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Take It To The Water with David Brennan

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1996, 45 minutes, produced by Excel Sports Science from Eugene, Oregon. Whether you are seeking improved athletic performance or recovery from an injury, this video will provide you with the tools needed to maximizing water workouts. Coach David Brennan is an Aquarunning Specialist and he shares over 20 years of experience to make your use of this training method more enjoyable and effective. He is joined by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stan James, as they switch back and forth introducing topics such as methods of using floatation with the aquajogger, specific training form, cadence, intensity of training, injury prevention, recovery, shallow water exercises, cross training, and sample programs for runners. To get the most out of your water running experience visit to read many articles and search the "Products" page under "Accessories" to place your order for this well done instructional video.

The Tarahumara

Brought to you by Brigham Young University and Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation this 30 minute documentary from 1983 describes the unusual running abilities of the Tarahumara, an Indian people of Chihuahua, Mexico, who have been known to run one thousand miles in thirteen days.

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Targeted Sports Training: Running

Running: Your Complete Training Resource
1999, 100 minutes. Join training instructors, Carey Bond and Blair French, in beautiful Whistler, British Columbia, for a program which includes the following topics: Cardio/strength/body conditioning workout, flexibility/stretching routine, in-gym workout program, and running performance enhancement tips. You will also see an interview with triathlete Ray Browning. This program will condition your body to meet the particular needs of running through a specially designed total body conditioning workout, which is non-impact and requires no equipment. The more you use this techniques the stronger and more flexible your body will become thereby increasing your fitness level and running technique. Read reviews of this tape at Video and order your vhs copy from

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Teaching Kids Speed For All Sports

AKA: Carl Lewis Teaching Kids Speed for ALL Sports
By improving technique, such as minor adjustments in head and shoulder positioning, arm placement and leg rotation, you can witness dramatic improvements in your speed. Carl starts with the basics and moves through a series of techniques you can use right away. Most importantly, Carl keeps it fun--you'll even hear from his mother as she describes her son's childhood days as a too small, too slow kid. Plus, sport psychologist Scott Pengelly, Ph.D, gives parents important tips on working with kids. The intended audience for this 1990 release that lasts 51 minutes are between 8 to 15 years old. Excel Sports Science from Eugene, Oregon produced this video under the producer, director, and writer Jim Jaqua. The four fast kids that appear with Carl Lewis are Ebony Williams, Lupe Rodriguez, Amy Thorne, and Joshua Jaqua. Some of the best footage are the comedy out takes at the end of the video, slow motion sprinting sequences of Lewis, and the story being told of how Carl forgot his shorts at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.

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Teaching Proper Sprinting Technique

Join International Fitness Professionals Association founder and president Jim Bell as he breaks down sprinting technique to help all levels of runner. Sprinting forms the fundamental base of athleticism. By having biomechanically correct sprint mechanics you will perform in any sport with more efficient and effective progression. Learn how you too can transfer force from the ground through the kinetic chain to obtain maximum acceleration and speed. There is also a special segment devoted to the proper starting position.Order your DVD directly from

Team In Training New Recruitment Video

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Team In Training groups have been participating in marathons, cycling events, and triathlons as a way of fund raising to fight blood born related cancers. 220,000 participants have raised over 500 million dollars to support education, patient services, and research since 1988. More and more people are joining these TNT groups as the rewards are numerous: you will be physically doing something towards a goal, you receive coaching from experienced athletes, and the camaraderie is great when working as a group. If the idea of fundraising is intimidating, you may be surprised at how willing and generous people are who give. There have been numerous videos used to inform and encourage participation and the December 2003 version that runs 8 minutes ends by asking "What are you waiting for? This is the best time of your life. This is where you become somebody!" To learn more about Team In Training you can visit where you can learn more about upcoming events as well as get connected to a training group near you. You may amaze yourself as "people who start out as strangers become a family."

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The Terry Fox Story

His courage made an entire nation stand up and cheer!
1983, drama, 96 minutes. The back of the contianer states: "In the spring of 1980, a brave young man who had lost his right leg dipped his artificial limb into the Atlantic Ocean off St. John's, Newfoundland, and set off on a "marathon of hope" across Canada to raise money for cancer research, the disease he had been battling for three months. That summer, the young man hobbled triumphantly into Toronto, cheered by over 10,000 Canadians who had adopted the 22 year-old as a national hero. On September 1, after over 3,000 miles, he collapsed in Thunder Bay, Ontario and was hospitalized. The young runner, who died soon after, was Terry Fox. This is his fascinating story." Visit to make a purchase or for additional coverage see the official web site at Terry Fox Fox is shown in this movie as a real person, not as a saint, and the result is a more emotionally dynamic illustration. This film stars Eric Fryer as Terry Fox (who logged about a mile of running each day during filming), Robert Duvall, Chris Makepeace, and Rosalind Chao. The producer was Robert M. Cooper, directed by Ralph L. Thomas, and with music by Bill Conti. Auction sites are your best sources for this out of print video.

