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100 Years of Olympic Glory

A World of Athletes in a Century of Competition
Movie of the Month, May 20041996, 180 minutes on two tapes, Not Rated. Originally produced for PBS this item is available for purchase at Edwin Moses appears on the cover although is not featured in this production. Award winning writer, producer and director Bud Greenspan weaves his inspirational stories of the heroic men and women who enter the Olympic arena with athlete interviews and rare collection of Olympic film. See such athletes as Paavo Nurmi, Lasse Viren, Emil Zátopek, Alain Mimoun, Kip Keino, Valary Borzov, Carl Lewis, Abebe Bikila, and many more.

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100 Years of the Modern Games

Brentwood Home Video released this tape on June 24, 1996. On the back of the box it states: "Relive the last 100 years of "going for the gold" starting with James Connolly of the USA, through events leading up to Atlanta ’96. Not only are thrilling moments captured but also some strange occurrences during the games!" Although the box states the length is 45 minutes, the run time is closer to 33 minutes. Taking just a few minutes on each modern Olympic competition, you will see moving images starting in Stockholm in 1912 and ending in Montreal in 1976. Still images are shown for the earlier games as well as from Moscow to Barcelona. Some of the featured athletes include: Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Bruce Jenner, Paavo Nurmi, Lasse Viren, Frank Shorter, Bill Toomey, Emil Zátopek, Wilma Rudolph, Rafer Johnson, Peter Snell, Wyomia Tyus, Herb Elliot, Fanny Blankers-Koen, and Bob Mathias. This video is still available new from
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16 Days In September

Games Highlights of the XXVII Olympiad
This 2000 release, lasting 110 minutes, is introduced by Ian Thorpe and features many athlete’s success including Cathy Freeman’s 400 meter victory of the Olympic games from Sydney, Australia. This film is available in PAL format as well as DVD version format.

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16 Days of Glory

AKA: The 1984 Summer Olympics: 16 Days of Glory
Movie of the Month, April 20021985, Rated G, Written, produced and directed by Bud Greenspan. Originally released to theaters, this 145-minute documentary was later reassembled into a six-part TV series. The first 60-minute segment of 16 Days of Glory was telecast on PBS in September of 1988, after receiving brief cable exposure. Who can ever forget the performances of Edwin Moses, Dave Moorcroft, Daley Thompson, and Joan Benoit in the first ever women’s marathon event. This film was also released in a Collector’s Edition in 1996 and can be found new as well as used at

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16 Days of Glory Part II

AKA: The 1984 Summer Olympics: 16 Days of Glory: Part II
This 147 minute film from 1986 is rated G. Renowned sports film maker Bud Greenspan’s film about the ’84 Summer Olympiad, captures more of the stories of courage and spirit overlooked by network TV’s Olympics coverage. Coverage includes Carl Lewis in the 100 meters as well as Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe battling it out in the 800 and 1500 meter events. Read a four page pdf article written by Bud Greenspan that was reprinted from The Runner magazine that describes the "first-hand account of the shooting of the film".

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16 Speed and Power Drills for Sprints

with Coach Lance Brauman
2006. Coach Brauman is the former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach who rapidly established himself as one of the premier sprint coaches in the nation. In this presentation you will see Coach Brauman’s philosophies on developing the main two components for sprinters: speed and power. Broken into four sections, the first two phases are in the weight room with several explosive lifts including pulls, cleans, and snatch lifts. Brauman then demonstrates the exercises that make up his "Explosive Training" program. The third phase takes place on the indoor track where you will see athletes demonstrating speed, power, and bounding drills. The last presentation in Brauman’s training program is hurdle mobility. This workout will challenge sprinters and enhance their preparation for both indoor and outdoor competitive seasons.You can purchase this 28 minute DVD from .

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18 Again!

