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From 1962 comes this 11 minute black and white 16mm film directed and written by Donald Owen. Here you will see analysis of the act of running, explaining how the runner focuses on the building of stamina and strength. Featuring Bruce Kidd, an 18-year-old Toronto student, as he takes his early morning exercise practices in the stadium, and competes in a race.

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The Runner

AKA: Davandeh
1985,94 minutes, Not Rated, Iranian film in Farsi with English subtitles. A young, impoverished boy named Amiro (Majid Niroumand) spends his day in his daily ritual of survival. He forages through the city garbage dump in search of re-sellable scrap and later changes to collecting bottles that have washed ashore from the passing cruise ships. This pervasive sense of uncompromising and fierce competition extends into their recreational pastime, as the boys attempt to outrun each other in touching the rear cabin of an accelerating train that has left the station. Amiro later realizes that in order to escape his dire and hopeless situation, he must receive an education. Told in simple, narrative structure and shot in neorealistic style, Amir Naderi creates a compassionate and life-affirming portrait of poverty and human resilience. Running assists the boy in chasing a bicyclist for an unpaid glass of water, fleeing from a thief after recovering his block of ice, and racing against the other boys in their speed and endurance contests. In essence, as Amiro physically conditions himself to survive in the harsh conditions of the real world, he learns that only through the mental conditioning of knowledge can he truly overcome his desperate environment. The final, symbolic image shows a close-up of Amiro triumphantly reciting the alphabet at an airfield - a poignant reminder that his once elusive dreams now seem to be within his reach. Read a review by Hal Hinson of the Washington Post. Do not confuse this film with another production of the same title starring Ron Eldard and Courney Cox. Another movie in this filmography that is presented in the Farsi language is Children of Heaven.

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The Runner

David Horton’s 2,700 mile run of the Pacific Crest Trail
Released on DVD January 19, 2006 this production is more than an event, it is a journey. David Horton runs over 40 miles a day for 66 consecutive days as he seeks a speed record in covering the Pacific Crest Trail Movie of the Month, May 2006from Mexico to Canada, totaling 2,700 miles. Watch him travel in the desert sun, over snowbound mountain passes, and through the forests of the Northwest as he is revealed through interviews that outline his trek and the emotions that accompany him. Director JB Benna, a PCT thru-hiker himself, reveals the secrets contained along the trail, both in distance and pain, complete with running footage, maps, statistics, and journal entries that make up this quest. A trailer of this 77 minute documentary can be viewed at the official website, Journey, where you can also place an order to own this historic ultrarunning adventure.

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The Runner’s Foot

Released in July of 2006 by the Stanford Health Video Library, this 59 minute DVD presents a presentation by Dr. James Ratcliff. Join Dr. Ratcliff as he discusses the most common foot injuries that runners encounter and shows ways of preventing and treating them based on the latest scientific research. If your feet are struggling you can be sure that the rest of your running will not be going as planned. Here is one case where an ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure. See a quicktime trailer by visiting and you can order this production at

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Runners High

It’s 26.2 miles from Oakland to anywhere they wanna go.
With the world premier at the 49th San Francisco International Film Festival in April 2006, this 86 minute documentary focuses on four high school students who sign up with a program called "Students Run Oakland" and commit to training for their first marathon. Spencer Hooper is the groups primary Movie of the Month, March 2007organization force and his energy is teamed with coach Alphonzo who is full of inspiration and motivation. This character driven story highlights Fred, Marvin, Ebony, and Alma, as they struggle with all the emotions of being a youth while training for what seems like an impossible goal. These kids need to learn almost every aspect of how to conduct their lives if they are to meet the requirements needed to compete in the 20th Annual Los Angeles Marathon. This film credits Justine Jacob as director/producer, Alex D. da Silva as director/cinematographer, and the musical score is by Marco d’Ambrosio. You can learn more about this production at the official web site, Runners High, where you can also see a trailer. is the place to go to place your order for this film.

