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Top Speed

AKA: MacGillivray Freeman's Top Speed
This 50 minute IMAX feature was released in 2003 and is playing on screens that are 80 feet high due to the special film format that involves 70 mm film with frames that are 15 perforations wide. With music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Tim Allen seamlessly narrates as he interacts with the film's stars to discover what goes into their unusual quest for ever faster performance. Olympic gold medal sprinter Marion Jones is one of the featured athletes along with racecar driver Lucas Ruhr, mountain biker Marla Streb, and high-performance car designer Stephen Murkett. This film is an experience that must be captured in the theater and is divided into three sections: The Body, The Mind, and The Heart. Jones discusses her four phases during a 100 meter race: Response, drive, transition, and acceleration. Footage from the 2001 Summer Goodwill Games in Brisbane, Australia are captured from various angles as well as a short overhead view of Gail Devers in the 100 meter hurdle event. A link to the trailer can be found at Macfree Extensive information, including a profile on Jones, can be found at Top Speed including theater listings that currently reaches into six countries (Canada, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States).

Track & Field Fundamentals Series

These tapes were released in 1995 and emphasizes analysis and development of the athlete's potential through a variety of drills to develop running skills. You will be provided a better understanding of fundamentals and technique in order to help you as a coach or athlete design better training programs. A more full listing is available at this site under Bill Dellinger's Track & Field Series.

Track & Field I: Sprinting Techniques

A part of the NCAA Instructional Series (69 videos of 18 interscholastic sports, in all) that has been made possible by Karol Media. Mel Rosen (Auburn) hosted this program that features exercises and warm-ups, arm action, position of feet, knee lift, breathing patterns, types of starts, and set position. Intermediate and High Hurdles is then presented by John Randolph (Florida) which includes takeoff position, basic hurdling techniques, flexibility exercises, hurdling action, and bounce.

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Track & Field News Presents:
Technique and Drills for Distance/Middle Distance

Join coach Pat Tyson from the track at Mead High School (past 12 time Washington State Cross Country Team Champions) as he shares his tried and true methods for distance runners. The scope of this 65 minute program includes information on stretching, core strength, daily routines, weight lifting, Movie of the Month, April 2008and overall philosophy. The stretching routine involves all muscle sets and is yoga-style with a straight back as well as angle stretches. An abdominal routine, core strength program, and many drill exercises are shared including: Flickers, legs over head, crunchers, crisscross, leg lifters, switchers, arch the back, squigglies, on your side, robbios, leg lifters, morgios, Dieter Baumanns’ and push-ups. Coach Tyson also outlines the Oregon Pacing drill which requires runners to exhibit three different strides for 80 yards each. Other favorite drills that are shared are the Oregon sprint-float-sprint drill, the 1600 Meter drill, and a drill that athletes use to challenge the 4-minute mile called the 30/30 drill. Released in 2007 by, this is one of nine DVDs in this Track & Field News Series that feature technique and drills to improve performance.

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Track & Field News Presents:
Technique and Drills for the Hurdles

33 minutes, 2007 DVD from Here Westbury High School coach Andrew Blanks shares the proper training of the hurdle events. Coach Blanks discusses proper training and instructs in hurdle walkover drills including "over and back", "over and under", "quick walk-over", "middle side drill", "drop step drill" and the "side mirror drill". Coach Blanks also takes his athletes through a stretching routine and shows the correct way to execute several exercises to help avoid injury. Next, Blanks introduces the athletes to the "one step drill" which contributes to proper form and execution of running the high hurdles. This DVD also shares thoughts and drills needed to be executed to best prepare for the 300 and 400 meter hurdles events which require a slightly different mind set and technique.

