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Beyond the Epic Run

89 Minutes
Special Screenings at Theaters

When most people think about ultra running they might think of a 100K or 100 mile distance. Few would ever consider taking 5 years to cover 25,400 miles through Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. In this feature length documentary, join Swiss couple Serge and Nicole Roetheli as they film their dream to run around the world. Together they test their boundaries, strengthen their minds, and challenge their bodies as Serge runs the equivalent of a marathon every other day. Nicole captures the footage used in this film through her personal camera as she rides her Yamaha motorcycle. Excerpts from her personal diary reveal experiences and accomplishments throughout their journey together. In all, they traveled through 37 counties on six continents, and even continued their journey after they both caught Malaria and almost died in Africa. Below is a trailer of their documentary:

To learn more visit their official blog, Beyond The Epic Run Blog, where you can learn more information about this production. Screenings are being planned in the following cities in early 2009: Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

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