The Runner’s Resource Guide to Training & Racing

This 50 minute video from 1997 was written and produced by Joseph M. Valenza under the authority of Wonder Years Productions. Here you will see coverage of general training guidelines as well as advice on the following: cross-training; cross-country running; training errors; running shoes; eating and nutrition; hydration and dehydration; preparation and participation in the 5K, 10K and Marathon; benefits of yoga and massage; and many other aspects that involve and apply to running.

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A story about having the courage to be what you are.
1979, 97 minutes, rated PG. Starring Michael Douglas, Susan Anspach, Lawrence Dane, and Eugene Levy. This action/drama motion picture was filmed in New York and Canada and is about American marathon runner Michael Andropolis as he sets his heart on representing the United States at the Olympic games in Montreal. Meanwhile he struggles with work, his marriage has fallen apart, and his two children are not sure how best to relate to him. He sets out on his task with determination and hope that his success will resolve his personal problems. You experience the Olympic Trials, where he barely makes the team, and you may find yourself rooting for him during the Olympic marathon where Jim McKay does the announcing. If you want a copy of this movie plan on going to the auction sites, but I recommend avoiding the holiday time when the price can skyrocket. Some of these tapes are subtitled in Spanish as this video was never formally released in the United States. View five images at the Cover Art Page to see different layouts that have been used to promote this film and you can purchase a Region 2 DVD at

Linda Swartz Ritchie
Ball State University
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Running: A Head-To-Toe Approach

This 15 minute instructional DVD was produced in 2004 by the School of Physical Education at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Christina Polson and Adam Shunk demonstrate on a treadmill as the narrator points out specific aspects of running technique. Topics are broken down into seven areas: Head, Breathing, Shoulders, Back & Pelvis, Arms, Hands, and lastly Legs and Feet. Two to four main points are emphasized on each topic and are reviewed on screen at the end of each section. There is use of split screens for comparisons, examples of incorrect technique, slow motion footage, and some handy visualizations are shared along the way. Note that the treadmill provides a more bounce than most people will experience when running on a road, thereby exaggerating some aspects of vertical movement. The last four minutes covers shoe selection and many points are touched on briefly by Tom Burleson of the Athletic Annex to illustrate how proper shoe selection may reduce injury. Read More about this DVD and you may view a sample clip about the head position at Although you may purchase this DVD at the Ball State Bookstore, it may be easiest to contact Linda Sawrtz Ritchie at the Academic Research Programs to make a request.

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Running and Finish Line

Running and Finish Line are original half-hour monthly television programs that feature an anthology of the best in running and fitness-oriented programming, primarily from the metro NYC area, but with both national and international content. Running airs on the MSG Network and Finish Line airs on the Fox Sports NY network and the New England Sports Network. Race highlights, fitness tips and elite athlete profiles are featured. You may purchase individual episodes or obtain a yearly subscription to not miss any of the action. Currently both programs have the same content. Back episodes from the last five years are also available. Each episode has a length of 24 minutes and order yours from

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Running Brave

The one athlete they least expected outran all their expectations.
It is not often that there is two entries in these listings for one title. This description here is for the April 2005 DVD release of this 1983 theatrical hit. The reason that this entry is separate from the VHS description is that the content is not the original PG rated widescreen theatrical release. What is placed on this DVD is an edited for television broadcast content, in the typical 4:3 television aspect ratio, with a rating of G. Much of the tension and conflict that makes this story dynamic has been removed. The running remains much the same, however the context of the life of Billy Mills has been reworked in this release. If you are presenting this title to a younger audience, than this might just be what you are looking for. However, if you want the 1983 release, you will have to skip on this DVD and order the VHS version found in the entry right below this one. Go to the Cover Art Page to see three different images that have been used to promote this film and you can visit if you want to order this DVD version, either new or used, at a very reasonable price.

