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Olympic Experience

20 Years of the Greatest Moments in Olympic History
Originally produced in 1988 this 58 minute video was released in 1998 by BWE Video. The box states: "Relive 20 years of the greatest moments in Olympic History with Academy Award winner Charlton Heston narrating this tribute to the finest athletes ever to grace the fields, floors and rinks of the summer and winter Olympic Games. Witness the "Olympic Experience" with performances by super athletes Bob Hayes, Carl Lewis, Bruce Jenner, Peggy Flemming, Ann Packer and many more. Discover the heart and courage of modern day Olympians as they reach for the ultimate prize-Olympic gold!" Anthony Harrild was the producer and director and the music was done by Steve Parsons. is likely to have used copies for sale if you want to own this production.

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Olympic Glory

Official Highlights of our Success at Athens 2004
2004, 30 minutes. This DVD was a free promotional give away by the Evening Standard in Great Britain and is recorded in PAL format. To bring it into your home you will want to check the auction web sites such as eBay. It starts with "Imagine", the official London 2012 promotional video, featuring "Proud" by Heather Small. You will see each of the people who brought home the 30 Olympic medals for GBR, three more than in Sydney. Each sport is broken into it’s own chapter with Athletics coming last on the disc. A brief mention of Paula Radcliff in the marathon starts this section before Kelly Sotherton is shown winning the last event in the heptathlon, the 800 meters, to earn bronze. Kelly Holmes is shown in the entire 800 meter race, moving from near last at the bell to finishing at the front. Holmes returned for the 1500 meters and although 7th at the bell, she was able to come back with yet another victory. The last event shown is the men’s 4x100 meter sprint team who had the best handoffs to place them on the top of the awards stand with a 0.01 second margin of victory. All the footage located on this disc was taken from Athens 2004 Olympic Games Official Highlights, also available only from UK sources.

Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: Aussies and Kiwis at the Olympics

1983, 60 minutes, Australia, from Golden Years Productions and Up Video Sports. This film features the achievements of Australian and New Zealand athletes such as Betty Cuthbert, Dawn Fraser, Raelene Boyle, and Jack Lovelock. The writer and producer was James Murray, with direction by Denis Phelan.

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Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: Heroes, Heartbreaks, and Hilarities

Legends the like of Johnny Weissmuller, Emil Zátopek, Ron Clarke, and many more have become household names. This videotape covers their stories and also looks at the lighter side of the Olympic Games. With executive producer Jeff Patterson overlooking this series, this 1983 PAL format tape runs for 60 minutes.

Olympic Glory- The Golden Years: The Melbourne Games

This is another 60 minute film from Golden Years Productions and Up Video Sports that was also released in 1983. I welcome any additional information about any of the videos that appear in this series. Please Contact Running Movies if you have viewed these tapes and want to contribute to these listings.

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Olympic Glory: The Golden Years-
Instant Highlights from the Olympic Glory Video Series

This Series Captures the Golden Years of Olympic Competition, a time when Heroes the like of Dawn Fraser, Betty Cuthbert , Jesse Owens & Mark Spitz became Immortalized as Sporting Legends the world over. With excerpts from each program in this landmark series. the True Olympic Spirit of Sporting Achievement & International Goodwill is Preserved!

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Olympic Gold Medal Winners: The First 90 Years

From Best Film & Video comes this 1984 release that has a run time of 40 minutes. Witness unforgettable performances by over 75 of the greatest Olympic athletes in the past 90 years. You will see many sports such as gymnastics, swimming, boxing, and of course the running performances of Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Abebe Bikila, and Bruce Jenner. If you are seeking a copy of this film you may need to buy it used from or check out the auction sites and get ready to bid.

Olympic Harmony

1976, 30 minutes, 16mm format as well as VHS tape, rare. Produced for Coca-Cola by Worldmark Productions you will see a musical look at the highlights of the 1976 winter and summer Olympic Games that were held in Montreal, Canada and Innsbruck, Austria, respectively.

Olympic Hero

AKA: The All American
This 1928 release is a silent black and white presentation that has never been released on video. The 5 reel film is rare and stars Charles Paddock, Julanne Johnston, Donald Stuart, and Harvey Clark. Originally done by Zakoro Film Corporation this movie was re-released by Supreme Pictures under the title "The All American". Footage from the 1924 Olympic Games from Paris is woven into the tale of a college sprinter (American Gold medal winner from 1920, Charles Paddock) and his rise to the top.

