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Cross Country
Intangibles for Success


48 Minutes
Available on DVD

Distance Coach Pat Tyson (Past twelve time Team Champions at Mead High School in Washington State) presents five principles of coaching that make up this program: Moderation, Progression, Variation, Adaptability, and "Callousing" your body. Tyson covers a range of aspects including warm-up exercises, race strategy, sprint/float drill, elite workouts (consisting of the 30/40 drill, the 10 mile control run, the thrashing drill and the 2-1-30 drill). Coach Tyson concludes with various attributes of a champion runner such as keeping a journal, communicating with your coach, listening to your body, using common sense, and moderation in everything you do. You may order this DVD that takes a whole year view towards coaching athletes at ChampionshipProductions.com

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