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Valley of Death

This 16mm film was released in 1975 in New Zealand. Australian Bill Emmerton, a professional runner, discusses some of his major races, including his marathon race through Death Valley that he accomplished in 1968 when he was in his late 40’s. He covered over 150,000 miles during the course of his eventful and bizarre career. Narration was done by Walter Brooke and the original company who released this film was called Marathon Enterprises. With a run time of 27 minutes, this rare film does not have a current distributor or location source.

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Video Stride: Canada Banff - Lake Louise

Scenic workouts for inspired treadmill walking
1994, 53 minutes. If you are getting on your treadmill in your basement and want to transport yourself into the woods for you workout than this video may be what you have been looking for. Here you will travel in the Canadian Rockies as you move along the Sundance trail and Tunnel Mountain on dirt trails lined with trees. The music can be a bit much for such a tranquil setting so you may want to hit the mute button and program in your favorite CD or MP3 selections for this one. Pick up your own VHS copy at College by searching by title at the homepage.

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Video Stride: Hawaii

Scenic workouts for inspired treadmill walking
This 1994 treadmill video is designed to give you a feeling of being in Hawaii for your workout. Follow two walkers while running on your treadmill in the privacy of your own home as you view two scenes from the island of Maui. From the beach of Kaanapali to over 13,000 feet at the rim of Haliakala you can travel in your mind to another world of sunshine and warmth. Special order your 55 minute DVD at if they are low on new stock.

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Video Stride: Switzerland

Scenic workouts for inspired treadmill walking
Released in 1994, produced by Daybreak Films, and distributed through CTV Productions, this video offers scenery from the Swiss Alps from the mountain paths near the Matterhorn as well as moving into quint villages. This is designed for use on a treadmill to make the workout more enjoyable by going to a new location in your mind. Get a break from the ordinary as offers this 53 minute film for sale, new or used, in DVD format.

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Virtual Chicago: The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

2000, 30 minutes. Narrated by former US Olympic marathoner Don Kardong, the video tours the course from a runner's eye view, displays and describes key landmarks along the course, provides basic information and tips for race preparation, highlights important course characteristics (e.g., bridges, tunnels, neighborhoods), and facilitates visualization for race preparation. This video was once made available from the production company, For a review see an article written by Barbara Erskine from the Road Runner's Club of America. If you intend to own this video, order your copy soon, because once Virtual Brands sells off their remaining stock they will not be producing any more of this title (under their current agreement with The LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon).

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Virtual Marine Corps Marathon

Narrated by the 1976 US Olympic marathoner Don Kardong, this innovative video tours the scenic course from a runner's eye view, displays and describes course landmarks of historical significance, Movie of the Month, October 2003provides basic information and tips for race preparation, highlights important course characteristics (e.g., hills, windy stretches, road surfaces), and facilitates visualization for race preparation. With the course changing in 2002, this video was updated from it's original 2000 production in 2003 to reflect the changes in the course (The Hains Point loop (miles 17-20) will be replaced by an out and back loop on Rock Creek Parkway (toward the end of the first half of the race) and an additional expansion of approximately one mile in the North parking lot of the Pentagon (mile 4-5, corresponding to Water Point #3 shown in the video). Both editions have a run time of 30 minutes and unfortunately this production is no longer available through

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Virtual Van Corlandt Park

This is a third virtual tour offered by former US Olympian Don Kardong. Watch an up close, runner's eye view of the 5K and 2.5 mile courses at America's most historic cross country venue, Van Cortlandt Park. This groundbreaking video will help you get mentally and physically prepared to tackle the Flats, the Cowpath, and the Back Hills on the legendary New York City course. In addition to course information, the video presents historical, logistical, and tactical information about cross country racing at Van Cortlandt Park. made this 24 minute tape and also offer it for sale at their web site.

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Visions of Eight

AKA: Visions of Eight - The Olympics of Motion Picture Achievement
Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment released a VHS copy in 1980 of the 1973 Wolper Productions film that runs for 108 minutes. It is rated G and the music by Henry Mancini is more widely available than this Olympic documentary motion picture from the 1972 Munich Games. The eight directors are in order of appearance include:
  • Juri Ozerov-U.S.S.R., "The Beginning"
  • Mai Zetterling-Sweden, "The Strongest"
  • Arthur Penn-United States, "The Highest"
  • Michael Pfleghar-Germany, "The Women"
  • Kon Ichikawa- Japan, "The Fastest"
  • Milos Forman-Czechoslovakia, "The Decathlon"
  • Claude Lelouch-France, "The Losers"
  • John Schlesinger-Great Britain, "The Longest"
Movie of the Month, August 2002Ozerov examines the preparation period; Penn turns an artful, almost magical eye to pole-vaulting; Forman ironically tackles the Decathlon; Schlesinger, in focusing on the plight of a British marathon runner, Ron Hill, and includes in his piece sobering and moving footage of the massacre of Israeli athletes, (perhaps the most enduring component of the Munich Games' legacy). Ichikawa again brilliantly captures the 100 meters. Shot in Technicolor and partially unified by the contributors' collective mastery of technique, the film is comprised of remarkably different works characterized by a focus on the humane, the struggle, rather than competition itself.

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Visions of Gold

The Winning Spirit
Hosted by Kyle Rote, Jr., and formerly distributed by World Wide Home Video, this 1988 video lasts 50 minutes. Here you will see the inspiring story of top Olympic athletes talking about their own personal struggles, and the faith that led them to give it their best. Featured runners include Carl Lewis, Jesse Owens,and Eric Liddell. For some Olympians, it's the love of gold that drives them to victory. For others, it's also the love of God.

Viva Olympic Vitality

Released in 1969 this 26 minute 16mm film shows highlights of the 1968 summer Olympic Games in Mexico City. Presented by the United States Olympic Committee it was produced by Stark Film Productions for the American Dairy Association.

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