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The Big Mazungo

The Big Mazungo

24 Minutes
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Produced by Nike in support of one of their finest sponsored athletes, Craig "Buster" Mottram of Australia. It shows one of his earliest races that still motivates him to go harder. The following races are shown to some extent: The 2005 World Championship 5,000 meter race from Helsinki, the 2006 Commonwealth Games from Melbourne, the 2006 Healthy Kidney 10 in New York The aura of taking on the East African athletes is examined as well as how additional training aides to help improve times on the track.

There are many people in addition to Mottram to comment including: Coach Nic Bideau, Alberto Salazar, Ben Limo, Garry Henry, Mary Wittenberg, Tobie Hatfield, and Jef Pisciotta.

The DVD that was provided to Australian Athletics magazine subscribers (it has never been made available for purchase) had an additional three and a half minute short entitled "The Barefoot Advantage". In this portion, Nike representatives discuss how the foot functions and how their Nike Free product can help meet the needs of the runner. Below is this film, broken into three segments, as found on YouTube.

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