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Border Clash V

12 Minutes
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Here is the fifth running of Border Clash that occured at the Nike Campus in Beaverton, Oregon where the best cross country runners from each of the high school divisions from both Oregon and Washington raced one another for state bragging rights. This race was competed November 23, 2003 on a sunny morning across fields, bridges, bark chip paths, and over some roadways. The helecopter overhead broadcast live for the crowd and some of these images are incorporated into this 12 minute video tape. About five minutes each is dedicated to both the boys and girls race with some great slow motion shots and panning action. The finish line chute captures the effort these runners exerted and images from the awards ceremony round out this event tape. To view more race information, such as finish results, course map, and event history visit Borderclash.com. This tape comes in a plain white sleeve and was made available from the event host, Nike.

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