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On the Edge

Feel the Pain. Live the Dream. Share the Glory.

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95 Minutes
Feature, PG-13
Available on DVD

Filmed in 1985 and released in 1986 by Lightening Video, this 95 minute motion picture is rated PG-13. "Bruce Dern stars in this critically acclaimed box office winner as Wes Holman, a 44 year old runner determined to win a grueling race that could cost him his self respect, his career- and even his health. Two decades ago Wes Holman was unfairly banned from amateur competition. For twenty years Wes has felt bitterly incomplete, convinced that the one thing he needed to give meaning to his life had been snatched from him. Now at 44, Wes is going to try to recapture his lost glory by running in a grueling 7.2 mile race. The Cielo Sea stretches along narrow paths through some of the most beautiful- and most treacherous- territory on earth. Wes is up against his age, his past and ultimately himself. You will stand up and cheer for On The Edge!" The previous description is from the back cover of the container. This movie was written and directed by Rob Nilsson, music provided by Herb Pilhofer, and is based on the actual race called The Dipsea Race. The aerial footage in the film was taken from an actual race. If you want to buy this movie, you can find it at Amazon.com in VHS or DVD format. You can read a review by Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times to see why he gives this title 3.5 stars. Keep your eyes out for U.S. marathon great Garry Bjorklund among the runners in this movie. There have been at least five other movies released since 1997 using this same title, so be careful to make sure you are getting what you are after.

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