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Overall Ranking:
DVD & VHS Combined Results, 2002-2007:

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# 1 All Time, Fire on the Track    # 2, Endurance     # 3, The Olympic Series    # 4, Running on the Sun    # 5, 100 Years of Olympic Glory

1Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story
3The Olympic Series
4Running On The Sun
5100 Years of Olympic Glory
6Tokyo Olympiad
7Without Limits
8The Jericho Mile
9Running Brave

# 6, Tokyo Olympiad  # 7, Without Limits  # 8, The Jericho Mile  # 9, Running Brave  # 10, Prefontaine

DVD Popularity by Year:

Rank   Title2007   2006   2005   
   1The Olympic Series    2   2   2
   2Running On The Sun
   5   4   1
   3Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story        1   1  —
   4Tokyo Olympiad   13   3   4
   5Without Limits    9   6   3
   6Prefontaine    6   9   6
   7Chariots of Fire   11  12   8
   8Olympic Century   —   7   5
   9Saint Ralph    8   5   9
  10Running Brave   10  11   7
  11Four Minutes    7   8  13
  12Across The Tracks   12  10  10
  13Dancing the Bear    3  —  —
  14The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton    4  —  —
  15On the Edge   15  15  12

Other films that ranked high during one year but did not make the overall top 15 ranking:
2007: The Jesse Owens Story (14th)
2006: ChiRunning (13th), America’s Heart & Soul (14th)
2005: The Long Run (11th), Evolution Running (14th), ChiRunning (15th)

VHS Popularity by Year:

RankTitle2007   2006   2005
   1Endurance    1   1   2
   2Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story        8   2   1
   3100 Years of Olympic Glory    2   6   5
   4The Jericho Mile    6   4   4
   5The Olympiad Series: The Persistent Ones    9   5   3
   616 Days of Glory    3   7   7
   7The Olympiad Greatest Moments    5   3  11
   8The Olympiad Series: The African Runners    7   9   8
   9Marathon of the Sands   —  12   6
  10The Four Minute Mile   10   8   9
  11The Journey of the African-American Athlete    4  11  —
  12Wilma   —  —  10
  13Running Brave   14  16  13
  14Olympian Triumph   12  13  —
  15The Olympiad Series: The 800 Meters   13  —  14

Other films that ranked high during one year but did not make the overall top 15 ranking:
2007: Video Stride: Hawaii (11th), The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (15th)
2006: The Olympiad Series: The 1500 Meters (10th), Ultimate Athlete: Pushing the Limit (14th),
America’s Greatest Olympians (15th)
2005: Olympica: America's Gold (12th), Run for the Dream: The Gail Devers Story (15th)

How these rankings were assembled and analysis: has been a reliable and popular site to obtain running films and has been linking to their site since 2002. In order to obtain these popularity rankings, statistics about both how many people have clicked through to the item as well as how many items have been purchased were taken into account. Ranking for clicks and purchases were individually ranked and then the combined points were used to determine the winner for each year. Just like in a decathlon, the winner can be the one with the most solid performance in each event (in this case year rank) without having to win any particular year as shown by the DVD ranking of The Olympic Series. Although Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story did not win either the DVD or VHS category, when the two categories were combined it became the clear overall winner. Some of the recently released titles, like Dancing the Bear and The Runner: Extreme UltraRunner David Horton, have not be available for a long enough period to have an impact on such a multi year ranking although they both were highly rated in 2007. It must be noted that the statistics were provided by which includes about half of the titles that are currently available to purchase. Other sources that produce and exclusively distribute their own productions, such as or other smaller independent distributors, did not have an opportunity to be included in these rankings due to lack of statistics. Results from titles that were part of a series, like the eight tape (16 title) collection, The Olympiad Greatest Moments, were not combined into an overall ranking, and would likely perform well as four titles in the top 15 VHS with many others following closely behind. Individual years ’02 -’04 were not listed above as there were many ties and a broad range of titles would make this lists more extensive. Statistics from those three years were used in the calculation of the overall rankings.

There has been a trend that both more items have been made available and more total items have been purchased in each subsequent year. The number of DVDs released has grown tremendously since 2002 (as shown by over four times the amount of titles being purchased in 2007). VHS tapes have started to loose popularity as a format, however some titles have only been available in VHS, such as Endurance. If Endurance is released in DVD format (Sign up to show interest and be notified) there may be a strong resurgence in popularity of this film, especially with Haile Gebrselassie continuing to dominate in the longer running distances. It is very clear that once Fire on the Track: The Steve Prefontaine Story was released in DVD format in 2006 that people have preferred this format over the VHS tape. In a 2006 poll at this site the readers voted this film #1, increasing the awareness of this documentary. There is no doubt that the films highlighting Steve Prefontaine has been widely popular, with three titles making the top 10 in these all time rankings. Seven of the top 10 films have been featured as a "Movie of the Month", showing that even titles not featured can still produce a great deal of interest. These rankings will be updated in 2008 after the new numbers have been tallied.

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