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Track & Field News Presents:
Technique and Drills for the Sprints

This program is one of nine DVDs in this Track & Field News Series. Led by Coach Brian Fitzgerald of Rio Mesa High School you will discover the components of speed. Coach Fitzgerald works to improve both stride length and stride frequency in his program. Plyometrics, sprint mechanics, warming up, aerobic conditioning exercises, start and acceleration drills, are all discussed in detail. Sprint training makes up the majority of this presentation and high lactate training and peak speed training are also included. The seasonal plan that is presented is divided into four phases: Pre-competition, early competition, competitive and championship. You may purchase this 58 minute DVD from who released this title in 2007.

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Track and Field Techniques:
Training with the Champions- Long Distance Running

Released in 1987 by Woody Knapp Video, this 30 minute features 1984 Olympic marathon gold-medalist Joan Benoit-Samuelson. Observe a step-by-step training program designed to make you as a runner stronger and more effective. Benoit-Samuelson discusses the importance of building a strong base, pacing strategies, working hills, proper use of Nautilus equipment, and general conditioning exercises to help you excel as a runner. The producer was Drummon Challis with writing and direction coming from Tony Maylam.

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Training for the 40 Yard Dash

This 2008 release by Coaches Choice consists of a 25 minute DVD that is accompanied by a 120 page book with contributions from speed specialists Michael Barnes and John Cissik. This production is geared to coaches working with athletes who are seeking a faster 40 time. Based on the practical application of science, the presentation is grounded in the fundamentals of biomechanics, physiology, start position, body composition, weight training, plyometrics, and nutrition to improve your performance. Whether you are a high school, collegiate, or professional athletes, you know how the 40 is used to test for speed, fitness, improvement, and potentially the ability to make the cut. If you are physically ready to perform the work to make improvements then this resource may be the tool needed to obtain the next step in your athletic development.

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Training & Racing in Pursuit of Success, Not Fear of Failure

Released in 2007, this 56 minute DVD features Coach GP (Gerard Pearlberg) presenting his concepts at a clinic type situation with PowerPoint and flip chart cues. He discusses how training affects both the mind and body. He identifies the flaw of when an athlete cannot separate their self worth from their running performance. Numerous other psychological concepts are presented such as motivation, controlling levels of arousal, passion, fear, goal setting, cognitive skills, managing stress, visualization, and routines. The presentation finishes up by discussing racing tactics and tips on planning for a successful season. Coach GP observes that the only test in is against oneself to maximize that individuals potential. Although the production quality could be better, the material presented is right on the mark. Order your copy from Coach GP’s website,
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Training for Track and Field: Distance Running

In this 34 minutes DVD University of Alabama assistant men’s track and field coach Joe Walker presents a comprehensive distance running and cross country training program. You are given specific routines for developing the complete distance runner with topics including: warm up routines, the diagonal run, hill training, interval training, circuit training, and the principles of distance training. Released in 2007, you place an order to buy this at to bring these methods into your training plan.

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Training for Track and Field:
Sprints Hurdles and Relays

Released in 2007 this comprehensive DVD run for 105 minutes. It features University of Alabama Head Track and Field coach Harvey Glance as he presents nine detailed chapters that include: warm up drills, the start, sprinting technique, finishing the race, the relay, hurdles, warming down, weight training, and fall and spring workout schedules. There are many specific topics which discuss sprint techniques, tips, and drills. Coach Glance has done it all as he himself was a world record holder when he twice equaled the mark of 9.9 in 1976 at the young age of 19. He is a 16-time All-American, three-time Olympian and 1976 gold medal winner in the 4 x 100 relay. Visit if you want to purchase this sprint treasure.

