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Saint Ralph

This drama by director Michael McGowan has been touring film festivals in 2004 with resounding success. Filmed in Ontario Canada, this 98 minute feature is rated PG-13 and is about the struggles of a 14-year old boy, Ralph (Adam Butcher), who has lost his father to Movie of the Month, August 2005the war and now his mother is in the hospital in a coma. Later, this Catholic boy is sentenced by his stern headmaster to join the cross-country team in punishment for his escapades in school. Ralph takes to the running and the coach (Campbell Scott) recognizes his talent and invests in training him. Soon, Ralph concludes that if he performs an impossible running feat that it might be the miracle needed to save his mother’s life. The year is 1954 and he sets out to win the Boston Marathon! Running is highlighted well in this production and the story is quite captivating and enjoyable. Visit the official web site at Saint Ralph where they maintain a host of information about the film and you can order this film today at for it’s December 13th, 2005 home video release by Columbia Tristar.

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Salute- The Peter Norman Story

Opening July 24, 2008, this documentary feature film tells the untold story of Peter Norman, the Australian 200 meter silver medalist in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. He stood on the victory stand during the medal ceremony when Tommie Smith and John Carlos were giving their black power salute. Norman was wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights button to show his support of the message seeking black unity and justice. Complete with interviews with Norman, Smith, Carlos and many others who where present, you will be exposed to the life of Norman, both before and after the Olympic games. On October 3, 2006 Peter Norman unexpectedly died of a heart attack and his impact as an Olympic Hero and Civil Rights Humanitarian were reflected upon throughout the world. Produced, directed, and written by Matt Norman, the sprinter’s nephew, this film was completed in 2006 and will be released by Paramount Pictures on July 24th, 2008. To learn more about this film visit the official site at Salute the where you may find a trailer.

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San Blas Half Marathon

From the beautiful town of Coamo in south central Puerto Rico, San Blas is an internationally renowned event that has featured many of the top racers of all time. This challenging hilly course shows road racing at it’s very best. This video features the 2003 race (its 41st running), historical vignettes, and athlete profiles, including an interview with Khalid Khannouchi, the current world record holder in the marathon. Obtain your 30 minute production direct from where they once offered either VHS or DVD versions.

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Sebastian Coe: Born to Run

No British athlete in the history of track and field has attained more World Records or World Best times than Sebastian Coe, at last count: 12. At his peak in 1981, Coe was considered invincible, then came a series of injury and illness culminating in his dramatic withdrawal from the World Championships due to a rare blood disorder. This film features interviews and live footage of super miler Sebastian Coe. You will see many of his record runs and Olympic races, follow him during his workouts, examine his relationship with his coach/father, and interviews other principals, such as Steve Ovett, about what makes him tick. 1985, 52 minutes, once available from Films for the Humanities at a public performance cost this film is now rather rare to obtain. The narrator and director was Tony Maylam with Drummond Challis in the role of producer.

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Second Wind

Running Kept Him Alive
1976, 93 minutes, not rated, released on VHS cassette in 1993 by VidAmerica, Incorporated and also distributed by Ambassador Films. This story is about a successful executive and family man who takes up jogging for a hobby and finds inspiration by watching Kip Keino and Pekka Vasala (under different names) sprinting to the finish. Soon his desire to excel as a long distance runner interferes with his career and marriage. This film stars James Naughton, Lindsay Wagner (you may know her better as her role of Jamie Sommers, the "Bionic Woman"), Tedde Moore, and Ken Pogue. The director was Donald Shebib (who also did Running Brave), written by Hal Ackerman, and musical score by Hagood Hardy. Visit the Cover Art Page to see three different images that have been used to promote this motion picture. You can pick up a VHS copy at Do not confuse with this picture with the Treetop Film Productions of the same title about snowboarding.

