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Films In Production:

The following films are currently on the drawing board and in various stages of production. Running will be keeping an eye on these titles and will provide viewing and availability information when these titles are released to the public. If you are working on a project that you would like featured please complete the Contact Form to provide information.

Above the Clouds

The Angles Crest 100 Documentary
With 48,000 feet of elevation change over the course of 100 miles this event is a true test of ultramarathon endurance. Runner Jimmy Freeman is shown in both preparation as well as during the race weekend. He has strong ties to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and has taken on this event to help raising money to help others in need. During this film you will see many of the mental aspects used, the ceremony that takes place on during the race, and rituals from many participants as they try to complete the distance under the 24 hour goal time. You may visit the official website at and if you want to read more details from Jimmy you can read his blog of the race.

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Defy Definition.
This in-the-works documentary by first time director David Lam (and marathon finisher at New York, London, and Chicago) provides another perspective of what it means to be an athlete in endurance sports. Through profiles of both everyday, as well as extraordinary individuals, the commitment needed to complete a marathon or ironman triathlon is revealed. The official website,, is really well put together and you can view the featured athlete profiles, obtain news from the blog, and if you view the two minute teaser trailer you would likely have to agree that this may be one of the most anticipated running films to come out in 2009.

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Beach Runner 2

Some Rivalries Never Die
The world premiere is scheduled for April 20, 2008 at the Wildish Theater in Springfield, Oregon. An additional showing is being planned in Portland, Oregon, yet the details have yet to be released. Learn more about this produciton by visiting their blog at BeachRunner2 where you can view stills as well as watch a music video about the film. In this sequel, Jimmy has his sights set on a national championship, yet his world crashes down when his team is cut because of Title IX. His personal life is no better with the health of his father changes for the worse. Will his relisiency win out when his rival, Leeton Kramer, challenges him again or will he remember that running is not for his own life but for the life of others. This film is a sequel to the 49 minute, 2002 low budget original film Beach Runner featuring Josh Dill, Joe Carmichael, and Adam Witkin.

Born to Run: A Tale of Endurance

This film covers the personal stories of professional athletes as they prepare for 2007 Men’s U.S. Olympic Marathon trials that took place on November 3, 2007. Filming took nine months in 2 countries and 15 states in order to reach the primary athletes of Abdi Abdirahman, Fasil Bizuneh, Jason Hartmann, Fernando Cabada, and Karl Dusen. Additional appearances come from Ryan Hall, Dathan Ritzenhein, Meb Keflezighi, and Khalid Khannouchi. Commentary is shared from a host of running talent including Bob Kennedy, Toni Reavis, Todd Williams, Jack Daniels, Mark Plaatjes, Amby Burfoot, Frank Shorter, Mary Wittenberg, and Weldon Johnson. The executive producer for this project is Amsalu "Saul" Bizuneh, direction by Zach Starr, the associate producer is James Adducci, and to round out the crew is assistant director Jason Powers. Learn more about this production at the official website,

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The Distance of Truth

You run long enough...something’s bound to happen.
The website states it will be ready for release in late 2007, however this title has yet to finish the postproduction. Pageturner Production film is from executive producer Roger Hendrix and associate producer Chris Kostman. This 90 minute documentary film features Canadian Ferg Hawke as well as Scott Jurek, Charlie Engle, Ray Zahab, Monica Scholz, Dean Karnazes, Marshal Ulrich, and Mike Sweeney as they experience the Badwater 135 ultramarathon race. Footage from both the 2005 and 2006 races are included and there is an additional 120 minutes of extra special features on this DVD. You may view a 25 second trailer online at the official website,

The Front Runner

An Olympic Love Story
Based on the 1974 novel by the same name, this popular work was written by Patricia Nell Warren and after 30 years the film rights are back in her hands to move forward. The story is of the tough conservative ex-Marine track coach, Harlan Brown, who finds himself falling in love with his Olympics-bound distance runner, Billy Sive. This New York Times bestseller has sold over 10 million copies in nine different languages and two sequels to this novel have also been written, Harlan’s Race and Billy’s Boy. A web site has been established, The Front Runner where you can read more about the history of this production, get more information about the story, as well as sign up for a newsletter to be one of the first to obtain public announcements about this film.

