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The Official Films Of The Olympic Games: Moscow- 1980

207 Minutes
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The 1980 Moscow Olympics were heavily disrupted when over 40 countries boycotted them, including The United States, Japan and Germany. The XXIInd Olympic Games also saw the introduction of new Olympic competitions, including women’s hockey, 2 extra judo classes and an extra weightlifting class. Moscow had excellent facilities, which included the 103,000 capacity Lenin Stadium. This newly restored 2 hour Official Film includes various sporting events and both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The distance running events were dominated by the East Africans, led by Ethiopian Miruts Yifter with a 5000m and 10,000m double win. It was a British competitor Alan Wells who won the 100m sprint event with closest win in 28 years. Two other Britons who captivated both the media and the crowds were Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe taking the 800m and 1500m respectively. Soviet competitor Lyudmila Kondratyeva won the women’s 100m sprint by the smallest margin imaginable despite pulling a hamstring muscle at the finish.

Ordering Information: The Olympic Museum in Switzerland sells this tape through their Museum Shop. View a PDF format list in English or French to see prices and availability. All sales are made in Swiss Francs, so you may need to convert your currency to make payment in the form of an international money order or wire transfer. They offer VHS tapes in three video formats (PAL, NTSC and SECAM). If you are unaware of what format your machine plays, visit Blackstar.co.uk that lists all tape formats by country.

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