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Secrets to Running the Dipsea Race

2004. If you have ever considered running the famous Dipsea Trail from the town of Mill Valley, California, to the ocean then this video is a must to add to knowledge base before hitting the trail. With a runtime of 37 minutes you will see interviews and tips from five Dipsea Champions: Russ Kiernan (Twice winner, second three times, and 22 top-10 finishes), Sal Vasquez, Shirley Matson, Melody-Anne Schultz, and Christie Paterson. Marin running guru, Kees Tuinzing, also gives an insight into what shoes to wear on this trail that is know as much for the stairs that must be climbed as for the hills and remarkable scenery. This video includes clips from previous Dipsea races which provides a point of view that takes you over the majority of the course. This production is available in VHS and DVD format and ordering information can be found at

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See How She Runs

This made for television drama was originally broadcast February 1, 1978 on CBS. Lightning Video released the 92 minute video version in 1986. Joanne Woodward stars in this film and the supporting cast members back her all the way. Perhaps the best performance of her career and well deserving of the Emmy she won for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama. This is a compelling drama about a strong-willed woman’s desire to run in the Boston marathon. Although she initially begins jogging in the desire to take a few pounds off, she soon yearns to take it one step further. Betty Quinn (Woodward) is a 40 year old divorced school teacher with the middle age blues. Her two daughters and ex-husband dump their problems on her and she patiently copes the best she can. It isn’t until Betty starts to run that her life changes dramatically. Despite snapping dogs and would-be attackers, Betty is determined to run in the Boston marathon. Produced by George Englund, directed by Richard T. Heffron, and written by Marvin A. Gluck. Visit to order used copies of this film.

Seoul ’88: 16 Days of Glory

1989, 157 minutes, 2 videocassettes, under the authority of Cappy Productions, Inc. Here you will see the highlights of the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea as can only be captured by the watchful eye of Bud Greenspan. Greenspan is once again the director, writer, and producer of this picture. David Perry provides the narration.

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A Shining Season

This made for television movie was first broadcast the day after Christmas in 1979 and stars Timothy Bottoms, Rip Torn, and Ed Begley, Jr. This is a true story of John Baker, a top-ranked distance runner who is suddenly struck with terminal cancer. Baker, an elementary school teacher, has trouble at first accepting his tragic illness. But with the support of his family and his best friend, John Haaland (Ed Begley Jr.), he challenges his new opponent. Forming a girls track team, the Duke City Dashers, he teaches the girls self-respect and offers hope to two girls with physical handicaps. In his effort to win the race against time, he stresses the importance of trying and eventually leads the team towards a national championship! This film is an admirable account of one man’s brave struggle against cancer that will be a powerful inspiration to many as illustrated by Baker stating: "We are all champions if we just love each other". The account is based on the book by William Buchanan of the same title. Columbia Pictures released the video version in 1981 that has a running time of 100 minutes and visit or an auction site if you want to bring this title into your collection.

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The team behind
What It Takes has returned to focus on 5 American cross country runners (Abdi Abdirahman, Alan Culpepper, Meb Keflizighi, Dathan Ritzenhein, and Jorge Torres) as they Movie of the Month, August 2007prepare for the 2007 USA Cross Country Championships. These runners have won world-class honors with an Olympic medal, numerous national titles, and a long string of NCAA championship titles. Shot on location in Houston, San Diego, and Tucson, as well as in Edinburgh, Scotland, the climax occurred in Boulder, Colorado on February 10th, 2007. The DVD, in partnership with USA Track & Field, is shot in 16:9 widescreen format and was made available for sale in June 2007. Place an order at Amazon.comor the official site at Showdown where you can also view a quicktime trailer, or learn more about this production.

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Somax Stride Analysis and Microfiber Reduction

This 30 minute presentation features Bob Prichard and starts with his analysis of Steve Spence and Wang Young-Chow in the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Men’s marathon. The scientific method used takes specific look at stride angles, overstiding, bounce, and cross over to seek the most efficient use of energy. For example, it is noted that three inches of bounce creates one mile of vertical movement over the course of a marathon. Additional athletes, including Art Boileau of Canada, are examined before the last 19 minutes are used to show the effects of a microfiber reduction treatment with seven time Ironman finisher Jay Lehr. Jay is filmed over 400 meters, receives treatment, and then does another time trial to illustrate the results. The difference in range of motion is amazing and the stride angle opens from 60 degrees to 90 degrees creating improved performance. If you are trying to improve your running (also golf, swimming, and other sports) through efficiently then learn more about these methods by contacting Bob Prichard through his website at Somax The written information and testimonials by folks like Richard Benyo and Jeff Galloway are an added bonus that gave a new perspective to a variety of issues, such as downhill running technique.