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They Live to Run

1985, 35 minutes. Here you will explore some of the dangers and benefits of long-distance running by looking at the growth in popularity of the Gold Coast Marathon in Queensland, Australia. Includes interviews with runners who discuss their motivation to run, personal challenges, training requirements, fitness, and mental preparation. Medical practitioners discuss the physical aspects of running and mention positive reasons for undertaking long distance running and diet as well as the risks involved. The producer and director was Ray Hume with Robyn Williams providing narration.

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This Is Your Life Olympic Champions:
Jesse Owens and Duke Kahanamoku

On this DVD is the television broadcast where each week host Ralph Edwards would bring an unsuspecting celebrity to a location near the studio then surprise them with the news that he was to be the featured guest on the show as they were escorted into the studio. One by one people significant in the guest’s life would be brought out to offer anecdotes. At the end of the show family members and friends would gather about the guest who would then be presented with some gifts such as jewelry and a scrapbook of memories. Track and field star Jesse Owens, who earned four Gold Medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics while countering Hitler’s claims of Aryan superiority, is the first featured guest. Second is Duke Kahanamoku, the "Father of Surfing" from Hawaii, who competed in swimming events in five Olympic games. You may order these classic television moments from

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Thorpe’s Gold

The back of the box to this video states: "The remarkable true story of Olympic hero Jim Thorpe and his daughter’s pledge to fulfill his lifelong dream. In 1912, Jim Thorpe, the legendary Indian athlete, won both the Decathlon and Pentathlon at the Fifth Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden. Six months later, when it was discovered that he had played two summers of minor league baseball for $2.00 a game, Thorpe was forced to return his gold medals and his name was removed from the Olympic record book. In 1953, at age 65, Jim Thorpe died a penniless alcoholic. But his heroic legacy lives on. And now, at last, the complete story of his tragedy and triumph can be told!" Released in 1984 by VCI Home Video/United Home Entertainment with a run time of 75 minutes. All photos shown in this video were from the personal collection of Charlotte Thorpe and a good deal of time is of host Brad Steiger in an interview style questioning of Charlotte. This video is based on the book by the same title.

Those Who Endured

Released in 1996 as part of The Olympiad Greatest Moments series this 115 minute tape contains both "The Persistent Ones" and "The Rare Ones".
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The Thrill of Victory

1992, 35 minutes, packaged as a two tape set with the title The Agony of Defeat. Brought to you by Jack Nicklaus Productions and ABC Sports with Jim McKay as narrator to the events. You will see some of the most spectacular wins in sports history captured by the cameras and crew of ABC's Wide World of Sports.

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Enlarge Cover Art 2005, Rated R, 96 minutes. Directed by Mike Mills, this is a story of Justin (Lou Pucci) who at age 17 still sucks his thumb. He worries that his parents are going to split up, that he lacks a focus in life, and that the girl he longs for can never love him. His orthodontist (Keanu Reeves) hypnotizes Justin into quitting his thumbsucking, and a questionable diagnosis of ADD results in medication that launches him into a wave of over-achievement. His father, Mike (Vincent D'Onofrio), who is a Gart sports store manager and former pro football prospect before hurting his knee, is seen competing in a local 6k road race where Justin’s orthodontist passes him for the victory. Although the race is supposed to be "just for fun", it is clear that Mike is "very attached to the idea of winning". It is hard to make out that the race numbers are from the Crawfish Crawl, an event held in Oregon where this film takes place. Justin is also seen running down the street near the middle of the film as well as taking some final strides as the film comes to a close. Released on DVD January 24, 2006, you can order this film new or used from and the 23 songs included in this film are also available as a Soundtrack.

Time Capsule, The Los Angeles Olympic Games of 1932

Enlarge Cover Art AKA: The Los Angeles Olympic games of 1932
Tagline: Witness the thrill and excitement of the first Los Angeles Olympics

This special program combines actual footage from the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics with dramatic reenactments of the sporting events and interviews with the athletes themselves. The L.A. games are depicted as if they were being covered by a television broadcast team. This black and white film is 70 minutes long and was released in 1984. There are many overhead shots of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum during the opening ceremonies. The men’s 100 meter dash is shown from numerous angles and in slow motion as there was controversy at the finish between Thomas "Eddie" Toland and Ralph Metcalfe. The 80 meter hurdle event is shown with Babe Didrikson bringing home the gold medal in 11.7 seconds. Toland ran from lane 1 in the 200 meter event and there is much analysis of this event as it appears that the lane measurement for Metcalfe in lane 2 had him running further than the rest of the competition. Other running events are briefly covered including Janusz Kusacinski in the 10,000, Luigi Beccali in the 1500, and the question of a foul committed in the 5,000 meter run by Lauri Lehtinin against Ralph Hill in the final approaches to the finish. Cappy Petrash Greenspan was the executive producer while Bud Greenspan gets credited as writer, director, and producer. This film was originally distributed by U.S.A. Home Video, however to add it to your collection you will need to visit online auction sites.