1988, 100 minutes, rated PG. "In this delightful fantasy comedy, the ageless, cigar-wielding George Burns returns to the screen as Jack Watson, a swinging 81-year-old bachelor who has everything but youth. And once more, he proves the old adage: Be careful what you wish just might come true! Fate intervenes in the lives of Jack and his grandson, David (Charlie Schlatter), as their souls exchange bodies after a freak accident. Bit as David, the old Jack Watson charm and magic must work doubly hard to convert all of David’s classmates to bow ties, cigars, and martinis. And furthermore, in David’s body, Jack learns how people really feel about his old self. Jack is outraged by these revelations, and dismayed to find that his body, with David’s soul inside, is to be pulled off of the life-support. Jack realizes that he must act quickly to make amends for past mistakes, and return David what is rightfully his. Once again, fate intervenes in the touching climax of this uplifting and heavenly comedy." Description from the back of the container. This film has three running scenes which reflect the character development in this motion picture. Read a review by Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun-Times and if you want to buy a copy has both VHS and DVD options available.

1976 Summer Olympic Games, Montreal

Released in 1976 by the United States Olympic Committee this 83 minute documentary is broken into three parts: Part 1, Best of the best; Part 2, The swift, the strong, the beautiful; Part 3, Higher, faster and stronger.

1980 Olympics-Moscow, Track & Field Part II

This 54 minute footage was dubbed by the Amateur Athletic Foundation in 1990 from the UCLA Olympic collection. Highlights include the marathon, women’s discus, men’s high jump, men’s broad jump, men’s 1500 meter, women’s 100 meter, pole vault, women’s 200 meter and men’s discus.

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1984 Summer Olympics Highlights

AKA: Games of the XXII Olympiad
Edited from the 180 hours of coverage ABC Sports devoted to the Los Angeles Summer Games, this 90-minute collection of the XXIIIrd Olympiad’s greatest moments captures the athletes and performances that made this year’s Olympics a crowning achievement in sports. The narrator is Frank Gifford. When you watch the 12 running events that are covered you will not see much of anything beyond the final 150 meters on the track and the only two races shown in their entirety are the men’s and women’s 100 meter final. After 47 minutes of coverage of other Olympic events, the running coverage begins with the women’s marathon featuring footage of Joan Benoit, Grete Waitz, Ingred Christiansen, Rosa Mota, and Gabrielle Andersen-Schiess. Joaquim Cruz is shown winning the 800 meters over Sebastian Coe. Evelyn Ashford, Alice Brown, and Merlene Ottey-Page bring home the medals in the 100 meters. The women’s 400 meters features Valerie Brisco-Hooks, Chandra Cheeseborough, and Kathryn Cook. In trying to show Brisco-Hooks on the award stand they use the 200 meter winners, including Florence Griffith, although there is no race coverage if this event. Carl Lewis is covered quickly in each of his four gold medal events with other medal winners including: Sam Graddy and Ben Johnson in the 100; Calvin Smith passing him the baton in the short relay; Kirk Baptiste and Thomas Jefferson making a sweep for the United States in the 200 meters and Lewis’ winning long jump. Daley Thompson is shown running 10.4 in the opening event of the decathlon. Edwin Moses obtained his 105th victory by defeating Danny Harris and Harald Schmid in the 400 hurdles. Mary Decker, Zola Budd, Maricica Puic and Wendy Sly were shown in the women’s 3000, although there was no finish line coverage. Steve Cram is shown pulling away from Sebastian Coe in the 1500 meters. And finally the men’s marathon was the last Olympic event featuring Rob de Castella, Toshihiko Seko, Alberto Salazar, Juma Ikangaa, Charles Spedding, John Treacy, and Carlos Lopes, who in his 3rd ever marathon posted an Olympic record of 2:09:21, for the victory.

1985 Honolulu Marathon

AKA: Honolulu Marathon 1985
This 58 minute production includes interviews with runners before the race and highlights of lead runners and other participants in the marathon. KITV TV station in Honolulu provided the footage for this Aloha Hi-Tech Video. If this event interests you, check out their official website at the Honolulu Marathon.

1987 ARRA Championship Circuit Highlights

1987, 45 minutes, Not Rated. Enjoy the spectacular foot racing of Arturo Barrios, Grete Waitz, Rolando Vera, Jon Sinclair, Anne Audain, Lynn Jennings, and many, many more in the top road races in the United State: the Houston-Tenneco Marathon, Gasparilla Distance Classic, Nike Cherry Blossom, MDA-Boston Milk Run, Freihofer’s Run for Women, Lilac Bloomsday Run, Bolder Boulder, Steamboat Classic, Cascade Run Off, Peachtree Road Race, San Francisco Marathon, Asbury Park 10K Classic, Falmouth Road Race, and Twin Cities Marathon.