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Soviet Athletes, Summer Olympians

Inside the Soviet Union 17 Soviet Athletes: Summer Olympians
This is tape three of a four part series, with a run time of 70 minutes, and made possible by MPI Home Video. The United States boycotted the Moscow Summer Olympics of 1980, but the games went on nonetheless. These are the Soviet films about the famous games. Examined are the daily routines and achievements of gold medal winners, including a weight lifter, a high jumper, and sprinter Valarie Borzov. Borzov can be seen in the European Championships at 60 meters indoors as well as outside in Helsinki were he races in both the 100 and 200 meter events. Note: These films were produced by Soviet filmmakers under the control and supervision of the Soviet government. They are being made available on home video in the United States through an arrangement with The Society for Cultural Relations, U.S./U.S.S.R. - a non-profit group established by the Soviet and the American people after World War II. These films may be considered a work of Soviet Propaganda. Visit to try to order a used copy of this tape or check the various auction sites.

Soviet Runner’s Training

This video runs for 9 minutes and 15 seconds and was filmed in the Russian Language. This particular video shows training for the hurdle events and is a part of the Championship Form series done in 1989 by Training Management Systems and endorsed by The Athletics Congress. Editing is done by Dr. Ladislav Pataki, former Coordinator of Sports Training Effectiveness Research for Olympic Eastern Block athletes.

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Spanish Gold

Produced by CTV Sports in Canada comes this inspiring 1992 Olympic tape that runs for 120 minutes. This is a recollection of Canada’s most successful Summer Olympic Games ever in the face of true global competition, you’ll relive the triumphs of Canada’s and the world’s finest athletes as they competed for Spanish Gold in Barcelona. This tape has never been released in the United States and is considered rare. Track coverage is present, although it shares the stage with other events such as swimming and rowing competitions.

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SPARQ Track and Field Training

Speed Power Agility Reaction Quickness
Join sprinter Jon Drummond, Olympic marathoner Dan Browne, and Nike Oregon Project Coach Alberto Salazar, along with SPARQ trainer Matt James as they take you through the drills that will improve your speed, quickness, and overall explosiveness. This 45 minute DVD features a sprinting session, a distance program, and many more SPARQ Drills to aid the speed development of any serious track athlete. Jon and Matt are also featured in interviews and a segment is included on the SPARQ Rating System for track & field. Based in Portland, Oregon, there are SPARQ trainers throughout the United States that work on athletic development for football, soccer, and baseball in addition to track events. Visit the SPARQ Store to order this instructional DVD.

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Special Olympics

AKA: A Special Kind of Love
1978, 97 minutes, This made for TV film was released on video by Video Gems and stars Charles Durning, Debra Winger, Mare Winningham, Herb Edelman, and Herb Edelman. Matt is a 14 year old who wants to return to his family from a state school for the developmentally disabled. His family struggles with many hardships as each person tries to find their role in the family. After Matt’s older brother Mike, the athletic one of the family, looses a 400 meter race then the relationship changes so that Matt can pursue his dream of running with Mike’s support. The coach provides good encouragement as all the athletes try their best to qualify for the state games. Matt qualifies in both the 400 and high jump and the last fifteen minutes of this film shows numerous Special Olympic competitors of all ages and abilities performing their best in running, jumping, throwing, and relay events.

