus Celebration
First Time Runners: How to Run a Marathon


Go Wild! Fitness: All-Terrain Workout Northern California
Gold Medal Track & Field DVD
Guide to High School Cross Country *
Guided Muscles: Walking & Running


High Hurdles
Hill Training- The Lydiard Way
A Holistic Model for Training Distance Runners
How to Coach & Organize a Successful Track & Field Program
How to Develop a Championship Sprinter
How to Plan Track & Field Practices
How to Write Workouts for Track and Field
Hurdle Basics: A Grass Roots Approach
Hurdle Drills
Hurdle Drills for Women
Hurdle Training Drills & Workout
Hurdles (1989)
Hurdles (1998)
Hurdles with David Hemery
The Hurdles
Hurdling: Technique and Training for Women


I am a Runner
In the Trenches: Classroom Observation
Increasing Running Speed and Strength
Injured Runner
Injuries to Runners


Jack Daniels: The Art and Science of Running
Jack Daniels: The Grassroots of Coaching Cross Country
Jack Daniels: The Grassroots of Coaching Middle Distance and Distance Runners
Jackie Joyner-Kersee: Beyond the Bounds
Jim Fixx on Running
Jogging Warm-up
Jogging with Marty Liquori
Just Yell Fire


Lactate Threshold: Best O2 Bang for Your Buck
LSU’s Explosive Sprint Drills


The Marathon Challenge
Marathon Challenge
Marathon Runner
Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge
Marty Liquori’s Runners Workout
Marty Stern: Training Female Cross Country Runners
Marty Stern: Training Female Distance Runners
Marty Stern: Training Female Middle Distance Runners
Maximal Velocity Sprint Mechanics
Medical Aspects of Running
Middle and Long Distances
Middle Distance Running with Frank Gagliano
Middle Distance Running with Sebastian Coe
Middle Distance Training
The Middle Distance Training Program
Motivating Your Athletes for Success
Multi-events I & II


Nutrition for the Track & Field and Cross Country Athlete


On the Run


Periodization Training for Distance Runners
Physiological Secrets of Distance Running
The Pose Method of Running
Postural Integrity: Training the Athlete’s Core
Power Yoga for Runners
Pre-Season Conditioning for Sprints, Hurdles, and Jumps
Pushing the Limits in Athletic Performance


Racing Faster
Racing Strategy for 800/1500 Meters
Reebok: Prepare to Win
Relay Drills
Relay Drills for Women
Relay Running with David Hemery
Relay Training
The Right Track: Long Distance
The Right Track: Middle Distance
Road Running with Joan Benoit-Samuelson
Road Running: An Introduction to Training and Coaching with Joan Benoit
Ron Jones Dynamic Warm-Up
Run Dick, Run Jane
Run For Fun
Run for Health
Run or Walk for Your Life
The Run: Technique and Training for Triathletes
Runervals 1.0 - Easy Intervals with Team Clydesdale
Runervals 2.0 - Treadmill Tempo
Runervals 3.0 - Cheetah Fast
Runervals 4.0 - Up, Up & Up! The Hill Climber!
Runervals 5.0 - 10K Strength Builder
Runervals 6.0- Time Saver I, Tempo & Cruise
Runervals 7.0-Time Saver II, Leg Speed and Technique
Runner’s Core Routine: Stage 1
Runner’s Core Routine: Stages 2 & 3
The Runner’s Foot
The Runner’s Resource Guide to Training & Racing
Running: A Head-To-Toe Approach
Running: The BK Method
Running Faster with Alberto Salazar
Running Free of Injury
Running Great with Grete Waitz
Running Stretches & Running Tips
Running Theory: From Mile to Marathon
Running with Joe Henderson


Secrets to Running the Dipsea Race
Somax Stride Analysis and Microfiber Reduction
Soviet Runner’s Training
SPARQ Track and Field Training
Speed & Acceleration Workout
Speed & Explosion: Speed Improvement for Athletes
Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles
Speed and Power Drills for the Sprints
Speed for Sport and Fitness
Speed for Sports Performance
Sprint Drills
Sprint Drills for Women
Sprint Training the Jamaican Way
Sprinting the Jamaican Way: Drills for Speed & Technique
Sprinting the Jamaican Way: Relay Technique, Drills & Strategies
Sprinting with Carl Lewis
Sprinting with Tommie Smith
Sprinting: Technique and Training for Women
The Sprints and Hurdles
Sprints and Relays
Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays
Sprints, Starts, and Relays
Stanford Health & Exercise Program
Striding On!
Super Distance Summit Coach’s Combo *


Take It To The Water
Targeted Sports Training: Running
Teaching Kids Speed For All Sports
To Be Your Best
Tom Shaw’s Speed Enhancement
Too Much of a Good Thing
Track & Field I: Sprinting Techniques
Track & Field News Presents: Technique and Drills for Distance/Middle Distance
Track & Field News Presents: Technique and Drills for the Hurdles
Track & Field News Presents: Technique and Drills for the Sprints
Track and Field Techniques: Training with the Champions- Long Distance Running
Trail Running
Training for the 40 yard Dash
Training & Racing in Pursuit of Success, Not Fear of Failure Training the Neurological Aspects of Distance Running
The Training of Team USA Arizona *
Treadmoves: Aerobic Cardio Blast
Treadmoves: Total Body Sports Conditioning
Treadmoves: Training for Speed
Triathlon: Training and Racing with Dave Scott


Ultimate Athlete: Pushing the Limit
Ultimate Sprint, Hurdle, Relay, and Conditioning Video
USATF Development Tape Series


Virtual Chicago: The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon
Virtual Marine Corps Marathon
Virtual Van Corlandt Park
VO2 Max Distance Running Clinic


Water Running for the Serious Athlete
What Makes Millie Run?
Women’s Running: Run Smart, Run Safe
Women’s Track and Field: Middle Distance Running
Women’s Track and Field: Sprints, Hurdles & Relays
Workout Planning for Cross Country
World Class 110M Hurdles World Class 300/400M Hurdles
World Class 400M Dash
World Class Sprints & Relays


Yoga for Runners

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