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Les samouraï des temps modernes
2001, 90 minutes, made in France by director Ariel Zeitoun and written by Luc Besson. This film opens with the group of seven Yamakasi running through urban settings, both inside and out before they plan their assent of a 24 story building. They shirk the police who later introduce each character as they reveal a street name, such as "Rocket" who runs fast. The children admire them and when a local boy has 24 hours to live it is the Yamakasi who seek to find a solution to his problem. Breaking up into teams, the seven skillful young men engage in a rash of acrobatic burglaries. They run, climb, flip, and elude as best they can in each situation that arises. Yet will they meet the deadline and save the young boy? This DVD has an active soundtrack as it promotes this Robin Hood type storyline. Look for distribution from Hong Kong with a choice of French or Cantonese language and three options for subtitles: English, Traditional Chinese, or Simplified Chinese. Visit the site to link to additional reviews written in French, Portuguese, or Italian. may be able to fill your request, or visit an auction website where you will want to pay close attention to the shipping costs. The 18 tracks on the Motion Picture Soundtrack can also be ordered.

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Yiannis Kouros: Forever Running

AKA: Giannis Kouros: forever running
2004, 60 minutes, Greek with English subtitles. Ultra runners cover incredible distances, many times running for several days at a time. No one has done it better for the last 20 years than Yiannis Kouros. He has set 152 world records having competed in races such as Athens-Sparta and Sydney to Melbourne. As he points out, Movie of the Month, December 2004ultra running is a struggle against both nature and human endurance which takes on an almost metaphysical character. He descibes his training as well as his routine during the races, including sleeping only 10 minutes during a 48 hour race, only if needed. When he becomes exhausted, he draws inspiration from music, and thinking of other heroic runners such as Phidippidis. Broken into 11 sections, Kouros openly speaks to the camera to reveal his inner world from childhood, to his pursuits of the records. The writer/director for this production is Elias Giannakakis with music by Marios Aristopoulos. This film captured the 2nd Prize of the 6th Thessaloniki Documentary Section "Images of the 21st Century", for a documentary longer than 45 minutes. This is a must see for anyone wanting to run for 24-hours or more and now this film can be ordered new at

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Young Women in Sports

This 16 minute film was released in 16mm format in 1974 under the authority of Silver Shadows Productions and BFA Educational Media. Viewers will see an examination of the attitudes of four young women athletes (Terri Sabol (discus), Kyle Gayner (gymnastics), Gayle Butler (track), and Shirley Babashoff (swimming)) about strength, competition, and themselves as women and as athletes. A study guide is available to assist with classroom discussion. The producers of this film were Susan Heick, Jaryl Lane, and Joseph Shields with Charles Bernstein providing the music.

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Yukon Arctic Ultra 2005

The World’s Coldest and Toughest Ultra Race
2005, 54 minutes. Director and cinematographer Werner Walcher leads the viewers on this ultramarathon in the harsh cold environment of the Yukon. With many interviews, pictures of the landscapes on the Yukon Quest trail, Movie of the Month, April 2006and the checkpoints where competitors can refuel and obtain their drop bags, you will discover how athletes from around the world try to survive in these extreme conditions. This arduous journey on frozen rivers, and the remote outdoors of the great white North, allows the racers to use a mode of human-powered transportation, from mountain bike, skis, or just by running, to reach their destination of a marathon, 100 miles or more. The 2006 race begins February 11th, and the 460 mile event has been delayed until 2007 (it’s never too early to start your training for next year). To learn more visit the official race site at and you can place your order for a this race DVD through the contact information located at

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