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12 Minutes
Available on DVD

Directed by Robert Charlton, this 12 minute film was originally issued in 1980 in 16mm format. In 1992, Pyramid Film & Video released a VHS version that shows Harry Cordellos, who is blind, and Mike Restani, his seeing partner who guides him with vocal cues and an occasional nudge, on completion of the The Dipsea Race. The Dipsea is an annual event in Marin County, California that covers majestic mountains, deep ravines, and lush forests. On the Edge is a feature film that has also used this event as a backdrop to their story line. Harry continues to run this event as reflected in his 2001 finish that earned him The Norman Bright award for "Extraordinary Effort in the Dispea". Visit their official web site, The Dipsea Race, for the latest race information. Pyramid Media.com has made this film available once again in VHS or DVD format, although the price is set for institutions and libraries rather than the average running fan.

· Biographical   · 1980   · Topics   · Confronting Obstacles