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Ultimate Athlete: Pushing the Limit

Find out what it takes to be a world class athlete including how they train, think, triumph, bounce back from defeat, and deal with the business side of sports. Segments are presented on Carl Lewis and Billy Mills, track & field; Lance Armstrong, cyclist; Meng Fei, Chinese gymnast; Mary Pierce, tennis great; members of the Santa Monica Track and Field Club, and many other athletic superstars from past and present. This program was presented by the Discovery Channel in 1996 and has a running time of 100 minutes. Narration provided by Louis Gossett, Jr. with Scott Hicks as producer, writer, and director. Obtain your copy directly from or go to to have the options of PAL format, although you will pay a little extra for the conversion.

The Ultimate Challenge

1982, 22 minutes, 16mm format. This sports documentary is about the world’s most grueling high altitude race, the Pikes Peak Marathon. As a viewer you will pass over the 26.2 mile course through spectacular forests and alpine tundra to the top of 14,110-foot-high Pikes Peak and back. Hosted by Bob Mathias this film was made possible by Pennzoil Film Center and Taurus Productions.

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Ultimate Sprint, Hurdle, Relay, and Conditioning Video

2002, 85 minutes. Coaches brings you this instructional video with USATF representative and coach Bryan HoddleMovie of the Month, March 2006 hosting. Whether you are an athlete or coach you are sure to benefit from the explanations and demonstrations of mechanical principles of proper running. You will also see active mobility drills, hurdle drills, coaching tips, sprint training, medicine ball work, sprint problems and solutions, testing protocols, baton drills, and block work.

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UltraMarathon Man

Dean Karnazes started the "Endurance 50", 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, on September 17 in Movie of the Month, August 2008Missouri and finished his run November 4th at the New York City Marathon. He states, "The mission of this event is to encourage, motivate and inspire people of all ages to become active, make physical wellness an essential and enjoyabel priority in their lives and to promote healthy, active living across this great country." The film crew from Journey, who filmed The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton, created a 102 minute feature film that was released in the theaters on July 31, 2008. Look for a DVD release in November 2008 and you may visit the official site of the Endurance 50 and you can read Dean’s daily blog to review his daily runs.


Enlarge Cover Art Great American Olympic Moments
Relive the excitement of some of the greatest moments in American athletic triumphs at the Olympic Games. Included are the ice hockey team’s win over a seasoned Russian team in 1980, Jim Thorpe’s decathlon and pentathlon victories in the 1912 games, Joan Benoit’s marathon win in 1984, Mary Lou Retton’s perfect scores in gymnastics at the 1984 games, and more. Sports Illustrated Video teamed with HBO Video to release this title in 1992 that lasts for 47 minutes. This tape was not made available for retail sale, although the auction sites offer this title if you search under "Olympic VHS".

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USATF Development Tape Series

These tapes are a not-for-profit project of USATF Development operated on a volunteer basis by Kyle Knudson since 1988. The purpose of the project is to provide quality, but inexpensive, educational tapes to aid the development of track & field athletes and coaches. Tapes can not be ordered on-line, however, you can browse through the available tapes at All rounds of competition are commonly available for the running events and some tapes offer in-depth specific aspects of training for the event as well as lectures and athlete demos. Some tapes show footage in slow motion, such as the sprints and hurdles. These tapes are to be used for development purposes only and copying for this purpose is permitted. I encourage the use of this resource and obtain the order form at the above web site and mail payment with your request. Titles of the tapes include:
  • USATF Development Comprehensive Instruction tapes 2003
  • USATF Development Comprehensive Instruction tapes 2002-2003
  • Olympic Games, Sydney, 2000
  • USA Olympic Trials, Sacramento, 2000
  • USATF Super Clinic 2000, Sacramento, California
  • USATF Men’s Development Instruction Tapes, 1995-1997
  • USATF Specific Instruction Tapes, 1994
  • USATF General Instruction Tapes, 1993
  • USATF Rookie Level Coaching education Instruction, 1991
  • IAF Biomechanics Studies, 1987 World Championships
  • IAF Biomechanics Studies, 1988 Olympic Games
  • Olympic Games, Atlanta, 1996
  • USA Olympic Trials, Atlanta, 1996
  • USA Olympic Trials, New Orleans, 1992
  • Goodwill Games, Seattle, 1990
  • USA Olympic Trials, Indianapolis, 1988

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