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Running America

Running America

86 Minutes
Available on DVD

On September 13, 2008 Charlie Engle and Marshall Ulrich set out from San Francisco, California to reach Times Square in New York City, covering 3,063 miles by running. Their goal was to test their physical and mental strengths while experiencing the United States during the presidential election. This record setting attempt would require each man to run about 18 hours each day to cover the daily goal of 70 miles. From the beginning the adventure they set out on had changed. The country experiences dramatic shifts as each runner has to handle their own issues that arise when covering such a great distance. The landscapes that are captured are extraordinary as are the reserves and fortitude of these runners and the people they encounter along the way.

Visit the official site where Charlie recorded his daily experience at RunningAmerica08.com. This film was produced by NEHST who also released Running the Sahara that featured Charlie and two other ultra runners as they cover northern Africa.

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