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The Runner

David Horton’s 2,700 mile
run of the Pacific Crest Trail

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77 Minutes
Available on DVD

What would it be like to run each day, just run, to chasing a record, a dream, and then to get up and do it again and again. This is the what David Horton, a 55 year old professor from Lynchburg, Virginia, along with a group acting as crew, set out to do on the Pacific Crest trail starting June 4, 2005. This is not the first time Horton has reached for his limits as he previously ran the Appalachian Trail in 1991 as well as across the United States in 1995. Although an experienced runner, it is hard to anticipate the numerous obstacles one will encounter on the trail, not to mention the effects of physical and mental exhaustion.

Released on DVD January 19, 2006 this production travels in the desert sun, over snowbound mountain passes, and through the forests of the Pacific Northwest. A variety of perspectives are shown in revealing interviews with friends, family, and Horton himself. Director JB Benna, a PCT thru-hiker, knows what aspects of this story need to be shown to explore the secrets contained along the trail. A special feature called SimulStatTM allows for instant maps, statistics, and journal entries for each day of this endurance quest.

Quotes from runner David Horton:
  • "Once you make a commitment, you have to fulfill that commitment."
  • "Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. I know there will be a certain amount of pain."
  • "Basically I’m beat to death, but I don’t care. The hard part is the emotional part. The hard part is the mental part."
  • "I’ve suffered a lot. But through suffering I think we can have a better impression of who we really are, and what we can do, and how we can affect other people."

After 66 days on the trail, and with a new time record established, David was finally able to return home. If you want to own this 77 minute DVD for yourself you can purchase it from Amazon.com and visit the official website, Journey Film.com for additional information. You may also read a 17 page Log (in PDF format) of Horton’s trip. If this type of running inspires you to seek out other ultra resources, one place to start is from Extreme Ultra Running.com, a site that Horton helps host and is a practical place to start for all levels of interest into the ultra scene. Dream, run, challenge yourself, and find out if you have what it takes to also be "the runner".

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