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The 1989 New York City Marathon Video

Made and distributed in 1989 by Sports Video, Inc (no longer in business) this is one of the earliest personalized videos of marathon racing. The November 5th coverage goes back and forth between the men’s and women’s race in addition to many shots of the large pack. You will see 35 minutes of race action from the cannon to the finish line with 11 additional minutes of personalized finish line camera shots at the end. The male winner was Juma Ikangaa of Tanzania, who still holds the course record to this day of 2:08:01. Ken Martin of the United States holds off Gelindo Bordin of Italy by a two second margin when finishing in 2:09:37 for second. On the women’s side, Ingrid Kristiansen of Norway (2:25:30) returned off her Boston win with another first place finish over Kim Jones (USA) and Zoya Ivanova (URS). Some past highlights were also inserted into this tape including performances by Grete Waitz, Alberto Salazar, Rod Dixon, Orlando Pizzolato, Ibrahim Hussein, Priscilla Welch, Steve Jones, and Joan Samuelson. Produced and directed by Rick Kesley and Jack Kahler, with Fred Lebow acting as the technical advisor, the theme song that is used is entitled "One Step at a Time".

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1992 The Year in Sports

AKA: Sports Illustrated: 1992, The Year in Sports
This subscribers’ special gift video lasts for 45 minutes and captures the main highlights as defined by Sports Illustrated for the year 1992. Both collegiate as well as professional sports are highlighted in the same order they appeared throughout the year. The main interest here is the three and a half minutes of Olympic coverage from the Summer Games in Barcelona. Although you will get a glimpse of Linford Christy sprinting and some men’s high hurdle clips, the main focus is the women’s 100 meter sprint, that is shown in it’s entirety. Gail Devers then offers a brief interview before the action changes to Jackie Joyner Kersey and Carl Lewis in the long jump and 4 x 100 meter World Record run. An auction site is the best place to obtain your own copy of this tape.

1992 U.S. Olympic Trials: Women’s Marathon, Houston,TX

Lynn Williams and Tom Reavis host this 24 minute video. Witness Francie Larrieu-Smith, Janis Klecker, and Cathy O’Brien make the US women’s Olympic marathon team.

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1996 The Year in Sports

AKA: Sports Illustrated: 1996, The Year in Sports
47 minutes, hosted by Marv Albert, and made possible in 1996 by Sports Illustrated Television as a special gift to subscribers. Michael Johnson makes the cover of this video during the celebration of his World Record 200 meter run during the Centennial Olympic Games from Atlanta. With his 19.32 effort he dominates the Olympic segment. With a slide show set to music in the beginning and end of this video, the rest is filled with college and professional action from many sports other than running. To find a copy visit an auction site.

1998 Twin Cities Marathon

1998, 106 Minutes, hosted by Mike Gatey and Chris Harter. Live coverage of the marathon October 4, 1998, includes runners at the start and finish line, interviews with runners, event organizers and workers. If you are interested in competing in this event get current information at their official web site: Twin Cities Marathon.

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2002 Armed Forces Triathlon Championships

They do this once a year, down at Pt. Magu in Southern California
This event coverage lasts a bit over 18 minute and has been made for military recruiting yet is now being made available to the general public. The Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines send their best male and female triathletes to compete in the Armed Forces Triathlon Championships. This competition is a team format, 12 men and 6 women make up each team with total points determining the overall champions. However, the race within the race is an individual test of talent and the ability to overcome obstacles. You will see an introspective and inspiring look at the race, and the military men and women that have found this sport to be a vital part of their service training. Special thanks is made to Roy Wilson for his great opening graphics. Visit the production web site at for ordering information in both VHS or DVD format.

