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All That Kinda Stuff

All That Kinda Stuff

An Inspiring Story of Achievement

Order 2008
28 Minutes
Available on DVD

Here you will see young men and women competing for the Beckman High School team in Southern California. Watch them form as a team as they train and prepare for the big meets. Led my coach Bob Day, former NCAA Champion and 1968 Olympic Team member, you will see the team in a variety of context and from all different viewpoints (including arial footage). Early American cross country is mentioned as well as a host of environments, from the beach to canyons and vast open spaces, are used in capturing the athletes. This film concludes at the Mt. Sac Invitational, one of the largest cross country events held each year. For pure joy, excitement, and drama there are few sports that can capture the team aspect that can be found in cross country running. Order your DVD from Amazon.com.

· Documentary   · 2008   · Topics   · Cross Country   · Motivating your Team   · Youth Running