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Made for TV or Cable

The 1974 story of football players Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo entitled Brian’s Song started a wave of made for television movies that were not intended to necessarily be shown in the theater. Movies about running were also made as you can see by these listings:

Bud Greenspan’s Favorite Stories of Olympic Glory 2001, by Bud Greenspan
Bud Greenspan’s Athens 2004: Stories of Olympic Glory 2005, by Bud Greenspan
Dying to Be Perfect: The Ellen Hart Peña Story 1996, Crystal Bernard
Finish Line 1989, Josh Brolin
Cover Art Slideshow The First Olympics- Athens 1896 1986, Louis Jourdan
The Four Minute Mile 1988, Richard Huw
Four Minutes 2005, Jamie Maclachlan
The Golden Moment: An Olympic Love Story 1980, Stephanie Zimbalist
Into The Wind 2010, made for ESPN
The Jericho Mile 1979, Peter Strauss
The Jesse Owens Story 1984, Dorian Harewood
The Loneliest Runner 1976, Lance Kerwin
The Loretta Claiborne Story 2000, Kimberly Elise
Marathon 1979, Bob Newhart
Marion Jones: Press Pause 2010, Marion Jones
The Miracle of Kathy Miller 1981, Helen Hunt
Racing for Time 2008, Charles Dutton
Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story 1996, Charlayne Woodard
See How She Runs 1978, Joanne Woodward
A Shining Season 1979, Timothy Bottoms
Seoul ’88: 16 Days of Glory 1989, by Bud Greenspan
Special Olympics 1978, Charles Durning
Stride to Glory 1996, Host Greg Gumbel
The Terry Fox Story 1983, Eric Fryer
Wilma 1977, Shirley Jo Finney