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Olympic Highlights of 1976

Games Of The XXI Olympiad Montreal 1976
Jim McKay is the host of this 1977 film that has a run time of 119 minutes. This is a straightforward documentary showing a selection of contests at the 1976 Montreal Olympic games. Among the highlights include the decathlon championship competition of Bruce Jenner as well as other events such as women´s gymnastics. Direction was provided by Jean-Claude Labrecque, Georges Dufaux, and Jean Baudin.

Olympic Preview

1976, 14 minutes in 16mm film format. An impressionistic look at the 1975 Pan-American games, emphasizing their value as a proving ground for athletes of the United States who are headed for the 1976 Summer Olympic games. You will see stressed the effort these athletes have put into preparation for the games and it carries an appeal for additional funds to help assure the athletes of their chance to compete. This title was made with the cooperation of Montgomery Ward, the United States Olympic Committee, and Modern Talking Picture Service, Inc.

Olympic Quest: The Reaching for God and the Gold

AKA: Going for God and the Gold
Gateway Films and Vision Video bring you this 1992 video that is 20 minutes long. Olympic athletes use the same techniques in achieving excellence in sports and in the search for God as illustrated in this presentation. Host Bill Turpie goes to notable athletes to find out what difference prayer and faith make in their lives and their performances. Featured are Dave Johnson, Madeline Manning Mims, Bob Richards, along with several other athletes. The executive producer was Jeff Weber.

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The Olympic Series

Golden Moments 1920-2002
Here is six and a half hours of Olympic history compiled into a three DVD set that was releasd July, 2004, just prior to the Athen Games. The running footage can be found on the first and third disk (the second disk features the winter events) and in all over 150 individual events have been included. See Movie of the Month, September 2004sprinters such as Harold Abraham, Eric Liddell, Jesse Owens, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Shirley Strickland, Otis Davis, Lee Evans, Alberto Juantorena, Carl Lewis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Linford Christie, and Cathy Freeman. Middle Distance runners include: Josy Barthe, Peter Snell, Herb Elliott, Kip Keino, Sebastian Coe, Steve Ovett, Ellen Van Langen, and Hassiba Boulmerka. Long distance running segments feature: Paavo Nurmi, Sohn Kee-Chung, Alain Mimoun, Emil Zátopek, Murray Halberg, Abebe Bikila, Billy Mills, Elana Meyer, Hwang Young-Cho, and Haile Gebrsellasie. In the hurdle events you will find Fanny Blankers-Koen, Shirley Strickland, John Akii-Bua, Edwin Moses, Kevin Young, and Paraskevi Patoulidou. There are also athletes competing in the decathlon, and many field events shown. Order your new copy from

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The Olympic Spirit

2000, 50 minutes, producer Jamie Baker. Pursuing the dream recalls the stories of less celebrated athletes who knew they could never win, those for whom victory was a probability but unfortunately eluded them and others who shocked the world to win an Olympic gold medal. The will to win continues the theme with stories such as those of Gabriele Anderson-Scheiss and Ana Fidelia Quirot. This film has gone out of print to obtain new from distributors.

Olympic Spirit: The Medal Ceremony

From Warner Vision Australia comes this 53 minute release from 1996. Narrated by Robert Powell you will see the greatest and most inspiring moments of the modern Olympics from Athens in 1896 to Lillehammer in 1994. This title includes the following track & field athletes: Dick Fosbury, John Akii-Bua, Billy Mills, Florence Griffith Joyner, Iolands Balas, Josy Barthel, Linford Christie, and Alberto Juantorena. The Music Sculptors provided the musical score while Martin Callanan was the producer. You can find this footage on disk three of The Olympic Series that was released in 2004.

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Olympic Track & Field: Men 1988 Seoul

AKA: Games of the XXIV Olympiad: Men's Track & Field
Tagline: Blinding speed, awesome power!

