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Although these are specific tapes that cover the hurdling events, don’t forget to check out official Olympic coverage videos to see athletes who competed for the Gold. These titles should give you a good start to improving conditioning and technique to this specialty running event:

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25 Tips & Drills for Coaching the Hurdles 2007
30 Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles 2006
300 & 400 Hurdles 1991
Becoming A Champion Hurdler 2002
Becoming a Champion Hurdler - Beyond the Basics 2007
The Best of British Track & Field 100M & 110M Hurdles Drills 2009
The Best of British Track & Field 400M Hurdles Drills 2009
Bill Dellinger's Fundamentals: Hurdles with John Gillespie 1995
Bill Dellinger's: Conditioning the 400M Runner & Intermediate Hurdler 1988
Bill Dellinger's: Hurdles Techniques 1988
Championship Form: Hurdles 1989
Coaching By The Experts: Track And Field Running Events 1990
Coaching High School Track & Field: Hurdles 2006
Coaching Hurdlers: Planning Guide for Success 2007
Come to High Hurdle Pactice 2001
Come to Intermediate Hurdle Practice 2001
Come to Womens 100m Hurdle Practice 2001
Developing Championship 300/400M Hurdles 2001
Dream Weavers: Beijing 2008 2008
Dreams of Gold 1983
Feed Your Face...Pull Your Teeth: Training for Sprints and Hurdles 1987
High Hurdles 1991
High School Coach’s Blueprint for Success: Hurdles 2011 *
Hurdle Basics: A Grass Roots Approach 2008
Hurdle Drills 1992
Hurdle Drills for Women 2002
Hurdle Training Drills & Workout 1999
Hurdles 1989
Hurdles 1998
Hurdles Traing Drills & Workout 1999
Hurdles with David Hemery 1987
The Hurdles 1998
Hurdling: Technique and Training for Women 1994
Olympian Triumphs: A Journey of Great Achievements 1996
Pre-Season Conditioning for Sprints, Hurdles, and Jumps 1999s
Soviet Runner’s Training 1989
Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles2003
Sprints, Hurdles, and Relays 1999
Track & Field News Presents: Technique and Drills for the Hurdles 2007
USATF Development Tape Series 1988 to 2004
Women’s Track and Field: Sprints, Hurdles & Relays 1987
World Class 100M Hurdles *
World Class 110M Hurdles 2010

If your interest is more into being entertained than instructed than you may enjoy watching Mariel Hemingway as a pentathlete who tries her best at hurdling in the 1982 release Personal Best or see the 1996 biographical movie about hurdle great Gail Devers (played by Charlayne Woodard) entitled Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story, although the focus here is on her overcoming Graves’ Disease and her ability to return to the track for the 100 meter sprint event in Barcelona. Another outstanding resource for you can be found at HurdlesFirst.com.