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My Run

A Story of Five Million Footsteps

85 Minutes
Film Festival Screenings

This inspiring film tells the story of 57 year old Terry Hitchcock who in 1996 ran from Saint Paul, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia. Terry decided to do this after the death of his wife Sue to breast cancer left him responsible for raising their three children. He felt that covering 2,000 miles on foot would be a way to illustrate the difficulties that face single parents and draw attention to their heroic everyday lives. This film covers his health related issues, and many other struggles as he tries to cover one marathon each day for 75 consecutive days. Produced by Indiewood Pictures and Destiny Pictures, Academy Award winner Billy Bob Thornton narrates this documentary feature that made its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival in October, 2009 where it won the "Audience Award". It also took the "Best Documentary" award at the 3rd Annual Mammoth Film Festival in December.

"It’s not just a physical run; it’s a mental and spiritual run." ~Terry Hitchcock

Look for this emotional tale at future film festivals and keep following this film from many of their official sites: MyRunMovie.com, Facebook, or on Twitter. This film will appear in almost 500 theaters nation wide for one showing on March 31, 2011. This description has been left a bit short to not be a spoiler of any kind, so watch out how much you really want to read before taking in this winning production. After seeing this film, you may want to take in even more awareness through Terry’s book: A Father’s Odyssey: 75 Marathons in 75 Days.

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