Bryant Gumbel is your host for this 1988 release that runs for 45 minutes. From day one, the Men´s Track and Field event at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Seoul threw off sparks. The world´s finest track and field athletes had their sights set on gold, and nothing less would do. What followed was an unforgettable competition, blending raw power and speed with brilliant tactics: See Ben Johnson outduel Carl Lewis in the 100 meter race, only to be disqualified and lose his world record time of 9.79. Edwin Moses runs after his 3rd Olympic crown, but finally yields the 400 meter gold to U.S. hurdler Andre Phillips. Daley Thompson battles to be the first three-time winner in the Decathlon only to be snapped in the pole vault. The U.S. Men sweep the 400 meter race, while the Kenyans capture every race from 800 to 5,000 meters. Lastly, Italian Gelindo Bordin makes his thrilling last minute surge to capture the marathon event. The director was Andy Rosenberg, written by Sam Flood, with producer John Gonzalez. This is one of the four tapes found in the 4-tape Commemorative Collection which can also be purchased at

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Olympic Track & Field: Women 1988 Seoul

AKA: Games of the XXIV Olympiad: Women's Track & Field
1988, 45 minutes, made possible by National Broadcasting Company and distributed under the Wood Knapp Video label. Dick Enberg is your host with the commentators including Charlie Jones, Frank Shorter, Dwight Stones, and Dave Sims. Experts call it the most exciting competition in the history of women's athletics. The US, East German and Soviet teams battle head-to-head...and the fiercely proud American Women come through with 6 gold medals and 3 new world records. See the world´s greatest female athlete, Jackie Joyner-Kersee break the world record for the heptathlon and win 2 gold medals. Florence Griffith Joyner wins 3 Golds and a silver while setting a World Record in the 200 meter sprint. Indomitable Evelyn Ashford wins the 4 x 100 meter relay for her team with an incredible come from behind final kick. Plus the triumphant marathon performance of Portugal's Rosa Mota and all the highlights from women's sprint, relay, distance, and field events. Witness all the brightest moments of the Women's Track and Field competition of the 1988 Summer Olympics. Additional athletes that are covered with footage include: Lisa Martin, Kathrin Doerre, Mary Slaney, Zola Budd, Vickie Huber, Tatiana Samolenko, Paula Ivan, Yvonne Murray, Heike Drechsler, Valerie Brisco, Olga Bryzguino, Petra Mueller, Olga Nazarova, Kim Gallagher, Sigurn Wodars, Debra Flintoff-king, Marlene Ottey, Gwene Torrence, Jordanka Donkova, Ingrid Kristiansen, Olga Bondarenko, Paula Ivan, Alice Brown, Shelsa Echols, "Fanny" Blankers-Koen, Diane Dixon, Sherri Howard.

Olympic Warrior: Donovan Bailey's Story

1999, 45 minutes. "When I step on the track, it’s war," says Donovan Bailey, whose breathtaking burst of acceleration at the Atlanta Olympics took him to 27.1 mph (43.6 kph), earned him a new world record and the title of fastest man on earth. The war on the track, and the war of words off it, are dramatically presented in this Life & Times portrait of Canada’s greatest sprinter. Olympic Warrior takes viewers behind the scenes, contrasting the sprinter’s brash public persona with an easy-going family man who describes himself as "a shy, gentle guy with a big heart." The candid documentary follows Bailey on a Grey Cup weekend in Winnipeg, to his surprise 31st birthday party and home to Oakville. Olympic Warrior chronicles one of the most tumultuous years of Bailey’s life from a near fatal car accident in 1997 to a career-threatening Achilles tendon injury in 1998. The documentary presents the only images of Bailey’s remarkable rehabilitation, which takes him from crutches to the track in ten weeks. We also watch Bailey compete in Europe and North America in 1998, suffering a stinging loss to American arch-rival Maurice Greene in New York, only to demolish him a week later in Paris. Bailey shows remarkable resilience and reveals a complex personality struggling for balance between a quiet home life and the highly aggressive world of power sprinting. As the countdown begins to the year 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia, Bailey is undaunted by the idea of winning gold again. To find out more about this athlete, visit his official web site at Donovan

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Olympica: America's Gold. Volume One, Great Moments of Track and Field

