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Red Road / Runners

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A Unification of Nations

28 Minutes

"Running Is Easy ... Life Is Hard." This quote from this exhilarating film exemplifies the meaning behind the long journey portrayed in Red Road. This ceremonial run across America starts in Alaska in May 1992, going from remote rural communities to as Urban as downtown Chicago, and ending at the temples of Teotihuacan, Mexico in October. During this 5 month trek, young and old runners alike from numerous nations carried the symbolic Staff, adding a feather from several villages and tribes encountered with welcome hospitality. Here you will witness a diversification of song, dance, and prayer along the way. Made possible by Shenandoah Film Productions, with Sarah Galloway as producer and director, this 1996 release lasts 28 minutes and can be obtained at Shenandoah Film.com.

· Documentary   · 1996   · Topics   · Ultra Running