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Quad Dipsea 2002

This 50 minute tape is race coverage from the November 2002 Quadruple Dipsea Race. This race consists of four crossings on the famous Dipsea Trail from the town of Mill Valley, California, to the ocean and back. With 1000 stairs, two hills and 2300 vertical feet each way, the entire "quad" provides for a total of 28 miles and 9200 feet of brutally steep ascending and descending. The weather in 2002 was spectacular and fast times were the rule with Carl Anderson (3:57) and Karen Brown (4:42) winning their divisions. This production was filmed and edited by Dipsea runner and filmmaker, Tim Amyx. With cameras rolling at Old Mill Park, The Muir Woods creek crossing, Dynamite, and Cardiac most runners are included, with many appearing on film four or more times. The top 120 finishers were captured at the finish line, with a graphic across the screen indicating their name, time, and place. For complete race results visit here and to order this video visit

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Quest for the Gold: Sydney 2000 Olympic Highlights

This highlights tape presented by the National Broadcasting Company shows highlights from the Summer Olympics Movie of the Month, August 2004from Sydney, Australia. NBC produced 16 sports specific videos and in this highlights tape you will get a glance of the spectacular achievements of the athletes in not only Track & Field but also archery, boxing, cycling, equestrian, gymnastics, soccer, swimming & diving, tae kwon do, triathlon (in it’s first Olympic appearance), volleyball, weightlifting, and wrestling. Bob Costas is the host for each of the tapes in this series. You can try ordering this title used from

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Quest for the Gold: Track & Field

AKA: Sydney 2000 Olympic Sport Coverage: Track & Field
Although the box states the length of this video to be 60 minutes the actual running time is 87 minutes to the delight of all who are watching. Each of the events are covered with sprints up to 400 meters shown from the gun to the tape. The last lap of events from 800 meters to 10,000 meters is often shown in its entirety. Following the event the top three places are broadcast on the screen with their finishing marks. One of the few heats to be shown is the women’s 110m High Hurdles where Gail Devers does not advance from the semi-finals. For a complete list of the medal winners from the games visit and print out the seven page summery of results that also has the medal count that shows the United States earning 20 medals, Russia winning 12, and Ethiopia taking away 8 medals (4 being gold) in Athletics. takes requests for this title, although the wait may be up to eight weeks.

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Quest for the Gold: Women’s Highlights

Here you will find the women athletes in the spotlight from the Sydney games that introduced 15 new women's sport competitions. This 60 minute tape begins with women athletes bringing in the Olympic Torch to the stadium before Cathy Freeman lights the cauldron. For the next 40 minutes 10 sports are highlighted before Track and Field takes the spotlight. Marion Jones becomes the first woman 5 medal winner and it shows each of the events where she competed. Next comes Cathy Freeman in the 400 meter event that shows portions of her victory lap as well as the awards stand ceremony. In closing there is also a brief segment with marathon winner Naoko Takahashi who set an Olympic Record by running 2:23:14. The narration is provided by a woman (who is not identified in the credits) and the executive producers for this series are Dick Ebersol and Tommy Roy. NBC sold these items directly after the games, however they no longer offer any of the 16 specialty tapes directly to the public. It may be some time until you start seeing these highlight tapes routinely available at auction web sites, although they occasionally do appear for the highest bidder. Another option is pre-ordering this title from and wait for a used tape to become available for you.

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