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The Terry Fox Story

His courage made an entire nation stand up and cheer!

Order at Amazon.com 1983
96 Minutes
Feature Film
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The back of the contianer states: "In the spring of 1980, a brave young man who had lost his right leg dipped his artificial limb into the Atlantic Ocean off St. John's, Newfoundland, and set off on a "marathon of hope" across Canada to raise money for cancer research, the disease he had been battling for three months. That summer, the young man hobbled triumphantly into Toronto, cheered by over 10,000 Canadians who had adopted the 22 year-old as a national hero. On September 1, after over 3,000 miles, he collapsed in Thunder Bay, Ontario and was hospitalized. The young runner, who died soon after, was Terry Fox. This is his fascinating story." Visit Amazon.com to make a purchase or for additional coverage see the official web site at Terry Fox Run.org. Fox is shown in this movie as a real person, not as a saint, and the result is a more emotionally dynamic illustration. This film stars Eric Fryer as Terry Fox (who logged about a mile of running each day during filming), Robert Duvall, Chris Makepeace, and Rosalind Chao. The producer was Robert M. Cooper, directed by Ralph L. Thomas, and with music by Bill Conti. Auction sites are your best sources for this out of print video.

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