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The Wonderland Project

2 trailrunners, 24 hours, 94 miles, 22,000´ vertical

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60 Minutes
Available in DVD format

This is a story of relationships. Relationship to self, relationship to a running partner, and relationship to a mountain. It is a tale of two runners who have spent two years planning for a trail running adventure. The film is the implementation of their plan to circle Mt. Rainier together on the Wonderland Trail. Located in the Cascade range of Washington State, the trail is made up of a series of climbs and descents created by glaciers sliding down the mountain. To tackle this challenge these runners are working together as a team, just as they have trained, and with the support of family and friends will seek a new record for their efforts.

Skye Thompson and Zac West have been planning and running together for several years. Neither are "elite" runners, yet they have been training 50 to 80 miles each week with the hope of running further together than either has ever gone before. Both men have knew this trail from being raised in the area, previous hikes, past employment on the trails, and running sections in preparation. Yet, no matter how well oriented someone is, the miles, elevation, and simply the time can all take their toll on the athlete. As you watch them run from section to section you will hear them discuss the journey as it unfolds in ways that never could have been predicted on paper. How does a team of two resolve the change when one member may not be able to continue as planned?

  • "Mt. Rainier, like a lot of mountains, has a lot of significance. It’s really an icon of the west." ~ Zac

  • "Folks usually take about 8-10 days to do the same thing. They are carrying really heavy packs and stop and make camp to enjoy themselves. We are going to skip the enjoying ourselves and making camp." ~ Skye

  • "We are two guys that care about what we can pull off with a little team work and a lot of guts." ~ Skye

  • "Our job is to make sure they have everything and they leave with everything they need for the next 30 mile section." ~Jenny Uehisa, friend and support crew member

  • "It's such a pleasure when you have a child that has a dream like that, or any other kind of challenge, that they get to do it. They got the opportunity for exercising their potential. No matter what it is, I think any parent would share the thrill for them."~ Daidre West

There are many insights into trail running during this 60 minute production. If you are new to running on trails you may alter your plans for a better experienece next time out, or if you are an experienced trail runner you may find yourself wanting even more of the technical depth that is revealed along the way. Released in April 2005 by Seattle filmmaker Riley Morton, this is his fourth feature film in a series of high intensity outdoor challenges. He combines the music from four local groups: Tosca, Blue States, The Sharpshooters, and Lettuce to round out the production. Amazon.com offers this DVD for sale or you can also visit the website at Lenticular Pictures.com.

Postscript: Skye and Zac partnered up one year later and returned to the Wonderland Trail. At the end of this film learn the outcome of their second quest.

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