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Training the Neurological Aspects of Distance Running

2000, 19 minutes. Hosted by Coach Jim Hunt who uncovers the newest in neurological training techniques that will help you run faster without injury. This video will benefit both the novice as well as the experienced runner. These training techniques give you the same state-of-the-art workouts that coach Hunt is currently using with his top ranked University of California Davis team and his wisdom from coaching distance running for over 50 years. These methods have been used by world class athletes such as Mark Conover (1988 U.S. Olympic trials winner) and Mike Pigg (world champion triathlete) and are currently being used as the foremost in distance training techniques by many world class and collegiate athletes. With this video you will learn step by step how to neurologically retrain your running muscles to work like instinct. The two athletes who illustrate the various conditioning drills are Britta Marshall and Jacob Mills. A 12-page booklet accompanies this cassette and outlines the concepts presented with background information, warm-up routines, and detailed descriptions of each drill presented. The graphics and music that transition each segment of the tape are very professional and make this instructional footage flow very nicely. Coach Hunt and Kevin Searls run a running camp that you can learn more about at and if you want to obtain this video contact JoAnn Hunt in Sacramento, California at 916-682-0719.

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Tramp, Tramp, Tramp

This is a 1926 silent film that was released in 1997 on VHS by Kino on Video with color tint and piano musical score. Featuring Harry Langdon, who in an effort to save the family business enters a cross country foot race in hope of winning the prize of $25,000. There is a balance between drama and comedy as along the way Harry tries to woo the daughter of the company sponsoring the race, played by Joan Crawford (her earliest film to be released on video), he is thrown in a chain gang, is dangled from the edge of a cliff, and finally must withstand a violent tornado that devastates the entire town. Back home, his father watches race reports through weekly newsreels at the movie theater and in the end the contest is down to two. Will Harry save the family shoe business through all his efforts? Will he win the girl in the end? Visit to place your order if you would like to bring this title into your collection. Included with the main 60 minute presentation is a 24 minute short, "All Night Long" that was originally released in 1924.

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Treadmill Conditioning

Results Only: The Exercise Video Series with Bobby Kelly
1997. This 55 minute tape will take you through a 39 minute treadmill workout. If you are used to just setting one speed and waiting for the clock to expire to stop running, than this tape will guide you through a variety of speeds, hills, and repetitions to make your workouts more enjoyable. Like most classes, you are joined with four other participants (each with their own level of training effort) on the screen in addition to your instructor, Bobby Kelly. After some brief instruction you will begin your warm-up, then the fun really starts in with jogging, hill intervals, and changes in intensity from a "walk/jog" to the "final kick". The short music segments shift with the changing tempos and Bobby keeps his ongoing motivating talk in synch with a lyrical quality at times. He is having fun and he encourages you to do the same while working to improve your own fitness. Five minutes of stretching and and additional four minutes of "safety tips", that includes more information on form, round out this tape. You can order this directly from Results and if you want to read an additional review visit Video An additional tape in this series is The Baby Boomer Treadmill Workout.

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Treadmoves: Aerobic Cardio Blast

This 2001 release is an aerobic class for your treadmill that runs for 57 minutes. offers this production in both VHS or DVD format. Lynn Carter leads the participants to 40 minutes of fast changing combinations of powerwalking, running, hill training, sprinting, and she even throws in hand weights (they suggest using 2 to 5 pounds) at times to increase the challenge. In addition to the standard forward movements, prepare yourself for some boxing, sideways shuffles, and low skipping to keep this workout fun. Following the treadmill segment you will have the opportunity to participate in some pushups, abs, and stretching routine before the final cool down. If you are wanting to introduce a new routine to your winter indoor workouts than the treadmoves series may be just the thing you have been looking for.

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Treadmoves: Total Body Sports Conditioning

2001 57 minutes. This video will introduce to you a whole new way to use your treadmill. Two instructors, Lynn Carter and Barbara Hanna, lead this workout as other participants demonstrate different levels of fitness. Follow the person that most closely matches your current pace as you will spend about 40 minutes on the treadmill doing cardiovascular interval training that involves mixing jogging with sprints, hills, and weights to obtain your target heart rates. Dismounting from the treadmill you will be led through additional strength exercises of lunges, push-ups, abdominals, and stretching. To own your own copy of this instructional tape in either VHS or DVD format visit If you want to read other reviews visit Video

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Treadmoves: Training for Speed

