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52 Minutes
Event Coverage
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From producer and director George Hargrave comes this 1992 documentary about the 84 kilometer ultramarathon held on a gravel road 700 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, making this event the world’s most northerly marathon. Held during the first weekend in July, 120 runners from around North America invade the Inuit community of Arctic Bay and the mining settlement of Nanisivik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. They come to challenge one of the most unique and toughest marathon courses the world has to offer. The stories behind the runners and the race make this 52 minute production a revealing and humorous insight into the world of ultra running. This event was held for 20 years straight and then was threatened by the logistics of the Nanisivik mines in 1999. Now, under new race directors, this event continues to be run on a day that the sun never sets in the far North. Music for this film was provided by Neil Smolar and writing credits belong to Tom Perlmutter. This was produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and you can contact George Hargrave to place an order via email at "info(at)nutaaq.com".

· Documentary   · 1993   · Topics   · Marathons   · Ultra Running