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Speed & Acceleration Workout

In this DVD you will find over 30 drills to help you move faster with the help of gravity. Topics included in this 43 minute production include: Speed strength, short-burst acceleration, speed technique, and speed specificity for a variety of sports. In addition, you will also find 20 tips for developing balanced movement within the body, as well as maximizing the body’s own energy systems that will help you obtain the results you are after. There is even an easy to use daily workout that is included as you watch the athletes from the University of Oregon demonstrate on screen. This 1998 release can be ordered at where you can learn more about their other speed products, including camps, that are hosted by Scott Phelps who has been involved in speed training since 1985.

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Speed & Explosion: Speed Improvement for Athletes

Presented by the authors of Sport-speed: The #1 Speed Improvement Book for All Athletes, and Train America. Achieving peak performance and fitness for sports competition, Dr. Bob Ward, former Dallas Cowboy conditioning coach, and Dr. George Dintiman (international authority on speed improvement), this video contains step-by-step instruction on how to improve speed and performance in your sport. Bob Hayes is one of the athletes shown in this film. Released in 1991 this video has a run time of 60 minutes, is currently available at Wolverine, and was produced by Lee Martin.

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Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles

2003, 45 minutes. If you are seeking an easy-to-implement approach as a coach to get the most out of your hurdlers than you have come to the right place with this video. Elite hurdlers, as well as novice, will find their "key" to unlocking speed and technical potential over this demanding event. Among the topics covered include: Proper sprint posture and mechanics, technical aspects of hurdling, developmental drills for hurdling, techniques for improving balance, coordination and flexibility, medicine-ball exercises for developing core strength, and much more. By Tom Veney of Portland State University, you can obtain your copy by visiting

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Speed and Power Drills for the Sprints offers you this 2003 instructional release under the Coaches Choice Series. In this 42 minute comprehensive sprint tape, hosted by Tony Veney of Portland State University, you will view easy-to-implement approaches for improving the speed of track athletes, particularly sprinters. Specific enough for the elite sprinter but sufficiently basic for the emerging sprint talent, this video features a detailed explanation and demonstration of proven drills for developing speed and power in the sprint events. You will find the following details presented: Proper sprint posture and mechanics, dynamic warm-up procedures, explosive power drills, acceleration drills to aid the start, medicine-ball exercises for developing core strength and more.

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Speed for Sport and Fitness

1998, 30 minutes. Put an end to the myth that speed is a skill that cannot be developed. Features a variety of proven and easy-to-learn training methods that were provided by content consultants, George Dintiman, Tom Tellez, and Bob Ward. You will see assessment components of speed in athletes as you learn to use tests to detect errors in running form and the metheds of how to correct the identified problems. You will also learn how to perform specific speed drills and how to fit speed training into an overall training program. The host for this Human Kinetics video was David Anderson. Doug Fink was the producer and director and the writer was Tom Hanlon. Depending on your region select either NTSC or PAL format if you want to purchase your own copy from Human

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Speed for Sports Performance DVD

Here are tools to assist you in building a program to increase acceleration, maximum speed, and speed endurance. Based on self-assessment, you will identify areas that need improvement and establish a baseline for training regimens. With the use of first-step explosiveness with variable, resisted, and assisted speed training exercises you will improve areas such as reaction time, sprint technique, stride,and mobility. Alternative training methods are also included to aid in rehabilitation of injuries and help prevent future injuries. One unique aspect to this production is that these four-season programs and workouts may be printed from the DVD, allowing you to take instructions directly to the field. This production was developed by speed training expert John Cissik who is the conditioning coach for track and field at the University of North Texas, certified level II Sprints coach with USA Track and Field, and author of seven books on strength and conditioning. Get this DVD that was released in 2007 from

The Spirit of Competition

This 30 minute video presents the excitement and drama of the Milrose Games, one of America’s favorite amateur track and field competitions. Karol Media was the distributor of this 1993 production.

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Spirit of the Game

The 2002 North American Indigenous Games
2003, run time of 47:30. From Canada, director Annie Fraziér Henry follows an elite handful of Aboriginal athletes from British Columbia for two years as they make their way to the 2002 North American Indigenous Games that was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.These athletes include canoeists, archers, runners, boxers and soccer players as they must confront the challenges of prejudice, poverty and lack of recognition as they prepare for and compete in the games. 16-year-old Veronica Charter states "I feel the spirit of the people and a connection with mother earth in my heart when I run." This film won the best Native Film award at the 2003 Santa Fe Film Festival. If you are in Canada you may contact the National Film Board of Canada to order a copy of this film (they do not ship outside Canada).