If you are wanting to add some variety to your treadmill exercise then this 2002 release may be your answer. Following a four minute warm up you will turn it up for the main 35 minutes of aerobic challenge. Follow one of the five participants, who matches your fitness level, as you change speed, incline, and intensity. Intervals are the name of the game here, so whether you are a beginner, and choose to walk, or are running at a pace over 10 mph, your heart rate is bound to climb. This tape ends with a two minute cool down before leading into 9 minutes of stretching. Order your own copy of this tape by searching for the title at Collage

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Trial & Triumph: New York City Marathon

AKA: New York City Marathon: Trial and Triumph
Celebrating 25 years of the five borough race.
Completed in 2000, offers for sale this film in either DVD or VHS format. With a running time of 48-minutes you will see highlights covering the history of the New York City Marathon, the great races, and the triumph of ordinary athletes taking on the challenge of this marathon through the five boroughs. Some of the athletes featured include Bill Rodgers, Alberto Salazar, Orlando Pizzolato, German Silva, Tegla Loroupe, Grete Waitz, Rod Dixon, Franca Fiacconi, and race director Fred Lebow. Another film by the same production company that also covers this event is New York City Marathon.

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Triathlon Fever

This 70 minute video is brought to you by Salmini Films and is available through their site at Whether you have qualified for Ironman or still trying to find your stride after getting off the bike, this tape will give you an overview of the three demanding events. Big races with the elite athletes as well as the small ones where you can race at your own pace are covered. Originally produced in 1990, when you order it today you receive bonus footage highlights from the 2001 and 2002 New York City Triathlon. Get ready to be motivated to send in your next entry form after watching this classic triathlon video.

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Triathlon: Through the Eyes of the Elite

Released September 7, 2000 this production tells the dramatic and compelling stories that revolve around the young sport of Triathlon. From an in-depth and truly unique perspective, you will see both the historical documentation and evolution of the sport as well as the lifestyle, perseverance, and passion of the professional Triathlete. This film is essentially be a "behind the scenes" look at the sport of Triathlon with the Sydney Olympics serving as the dramatic backdrop. The DVD runs for 120 minutes (30 additional minutes from the 90 minute VHS format) and features a digitally enhanced soundtrack, director's feature cut, bonus footage, outtakes, and exclusive interviews with Mark Allen, Scott Tinley, Joanna Zeiger, and Tony DeBoom. Peter Buffett wrote the soundtrack. To order this DVD visit

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Triathlon: Training and Racing with Dave Scott

1992, 84 minutes, made by Salmini Films. This training program is designed for the aspiring beginner to the seasoned professional. One of the finest triathletes in the world, and six time winner of the Ironman competition in Hawaii, Dave Scott, gives precise instruction on technique and general training guidelines for all 3 sports: swimming, cycling, and running. This tape also includes Dave’s own racing tips, and extensive footage to motivate you by showing exciting action of the best triathletes competing in top events. This instructional video can be purchased new at in both VHS and DVD format. Dave Scott was the first inductee into the Ironman Hall of Fame and if you want to visit his web site go to Dave Scott, Inc.

Twenty-Six Times in a Row

Brought to you by the National Film Board of Canada and Macmillan Films this 1980 film is in 16mm format and lasts for 24 minutes. A history of the ancient origins of the Olympic marathon is used as a backdrop for this documentary featuring East Germany’s gold medal winner, Waldemar Cierpinski, and the spectacular victory at the 1976 Olympics. The title is in reference to this being the first Olympic marathon where an athlete ran the race with an average mile pace of less than five minutes per mile. Cierpinski’s Olympic record finishing time was 2:09:55 and stood until Carlos Lopes of Portugal went under this mark in 1984 by running 2:09:21. Lopes is the oldest person to set a world record when running the marathon in 2:07:12 at Rotterdam, Netherlands at age 38 years, 59 days. Visit to read more, as well as view still images and a video clip.

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