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Running Brave

1983, 106 minutes, rated PG. Starring Robby Benson (a sub 3-hour marathoner himself), Claudia Cron, Jeff McCracken, and Pat Hingle. Based on the true story of Oglala Lakota (Sioux) born athlete Billy Mills. Billy attended the University of Kansas in the 1960s, where he excelled in sports but had to contend with his fellow classmate’s racism. Billy’s athletic career culminated in 1964, with the winning of a gold medal in the 10,000 meters at the Tokyo Olympiad, the only American ever to win the Olympic Gold Medal in this event, even to this day. Mills’ victory is considered by many to be one of the biggest upsets in the history of the Olympic Games as world record holder Ron Clarke was in the race, finishing for the bronze medal. This title was filmed on location in Alberta and on the Edmonton and Drumheller reservations in Canada. The director was D.S. Everett (after director Donald Shebib took his name off the credits after disagreements over content), written by Henry Bean and Shirl Hendryx and music performed by Mike Post. Billy Mills is still actively supporting running through his organization Running Strong for American Indian Youth. Mills can be seen as a motivational speaker, and has also written a book with Nicholas Sparks entitled Wokini: A Lakota Journey to Happiness and Self-Understanding. There is a version of this film released by Running Strong for American Indian Youth that includes the actual footage of the entire 10,000 meter race. A review of this motion picture was written in February, 2002 by John Nesbit entitled Native American Olympian Spirit. To obtain the more common Walt Disney Home Video version go to to order a used copy and if you want to see three different images visit the Cover Art Page.

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Running Faster with Alberto Salazar

As part of Runner’s World Video Series, this 1992 release runs for 57 minutes and was made by Salmini Films. Recognized as one of the top runners of all time, Alberto Salazar (three time winner of Movie of the Month, July 2003the NYC Marathon) shares his personal training and racing methods. Topics covered include: setting goals, technique, running style, training scope, injury prevention, and mental preparation. Get VHS or DVD formatted video directly from

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Running for my Father

finishing is more than crossing the line
In this film, with a run time of 26:22, you will witness how film composer Cody Westheimer deals with the passing of his father to a brain tumor by training for and racing the Houston marathon in his honor. This story, revealed over the course of a year, shows his grief cycle as he copes with his emotion and discovers a new way forward through his running. Original composition and Paul Simon’s song "The Sound of Silence" are used as well as interviews with family members, and ultramarathoners Dean Karnazes and JB Benna. The use of home footage is well done as well as observing Cody go from a non-runner to his first marathon in the short period of six months. This movie will premiered on September 4th, 2008 in Culver City, California. Learn more about this production at the official website, Running For My and watch for the ability to purchase a DVD version of this film in the coming months.

Running Free of Injury

Wonder Years Productions brings you this step-by-step guide by the experts on how to prevent running injuries. Valuable information and demonstrations are revealed in each of the six major causes of running injuries: accidental, muscle imbalances, shoe problems, training errors, nutritional problems, and structural problems. Dr. Janet Keeney-Valenza is the host of this 1993 video that has a run time of 60 minutes.

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Running Great with Grete Waitz

Train with the world’s premier women’s marathon runner!
This instructional video was released in 1985 and is 60 minutes long. Here is the description as provided from the back of the box: Grete Waitz- The world’s premier marathon runner!
  • 6-time winner of the New York Marathon
  • 5-time winner of the L’eggs Mini-Marathon
  • Olympic Silver Medalist in 1984
  • 5-time World Cross Country Champion
  • 1983 Gold Medalist- World Championships
Learn Grete’s running form and increase your running efficiency and speed. Get great with Grete’s 4-part training program. Improve your race performances and avoid injuries with Grete’s special warm-up, strengthening phase, and 10-minute cool-down. This tape eatures original music as well as the New York Marathon theme song, "Racing for Love." Brought to you by Congress Video Group, this video can be obtained through

Running Hard, Breathing Easy: The Jeanette Bolden Story

1982, 15 minutes. Produced by Revere Associates and PCS Film Productions in both 16mm and VHS format, although this title is difficult to find. Originally distributed by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America. Written by Peter Hauck with executive producers Gerald Multer and Susan Marrone. Watch how Jeanette Bolden overcame club feet and an asthma problem in her struggle to become a runner. She is currently the track coach at UCLA.