To Be Your Best

AKA: John Hancock Running and Fitness Clinics Present To Be Your Best
1987, 25 minutes. John Hancock Financial Services was the original sponsor of the Boston Marathon. They enlarged their role in the running world by sponsoring clinics where students and coaches can get a chance to work with world class runners and coaches. Instructors Ron Burton, Lisa Widenbach, John Treacy, Ingrid Kristiansen, Fred Tressler, Bill Rodgers, Bruce Bickford, Greg Meyer and Johnny "The Elder" Kelley speak in the video and give young people tips on succeeding as a competitive runner. Steve Weatherbee was the director and producer and shares the writing credits with Bill Stanwood while narration is by Jack Haynes.

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Together: Team Hoyt

2004, 4 minutes, from the Igniter Video Series, Volume 2. This telling of the father and son team (learn more about them at their website: Team who compete in marathons and triathlons uses well done captions on the screen, as the music reflects the tale, with no spoken works being present. Here is a brief excerpt: "Rick COULDN'T compete without his dad / Dick WOULDN'T compete without his son / Dick is the BODY / Rick is the HEART / TOGETHER they RUN". Visit Vertical where you can place an order or watch a short clip of this inspirational short. Although Vertical Sky Productions has a focus of media products that "promote family values and create a fresh look at God", there are no direct references to any religious concepts, although this could be used to lead discussions that are religious in nature. This DVD contains a bonus that is the same film with a special message for Father's Day, making this a unique gift to give on this special occasion.

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Tokyo Olympiad

AKA: Kon Ichikawa's Tokyo Olympiad
Tagline: A Classic Documentary of the 1964 Olympics

The 1964 Olympics in Tokyo were a milestone as much for the intense athletic competition as the joyous commemoration of Japan's recovery following its defeat in World War II. Director Kon Ichikawa (The Burmese Harp, Fires on the Plain) created an epic film of the event, a documentary that covered the entire athletic competition while also capturing the surrounding atmosphere. Early in the film is a stunning aerial shot of Hiroshima, which first shows the devastated area, where destruction from the Movie of the Month, January 2004atom bomb has been preserved, before focusing on a beautiful park where an Olympic ceremony was being held. The scenes of athletic competition, some of which were shot by cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa (Rashomon), work beautifully on two levels. The camera frames the extreme effort expended by such athletes as the great American runner Bob Hayes, and thus the film functions as a credible sports documentary, yet the camera also goes in for close-ups, lingering on the athlete's muscled forms to provide images that would look perfectly at home on the wall of a photography gallery. The narration in Japanese is accompanied with English subtitles, and this edition retains the widescreen look of the original theatrical release as well as the complete 170-minute running time. The previous description is in reference to the DVD format release. This film can also be watched on Laser Disk, and VHS format as well. Originally issued in 1965, this movie was restored in 1984 and later issued as a Special Collectors Edition in 1996. offers this video for sale in VHS format as well as a DVD widescreen version (both are subtitled in English). A review of this motion picture was written in July, 2002 by John Nesbit entitled Spirit of the Olympics. This film was produced by Suketaru Taguchi, music by Toshirô Mayuzumi, and the narration by Jack Douglas. Visit the Cover Art Page to see four different images that have been used to promote this motion picture.

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Tom Shaw’s Speed Enhancement

AKA: Never Look Back Because You’ll Never Have To!
1995, 37 minutes. This is a step-by-step training system that has been used by some of Florida State University's greatest athletes. FSU Assistant Track Coach, Tom Shaw, will lead you through the nine components of sprint training and how to excel in each of them.These nine components include movement, warm-up, flexibility, running drills, sand drills, resistance training, assistance training, plyometrics, and weight training. No matter what sport you participate in, or what level you're at, this program will assist you in developing your speed. To order a copy of this program visit Wolverine

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Too Much of a Good Thing:
Running Injuries, Their Prevention and Treatments

2006, 56 minutes, presented by the Stanford Health Video Library. Join Dr. Michael Fredericson as he explores the latest innovations in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of running injuries. In addition to his role as the Director of the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinics at Stanford University Medical Center he also serves on the Editorial Board of The Physician and Sportsmedicine and the Scientific Advisory Boards of Runner’s World and Men’s Health magazines. His research focuses on the etiology, prevention, and treatment of overuse injuries, patellofemoral pain, and stress fractures in athletes. Join this lecture and boost your knowledge about injuries and their recovery.

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