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Year of Release: 1980’s

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See Listing The 1989 New York City Marathon Video
Across The Tracks
Better Track and Field Officiating: Running Events
Championship Form: Distance (800 M to Marathon)
Championship Form: Hurdles
Championship Form: Sprints
Seoul ’88: 16 Days of Glory
Soviet Runner’s Training
Sprinting with Carl Lewis
Winning a Place in the World

See Listing 18 Again!
Arabian Knight: The Story of Sad Aouita
Bill Dellinger’s: Conditioning the 400M Runner & Intermediate Hurdler
Bill Dellinger’s: Distance Conditioning
Bill Dellinger’s: Distance Running Technique
Bill Dellinger’s: Hurdles Techniques
Bill Dellinger’s: Relay Technique
Bill Dellinger’s: Sprint Technique
British Olympic Gold
Deep Water Running
Finish Line
For the Honor of Their Country
The Four Minute Mile
Going for the Gold: Preview of the 1988 Summer Olympics
Gold Medal Champions
A Hard Road to Glory
Highlights of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul
Leadville Trail 100
The Olympiad Series: The African Runners
Olympic Experience
Olympic Track & Field: Men 1988 Seoul
Olympic Track & Field: Women 1988 Seoul
Run for Health
Stanford Health & Exercise Program
Visions of Gold
World’s Greatest Milers

See Listing 1987 ARRA Championship Circuit Highlights
Feed Your Face ... Pull Your Teeth Training Techniques for Sprints and Hurdles
Great Moments at the Olympic Games
Greatest Moments In Olympic History
Hurdles with David Hemery
Leadville Trail 100
Olympic Classics: 1928-1967
Relay Running with David Hemery
Road Running with Joan Benoit-Samuelson
Road Running: An Introduction to Training and Coaching with Joan Benoit
Run for Your Life
Run or Walk for Your Life
The Running Man
Sprinting with Tommie Smith
To Be Your Best
Track and Field Techniques: Training with the Champions- Long Distance Running
Women’s Track and Field: Middle Distance Running
Women’s Track and Field: Sprints, Hurdles & RelaysSee Listing

16 Days of Glory Part II
Greatest Moments of the Goodwill Games, 1986
Jogging Warm-up
The Supermilers: The 4 Minute Barrier and Beyond

16 Days of Glory
See Listing 1985 Honolulu Marathon
Bill Rodgers: Running for Fun and Fitness
Bridge to Terabithia
Elements of Gold
Jeff Keith’s Run Across
Leadville Trail 100
Medical Aspects of Running
Not-So-Great Moments in Sports
On the Edge
Run and Run
The Runner
Running Great with Grete Waitz
Sebastian Coe: Born to Run
They Live to Run

1984 Summer Olympics Highlights
Australians at the Olympics: A Definitive History 1896-1980
Biomechanics Studies of Track & Field Events
Der Sprinter
The First Olympics- Athens 1896
Frank Shorter’s Run!: The Definitive Guide for Runners
Go For Gold
The Gold and Glory
Jesse Owens Story
Jogging with Marty Liquori
Los Angeles Olympics 1984: Olympic Track and Field, Hurdles
The Marathon Challenge
Moments of Gold
Olympic Gold Medal Winners: The First 90 Years
Olympics- The First 90 Years
The Right Track: Middle Distance
Thorpe’s Gold
Time Capsule, The Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1932

See Listing The Big Chill
Bill Rodgers; Alberto Salazar
Dreams of Gold
Going the Distance
Louisiana Legends, "Willie Davenport"
Marathon I
The Melbourne Games
Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: Aussies and Kiwis at the Olympics
Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: Heroes, Heartbreaks, and Hilarities
Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: The Melbourne Games
The Power of Purpose
Raw Courage
Running Brave
Sports, Society, and Self
Steve Cram: Good for the First Mile
The Tarahumara
The Terry Fox Story

See Listing Desperate Dreams: The 1982 Western States 100-Mile Endurance Race
Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge
Marty Liquori’s Runners Workout
Personal Best
Running Hard, Breathing Easy: The Jeanet Bolden Story
The Ultimate Challenge

See Listing Animal Olympians
Champions of American Sport
Chariots of Fire
The Miracle of Kathy Miller
My Champion
Oh Sport, You Are Brave!

See Listing The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story
Iron Man of Kansas
Jim Fixx on Running
Lasse Viren: Running is Your Life
Marathon Woman: Miki Gorman
The Olympiad Series: Fastest Men in the World
On the Run
Sports Hour 27- 1976 Olympic Games
Survival Run
The Struggle and the Triumph
Those Who Endured
Twenty-Six Times in a Row

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