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Running Madness

2003, 75 minutes, Directed by Susan Cohn Schulz. This unique documentary follows the athletes who compete in the 2002 running of the Western States 100 ultramarathon event. You will meet runners who tell their individual Movie of the Month, May 2005stories from the first gatherings to the finish line, for some, 30 hours away. The oldest of the ultramarathon events, few are as challenging with the 23,000 feet of climb and 28,000 feet of decent through rouged forests and valleys. The views are spectacular, if you are conditioned well enough to enjoy the sights as the sizzling heat of the day dissipates when the evening changes the beauty and challenge of the landscape. Seven runners are prominant, including past winner Scott Jurek (who is present to defend his title) and Gordy Ainsleigh, the person who first ran this course to start it all back in 1974. If you have ever considered taking on such an endurance challenge then this is one title that you can gain a lot of insight from to better prepare for your struggles that are sure to emerge. To place an order visit

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The Running Man

A game nobody survives. But Schwarzenegger has yet to play.
1987, 101 minutes. Rated R for violence, based very loosely on the original short story by Stephen King (under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman). The year is 2019 and the government uses television to control the people. The most popular show is "The Running Man", hosted by Damon Killian (Richard Dawson) where criminals must try and run away from the "Stalkers" to win pardons. Ben Richards (Arnold Schwarzenager) runs in several scenes, first away from the government detention camp (after being framed), then across the airport tarmac (before he is captured in a net), and lastly when appearing on the television show. The running is in short sequences and this motion picture has become quite a classic due to the fight scene between Jesse "The Body" Ventura and Schwarzenegger. offers this production in numerous formats including VHS, DVD, and Widescreen DVD Special Edition. If you are going to spend the money for this one go all the way on the Special Edition and enjoy the additional three featurettes: "Game Theory" a short documentary on the impact of reality TV programming on popular culture, "Meet the Stalkers", and the somewhat controversial "Lockdown on Main Street" showing devastation of the World Trade Center disaster, and examining the US Patriot Act in response to acts of terrorism and how this has impacted personal privacy. For over two dozen additional DVD reviews view the list at the Movie Review Query Engine. You may also view the 17 song titles that have been released on the Soundtrack

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Running the Midnight Sun

From producer and director George Hargrave comes this 1993 documentary about the 84 kilometer ultramarathon held on a gravel road 700 kilometers above the Arctic Circle, making this event the world’s most northerly marathon. Held during the first weekend in July, 120 runners from around North America invade the Inuit community of Arctic Bay and the mining settlement of Nanisivik in Canada’s Northwest Territories. They come to challenge one of the most unique and toughest marathon courses the world has to offer. The stories behind the runners and the race make this 52 minute production a revealing and humorous insight into the world of ultra running. This event was held for 20 years straight and then was threatened by the logistics of the Nanisivik mines in 1999. Now, under new race directors, this event continues to be run on a day that the sun never sets in the far North. Music for this film was provided by Neil Smolar and writing credits belong to Tom Perlmutter. This was produced with the participation of Telefilm Canada and you can contact George Hargrave to place an order via email at "info(at)".

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Running the Sahara

3 Runners. 6 Countries. 100 Days. 4,000 Miles.
This documentary is directed by James Moll with executive producer Matt Damon providing the narration. Join three men as they undertake an unprecedented quest of running coast-to-coast across the Sahara Desert as they cross through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and finally to Egypt. Watch Charlie Engle (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada), and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) put their bodies and spirits to the test in an amazing feat of human will and endurance. The film follows the runners and captures the diverse culture of the Saharan people. On a daily basis, the runners experience the hospitality of the locals as they learn about their lives and the challenges they face. Read more about this film that will hopefully be released in 2008 at their official website:

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Running on The Sun

AKA: Running on the Sun: The Badwater 135
Tagline: The road to hell is 135 miles long.