Legend of Tarzan Brown

A Native American Hero
Ellison Myers "Tarzan" Brown was a two time Boston Marathon winner (competing in Boston nine times between 1934 to 1946) and participant in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games in the marathon. He was a Narragansett Indian runner from Rhode Island whose tribal name was Deerfoot and David Gary Wilson, from Canada, has written a screenplay based on his remarkable and true story of this amazing athlete. Visit Wilson’s Website to read the screenplay (it is 128 pages in PDF format) and see photos of "Tarzan" running. Like any writing, until it is produced, it is a work in progress and feedback is welcome. The next step is for a producer and director to step up and work with this writer to make the full motion picture experience a reality as this story is deserving to be told...and remembered.

The Perfect Mile

From the team behind Seabiscuit, with financial support by Universal Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment, and Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy, comes the story of three men’s dreams to be the first to break the 4 minute mile. The story will highlight the pursuit of the magic mile mark by Rodger Bannister of Great Britain, John Landy of Australia, and Wes Santee from the United States. Frank Marshall (himself a long time marathon runner and member of the US Olympic Committee) is directing the screenplay written by Bruce McKenna that is based on a book proposal by writer Neal Bascomb. The hope is to release this film in 2004, the same year as the 50th Anniversary of this accomplishment as well as the Summer Olympic Games in Athens. Runner’s World contributor, Dave Kuehls, wrote an article about this production in July 2003. The original intent was to release this film to coincide with the May 6th, 2004 50th Anniversary celebration. This title has fallen off both the "In Development" and "In Production" page at Skyglass Entertainment, so it is currently unknown if this film will ever be produced and released.

Run Grammie, Run!

David Singer is the producer and director of a this direct to cable TV production that is due out in 2008. The story focuses on a 75 year old grammie (played by real life runner Louise Rossetti, who is really 84 years) who announces to her family that she plans on running the Boston Marathon, although she first must qualify. She is joined by her 17 year old great-granddaugher in this athletic quest and along the way there is four generations of women who must contend with each other as well as their partners. A host of real life runners appear in major parts on screen as well as working in crew and camera capacities. Although running is central, it is the story of family roles and relationships that will make this film worth seeing and remembering. Filming has taken place in several locations in Massachusetts (New Bedford, Lakeville, Falmouth, and Beverly) with the marathon race sequences being captured during the Cape Cod Marathon. Visit to learn more about this full length romantic "dramady".

Running the Sahara

3 Runners. 6 Countries. 100 Days. 4,000 Miles.
This documentary is directed by James Moll with executive producer Matt Damon providing the narration. Join three men as they undertake an unprecedented quest of running coast-to-coast across the Sahara Desert as they cross through Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Libya and finally to Egypt. Watch Charlie Engle (USA), Ray Zahab (Canada), and Kevin Lin (Taiwan) put their bodies and spirits to the test in an amazing feat of human will and endurance. The film follows the runners and captures the diverse culture of the Saharan people. On a daily basis, the runners experience the hospitality of the locals as they learn about their lives and the challenges they face. Read more about this film that will hopefully be released in 2008 at their official website: where you can see maps, read blogs, and learn about the progress in helping to alleviate Africa’s clean water crisis.

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Salute- The Peter Norman Story

Opening July 24, 2008, this documentary feature film tells the untold story of Peter Norman, the Australian 200 meter silver medalist in the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. He stood on the victory stand during the medal ceremony when Tommie Smith and John Carlos were giving their black power salute. Norman was wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights button to show his support of the message seeking black unity and justice. Complete with interviews with Norman, Smith, Carlos and many others who where present, you will be exposed to the life of Norman, both before and after the Olympic games. On October 3, 2006 Peter Norman unexpectedly died of a heart attack and his impact as an Olympic Hero and Civil Rights Humanitarian were reflected upon throughout the world. Produced, directed, and written by Matt Norman, the sprinter’s nephew, this film was completed in 2006 and will be released by Paramount Pictures on July 24th, 2008. To learn more about this film visit the official site at Salute the where you may find a trailer.

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