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The Loneliness of the
Long Distance Runner

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104 Minutes
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When asked to name a film about running this is one of the most frequently mentioned, however, it is far from the best example to illustrate the sport of running. The back of the box describes the content as follows: Tom Courtenay (The Dresser, Doctor Zhivago) made his screen debut in The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, one of the best of Britain's powerful "angry young man" movies. Director Tony Richardson (an Academy Award winner the next year for Tom Jones) and screenwriter Alan Sillitoe (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning) give the film an edgy intensity specific to its era yet timeless in its outcry against injustice. And Sir Michael Redgrave stings as the smug school governor who wants to use Colin's running prowess to gain glory for the institution- and himself. The latest release was in 1992 by Warner Home Video and can be found at Amazon.com.

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