An Official Olympic Centennial Video
The photo on the cover of this video is of a 1984 Los Angeles Gold Medal. ABC Video released this title in 1996 with a run time of 69 minutes. The back of the box states: "This video focuses on the events that started the Olympics, those of track and field. The United States has fielded teams that Movie of the Month, October 2004featured such legendary Olympians as Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses, Bob Beamon, Frank Shorter, Jackie Joyner-Kersee and many, many more. Their stories are fascinating and compelling. Jesse Owens winning four gold medals in Berlin in 1936, much to the dismay of the host, Adolf Hitler. Wilma Rudolph winning three gold medals in Rome in 1960 despite the fact that as a child she was stricken with polio and lost the use of her right leg. Dick Fosbury, the high jump innovator, who won the gold medal in Mexico City by using a new technique that was nicknamed the "Fosbury Flop." Bruce Jenner broke the world record in the decathlon and became a national hero. Relive these and other great memories of American glory in the arena of Olympic track and field." Narration was provided by Al Dubois, direction by Daniel Bertolino, and the producers were the team of Catherine Viau, Daniel Bertolino, and Andre Link.

The Olympics in Mexico

AKA: Olimpiada en México
This two videocassette international release from 1970 lasts 110 minutes and takes the 1968 footage to present a newly restored official film of the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games. The original documentary lasted four hours and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1969 in the best feature documentary category. Coverage includes a host of events including both the opening and closing ceremonies. It was released in the Spanish language with Enrique Lizalde and Roberto Morales providing the narration. The executive producer was Federico Amérigo, direction by Alberto Isaac, text by Fernando Macotela, and the music was done by Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras.

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The Olympics Through Time

The History of the Olympic Games
Released in June 2004, this PAL format DVD was released prior to the Olympic Games in Athens. From England, this documentary traces the origins of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece, their revival in 1896, and highlights some of the greatest Olympic accomplishments over several decades of the modern games. To add this to your collection visit to place your order.

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Olympics: The First 90 Years

AKA: Olympics: The First 90 Years From 1894-1984
Brought to you by Classic Family Entertainment in 1984, this tape has a run time of 60 minutes. Derek Conrad is the producer, director, and writer of this video. The description from the back of the box states: "Relive the drama and excitement of the world's most prestigious sports event, the Olympic Games. Conceived by Pierre de Courbertin in 1894 as a peaceful gathering of the world's finest athletes, the Games have provided us with unforgettable moments of courage, joy and inspiration. In 1912, American Indian Jim Thorpe is crowned the Pentathlon and Decathlon champion in Stockholm. In 1932, another great, Babe Didrikson, thrills a depressed America by winning the 800 meters and Javelin in Los Angeles. In 1936, as Hitler watched, American Jesse Owens defeats the flower of German youth by winning 4 Golds in Berlin. In 1960, after being paralyzed as a child, Wilma Rudolph runs for Gold in the 100 meters in Rome. In 1968 in Mexico, Bob Beamon astounds the world with a long jump record that is still being chased today. In 1972, in the shadow of the Israeli tragedy, swimmer Mark Spitz captures 7 Golds in Munich. In 1976. Bruce Jenner becomes the world's greatest athlete with a record setting Decathlon in Montreal. In 1980, the Soviet Union hosts the Games in Moscow, and two British runners dominate the middle distances. Steve Ovett wins a Gold in the 800 meters, and Sebastian Coe a Gold for the 1500 meters. See why over one billion people will watch the 1984 Games. It's all here...the color, the pageantry, the emotion, the will of the human spirit striving to be the best."

Olympics: The Eternal Torch

This 1974 production by Oxford Films was released on VHS in 1992 by AIMS Media and has a run time of 27 minutes. Commentary is provided by Rafer Johnson as footage dates back to 1896 and highlights are taken from each Olympiad since to trace the American participation in the games. You will see the pageantry and traditions that make up this international institution as you view the following American athletes: Rafer Johnson, Jim Thorpe, Babe Didrikson, Jesse Owens, Bob Mathias, and Frank Shorter. The producer and director was Dan Rose and writing credits go to Will Grimsley.

Olympijsky Novovek

Translated Title: Olympic Modern Time
From the Czech Republic comes this 15 minute look of the modern Olympic Games. Directed and edited by Miroslav Hajny, and in the Czeck language, the focus of this production is on the moral values of the Olympic movement. From the competition being marred by doping (Ben Johnson in 1988) to the opening ceremony gala celebrations, here you will find an informative and rich look at the Olympics. This title won first place in Sportfilm Liberec 2004 and has not been widely released by Czech Television.

