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Way Too Cool 50K

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49 Minutes
Event Coverage
Available on VHS

This 49 minute video covers race day from the "Way Too Cool 50k" that was run on March 8, 2003. You will see the race start, parts of the middle, and the finish of the top 150 runners. 523 participants lined up and 471 runners finished on this beautiful sunny day where Uli Steidl set a new course record in 3:18:17. In 2003 the registration filled in 3 hours and the popularity of this race has increased with the 2007 field filling in only 7 minutes. You have to plan ahead early to get a chance at this ultramarathon. Obtain the address to order this video at AmyxVideo.com where you can also view a trailer. More information, including complete results from previous races, photos, and a cool course map, can be found at the official race site.

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