1999, 100 minutes. The Badwater 135, the equivalency of five back-to-back marathons, eschews the trappings of traditional races. There are no cheering crowds. There is no monetary reward. There is little media attention or applause. Often, there is no end in sight. Instead, the runners rely on themselves for motivation, comfort and determination. The only tangible prize, awarded for completing the race in under 48 hours, is a belt buckle, a coveted symbol of achievement among ultra-runners.The body weathers extreme environmental conditions throughout the race. Runners are constantly challenged with temperatures ranging from 38ºF to 125ºF, 50 mph heated head Movie of the Month, December 2002winds, two 5,000-foot climbs, and a finish line located 8,400 feet up Mt. Whitney in California’s Sierra Nevada mountain range. Most competitors will run, walk and crawl for two continuous days and nights to reach the finish line. With every passing mile, runners face increasingly greater risks of dehydration, muscle strain, vomiting, sun stroke and kidney failure. One of the most insidious ailments, though, are the hallucinations. Racers have been plagued by visions of UFO’s crashing into the road, giant chasms opening up in the highway, and phantom detour signs.One third of the competitors will fail. But for the most persevering runners, a great personal victory awaits them at the finish line. After 135 miles, the runners have completed a mythic journey, overcoming the obstacles of nature, fellow competitors and, most of all, themselves. The 13 runners featured in this movie include: Chris Moon, Kirk Johnson, Maria DeJesus, Eric Clifton, Lisa Smith, Daniel Jensen, Adam Bookspan, Jack Denness, Nick Palazzo, Gabriel Flores, Major Curt Maples, Angelika Castaneda, and Ephraim Romesburg. You can obtain a new DVD version from This is one production you do not want to miss and you will watch this motion picture again and again to see the real life drama unfold. Visit the Official Badwater Site to search for a host of results, photos, essays, and much more information about this competition.

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Running Theory: From Mile to Marathon

With World Class Runner Paul Cummings
This 1990 release, with a run time of 31 minutes, was released under the Video Quest label and is hosted by Paul Cummings. Cummings overcame allergy problems to set the BYU mile record in 1974 (3:56.4) and later participated in the 10,000 meters at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Here you will learn about "Consistency Training" which is an adaptation to Arthur Lydiard’s four step "Phase Training". The four components of consistency training include: Upper body strength training, endurance training, 70% effort training, and anaerobic capacity training. Sample workouts, weekly schedules, and peaking are all discussed as the goal is to raise the anaerobic endurance threshold level to improve performance. This video is accompanied by a 16 page workbook. Paul died in September 2001 in a boating accident at the age of 48. This video was once made available for sale directly from the production company,

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Running with Joe Henderson

2003. Here long time author of over 20 books on running, past Runner’s World contributor for over 33 years, speaker, and runner, Joe Henderson joins Nelsen Petersen of Kibo Productions to adapt his Running 101 book into an entertaining and instructional video that has a Movie of the Month, November 2005run time of 40 minutes. With original music you will see the common person seeking to fulfill their individual goals rather than elite racers. Marathons of all sizes are shown, although the preference leans towards the smaller scenic races that focus on fun for the participants. If this sport is new to you, or if you have questions on topics such as nutrition, health, running equipment, making improvements, and staying injury free, than this is one video that you will want to watch again and again as you achieve your goals. 1976 Olympic marathoner Don Kardong provides a special insight as he shares his perspective on the benefits of adding racing to any running routine. Order this video in either VHS or DVD format from Destination

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Runsperics One released this 60 minute film in 2003. This program is tailored to the true running aficionado. Here you will celebrate the grace and beauty of the sport with strictly slow motion running set to music. There is no burdening sound effects, rhythmic breathing, or voice-overs. You will get the purity of movement through music and runners running. Some fast, some not-so-fast, whatever the case they are all in slow motion. The soundtrack includes cuts from Beethoven, Bach, Haydn, Mozart…you get the picture. At your next get together start your DVD player or VCR and let your guests enjoy the show…and the music.

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