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Spirit of the Marathon

When you cross the finish line it will change your life forever
Previously titled Land of the Gods, Spirit of the Marathon is a 100 minute Movie of the Month, January 2008feature documentary on the history and enduring legacy of the marathon. Highlighted are six individuals who compete in the 2005 Chicago Marathon, including Denna Kastor who is in search of her first marathon victory. Visit Marathon for more information and to view a trailer. The world premier for this title was at Chicago film festival on October 5th, 2007, and numerous theatrical releases have been scheduled throughout the United States and beyond. The home version DVD can be preordered now at for the October 7th, 2008 release.

Sport Highlight: 1996 Centennial Olympic Games

AKA: Highlights of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games
The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games released this 5 video cassette with nearly seven hours of Olympic coverage shown. Only tapes 1 and 2 have track and field coverage as the other videos continue to show highlights of additional sports from the games.

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The Sporting Century

Reliving the moments that made sporting history
This DVD was released in May, 2003 and can be purchased from England from This compilation of sporting events features 50 stories as told in The Sunday Times including Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics and Roger Bannister breaking the four minute mile barrier in 1954. Narration is provided by Barry Davies with Steve Kemsley as director for this production.

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Sports Heroes

Here you will see Jessie Owens and Babe Didrikson Zaharias along with many great athletes from other sports such as basketball, baseball, and boxing. Released in 1990 this 30 minute tape was made possible by Halcyon Days Production and distributed by Simitar Entertainment. The executive producer was Gary Cohen.

Sports Heroines: Early Women Sports Stars

1998, 60 minutes, black and white. Shows archival film footage of women heroines in golf, tennis, track and field, swimming, diving, skiing, skating, aviation, softball, baseball, basketball, field hockey, gymnastics, weight-lifting, boating, equestrian and many more sporting activities. The athletes who run include Babe Didrikson, Wilma Rudolph, and Wyomia Tyus. Written by Gillian Lindsay, produced by Carol Clarke, Inkyoung Kim,and Paul Van Der Grift, with narration by Trish Faulkner.

Sports Hour 27: 1976 Olympic Games

AKA: 1976 Olympic Games
1980 (?) from Sports World Cinema lasting 120 minutes. Here you will see some detailed coverage of the ’76 Olympics in Montreal complete with slow motion footage and interviews. Featuring decathlete Bruce Jenner, as well as events including boxing, diving, and gymnastics.

Sports Immortals

Made in 1935, black and white, and delivered in 16mm format this film lasts only 11 minutes and features runner Paavo Nurmi as well as other athletes from sports such as baseball and ice skating. Mel Allen is the narrator and this is part of the Mel Allen’s Sport Show series released for educational purposes by Teaching Film Custodians in 1941.

Sports, Society, and Self

Produced for the Wisconsin Educational Television Network by Positive Image Productions in 1983. Running time of 15 minutes for this 9th film in the "Across Cultures" series. :This film looks at the role of sports in three societies: the Japanese, the Baoulé village people of West Africa, and the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico. Games are played and watched in every culture. The Tarahumara are endurance runners; Japanese physical training is rooted in martial arts; and the Baoulé enjoy a game of mental skill called Awele.

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Sprint Drills

1992, 43 minutes, hosted by Tom Tellez who is the Head Coach at the University of Houston, 1991 USA World Championship Coach, and coach for Carl Lewis and Leroy Burrell. Here you will see Tellez discussing, and his athletes demonstrating, the factors necessary to be a good sprinter (stride frequency x stride length = sprint speed). Conditioning drills and dozens of specific drills are also illustrated and performed. This video is made possible by Championship Books and Video Productions and is available at Championship

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Sprint Drills for Women

Released in 2002 and available from Championship comes this 40 minute instructional video. Coach Rodney Price, co-head track & field coach at the University of Oklahoma, offers a developmental perspective to sprint drill improvement. He takes the athlete from basic sprint mechanics to a more detailed application by offering the following specific techniques: Acceleration drills, wall cycles, start drills, hurdle circuits, medicine ball drills , and light plyometrics. This video is intended for all levels of coaches and athletes.