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On the Edge

Filmed in 1985 and released in 1986 by Lightening Video, this 95 minute motion picture is rated PG-13. "Bruce Dern stars in this critically acclaimed box office winner as Wes Holman, a 44 year old runner determined to win a grueling race that could cost him his self respect, his career- and even his health. Two decades ago Wes Holman was unfairly banned from amateur competition. For twenty years Wes has felt bitterly incomplete, convinced that the one thing he needed to give meaning to his life had been snatched from him. Now at 44, Wes is going to try to recapture his lost glory by running in a grueling 7.2 mile race. The Cielo Sea stretches along narrow paths through some of the most beautiful- and most treacherous- territory on earth. Wes is up against his age, his past and ultimately himself. You will stand up and cheer for On The Edge!" The previous description is from the back cover of the container. This movie was written and directed by Rob Nilsson, music provided by Herb Pilhofer, and is based on the actual race called The Dipsea Race. The aerial footage in the film was taken from an actual race. If you want to buy this movie, you can find it at in VHS or DVD format. You can read a review by Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times to see why he gives this title 3.5 stars. Keep your eyes out for U.S. marathon great Garry Bjorklund among the runners in this movie. There have been at least five other movies released since 1997 using this same title, so be careful to make sure you are getting what you are after.

On the Run

1980, 20 minutes, released in both 16mm and 3/4 inch U-matic tape. Filmed in New Zealand, this film features running trainer Arthur Lydiard. Observe the world class runners who use his program commenting about long-distance mountain running and its resulting increase in their stamina as well as the pleasures of roaming over the varied terrain. Directed by Sparky Greene and under the authority of Everard/Titan Films.

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One Day in September

1972. The Munich Olympic Games. 121 Nations. 7,123 Competitors. Over a billion viewers...and 8 Palestinian Terrorists. For the first time in over 25 years, the truth is revealed.
1999, 94 minutes, rated R. This title is included in this filmography due to the significance of the events portrayed on the screen and how it impacted the athletes as well as all future Olympic competitions. Still photographs are used dramatically, showing glimpses of the sprint events; Steve Prefontaine and Lasse Viren in the 5,000 meters; and the steeplechase competition. Here is what you will read on the back of the box: "One Day in September is the incredible, shocking Academy Award-winning (Best Documentary Feature, 1999) story about the brutal massacre of Israeli athletes by a team of extreme Palestinian terrorists during the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany. Finally, the unbelievable truth is revealed: how eight terrorists easily snuck into the Olympic Village and took 11 innocent athletes hostage, the tension-filled negotiations that followed and the shocking conclusion at a German airport that stunned the world. Featuring the frightening perspective of the only surviving terrorist and revelatory facts about what really happened on that dark night. Produced by Academy Award-winner Arthur Cohn (American Dream, The Garden Of The Finzi-Continis), directed by Kevin MacDonald (Donald Cammell: The Ultimate Performance) and narrated by Michael Douglas, One Day in September unfolds like a gripping thriller-except this unforgettable story is completely true". See the official web site at Sony, and carries both the VHS and DVD versions if you want to own your own copy. Over 60 reviews are available to read or check out a 13 page overview at Film

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Our Winning Season

1978, 92 minutes, rated PG. In this youthful drama, a high-school senior aspires to become a track star while simultaneously dealing with the other travails of youth. One of his best friends is drafted and ends up getting killed in Vietnam. This movie stars Scott Jacoby, Deborah Benson, and Dennis Quaid. Joe Roth was the producer, Joseph Ruben directed the script written by Nicholas Niciphor, and Charles Fox provided the musical score. The DVD was released in February 2005 and can be ordered from


1982, 50 minutes. This film starts following middle distance runner Steve Ovett from December 7th, 1981 just two weeks before leg surgery after he split a tendon in his right leg by running into a fence during a workout. Watch his recovery and training as he returns to his running form once again. Insight into his "bad boy" image as well as his home life are also revealed. You will see commentary from his parents; coach, Harry Wilson; as well as his wife, Rachel. Ovett returns to racing at the elite level in several events from 800 to 3000 meters. Ovett has a hamstring injury to overcome when this film ends on August 25, 1982. Produced by Adrian Metcalfe, a British 400 meter runner who won relay Silver in Mexico 1968, and was made for the ITV network.

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