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Running the Sahara

3 Runners. 6 Countries. 100 Days. 4,000 Miles.

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102 Minutes
Available on DVD

This documentary is directed by James Moll with executive producer Matt Damon providing the narration. Join three men as they undertake an unprecedented quest of running coast-to-coast across the Sahara Desert as they cross through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and finally to Egypt. Watch Charlie Engle (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada), and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) put their bodies and spirits to the test in an amazing feat of human will and endurance. The film follows the runners and captures the diverse culture of the Saharan people. On a daily basis, the runners experience the hospitality of the locals as they learn about their lives and the challenges they face. Proceeds from this production will go to support H2OAfrica and the Rodale Institute.

Another film featuring Charlie Engle is Running America, that was released in 2010.
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