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Sprinting with Carl Lewis

From the 1989 "Move it or Lose Video Series" this tape teaches the techniques, principles and training system that developed Carl Lewis into a consistent and efficient sprinter. This video is focused on the 100 and 200 meter dashes but the techniques and principles apply to any sport or activity where sprint speed is a factor. Carl Lewis is assisted by his coach, Tom Tellez, while behind the camera the executive producer is Lew Thorne and Jim Jaqua as producer and director. Champions On has copies available to purchase. This tape was made under the authority of Excel Sports Science and presented by Insport International. For background information on Carl visit his official web site, made accessible in six languages, at Carl

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Sprinting with Carl Lewis

and Coach Tom Tellez
1996, 42 minutes, Shot on location at the University of Houston, Robertson Stadium. Here you will join Carl Lewis and his coach, Tom Tellez, for a video sprint seminar. A variety of topics are covered including warm-up, technique, mechanics, curve running, drills, phases of training, strength training, mental focus, preparing the blocks, and racing strategy. This video as clear in delivery and forward in presentation with topics being reviewed and demonstrated by Lewis. You will see Lewis running for numerous camera angles and in slow motion to examine his form. Both athlete and coach share screen time well and after the credits there is eleven additional minutes (complete run time of 53 minutes) of sprint related commentary by three sports specialists: Stan James, MD. (Orthopedic Surgeon), Scott Pengelly, Ph.D., (Sports Psychologist), and Rich Phaigh (Massage Therapist). To own this instructional tape you will want to call Excel Sports Science in Eugene, Oregon at 1-800-922-9544 to place your order and start improving your stride frequency, stride length, and anaerobic endurance to maximize your sprint potential.

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Sprinting with Tommie Smith

This 1987 tape is available at Champions On with a running time of 30 minutes. Made for beginning track and field athletes, here you will see Olympic 200 meter champion Tommie Smith narrating and demonstrating (with help by some young runners) skills needed to excel in the sprints. Watch the warm up, exercise and drills to be successful, and specific techniques such as the start and finish.

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Sprinting: Technique and Training for Women

Enlarge Cover Art Hosted by Galina Bukharina, this 1994 videocassette runs for 33 minutes. The drills are easy to understand and very little additional equipment is needed to complete the exercises. You may locate this item to purchase at


This is Volume 1 from the Championship Form Series that was made in 1989 with a length of 38 minutes. This is a unique tape on sprinting that is quite rare. This film footage was edited by Dr. Ladislav Pataki, former Coordinator of Sports Training Effectiveness Research for Olympic Eastern Bloc athletes, and the scientific support staff of The Athletic Congress.

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The Sprints and Hurdles

The Great Performances Series
2006, 92 minutes. Here you will find highlights from the 2005 European Circuit. The races include both men and women in all three sprints up to 400 meters, both the high and intermediate hurdles, as well as both the 400 and mile relay. This DVD is currently out of print and was originally compiled by Hopefully there will be more great titles released that can help athletes examine the techniques of top athletes. They continue to specialize in event specific flipbooks, sequence sheets, and posters based on performances of top high school, college and international athletes as a training tool. If you are wanting to break your event down into smaller segments then they have a product that can meet your needs.

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Sprints and Relays

How can your sprinters take two or three tenths of a second off of their times? Coach Steve Lynn, Iowa State University, shows you problem areas that plague sprinters. Lynn, who has coached over 40 All-Americans and 5 Olympians, uses All-American athletes to demonstrate both the common errors and the correct techniques to improve starts, running form, improve relay exchanges, and reduce injuries. This is part of the "Common Errors and Corrections" video series that was released in 1997 and runs for 51 minutes. To obtain a copy go to Championship

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