The 2002 New York City Marathon

This is a race overview of the 33rd running of this event held on this sunny November 3 day. You hear from Rudy Gulianni and race director Allan Steinfeld during the 18 minutes of lead up to the gun. From the expo, friendship run, pasta party, weather report and the national anthem there is a lot of buildup to the actual running. The "scouting report" gives the top 5 contenders from each division. On the women’s side is featured Margaret Okayo, Lornah Kiplagat, Sonia O’Sullivan, Marla Runyan (in her marathon debut), and eventual winner Joyce Chepchumba (2:25:56). For the men the report features Tesfaye Jifar, Stefano Baldini, Mark Carroll, Meb Keflezghi (in his marathon debut), and Rodgers Rop who ends up winning this race in 2:08:07. Although the leaders are shown, it is really the masses of people and spectators that are featured in this 44 minute production. There is no known source to obtain this tape new and it is believed that TSC Graphics provided coverage of previous New York City Marathons as well. The VHS tape comes in a paper sleeve without any cover art.

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2003 Armory Collegiate International

It takes 75 minutes to capture all the action from the world’s fastest indoor track at the Armory Track & Field Center in upper Manhattan. This is the 2nd annual event featuring teams from 7 reigning NCAA champions that was recorded on Saturday, February 15th, 2003. You will see high school boys and girls as well as collegiate men and women in individual and relay competitions. Sprints, hurdles, and the men’s open mile run (featuring Alan Webb and newcomer James Thie) are all captured and once made available through in both DVD as well as VHS formats.

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2006 USATF National Club XC

This 94 minute DVD gives you the opportunity to study a variety of cross country running techniques from the perspective of numerous cameras positioned around the course. The best treat of all is that one of these cameras looks back on the lead runners from the bicycle that leads them around the course in beautiful Golden Gate State Park in San Francisco, California. It’s like you are in the press car with the bonus of having a remote control that gives you the change to use slow motion or pause so you are sure to not miss any of the action. Watch team pack running, strides, execution on the hills and the final finishing kicks. Race footage comes from each of the following four races: Men’s Open and Master’s 10k and the Women’s Open and Master’s 6k. Order your copy directly from Pocket

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25 Tips & Drills for Coaching the Hurdles

38 minutes. 2007. Join Sprint Coach Ken Harnden from Florida State University as he covers 11 essential teaching points for proper hurdling - the foundation of this presentation. Key points include repetition, straight-line energy, attacking the hurdle, and arm and leg motion. 14 hurdle drills cover a wide range of information needed by all athletes and coaches. Next, Harnden details major components of the 300/400 hurdle event including running the curve, proper set up, transition periods, and moving hurdles closer in practice to dictate stride pattern. Five detailed hurdle workouts are tailored to accomplish different aspects of successful hurdling. Next, sled pulls and bounding drills take the stage that illustrates the need for good sprint posture in the drive phase of the race. Plyometric activity and turnover improvement are also covered before this production ends with five hurdle specific stretches. Order your DVD directly from

The 25th Anniversary Collection Highlights Video

This is a race highlights video of the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon that was produced in 2002. Originally made available in both VHS and DVD format, this tape has been sold out from the official web site at Chicago The course in Chicago is flat and fast and has produced world best marks for both men and women. In this 2002 running there were a record number of finishers, nearly a million spectators, Paula Radcliffe (2:17:18, a new women’s World Record) and Chicago’s first four-time winner, Khalid Khannouchi.

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28 Speed and Power Drills for 800 Meters

with Coach Dennis Barker
Join Coach Barker (Augsburg College Track & Field and Cross Country) as he highlights the need for speed, strength, and endurance to be successful in the 800 meter race. The first set of drills are ideal for a dynamic warm-up and to reinforce proper sprinting technique. The next set of drills are designed to improve both endurance and strength during the pre-season conditioning period. The whole range of motion is considered to emphasize good sprinting posture and strength in the large sprinting muscles. The dynamic drills lead to the "Jump Circuit" later in the season. With a focus on strengthening the core, pedestal exercises are the next set of drills that Barker illustrates. Finally, hill sprinting and bounding round out this instructional DVD. Championship offers this 25 minute DVD for sale and a trailer is also available on their site to see a small clip of this 2006 production.

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30 Speed and Power Drills for the Hurdles

with Coach Lance Brauman
Released in 2006 by Championship Productions, this 28 minute DVD features former University of Arkansas Sprint and Hurdles Coach Lance Brauman. The first section focuses on sprint drills that help create a base of speed and explosion for the athletes. Next are hurdle mobility drills which focus on minimizing swinging and contact with the ground. Coach Brauman then shares wall drills to enhance both trail and lead leg efficiencies. There is a special section on plyometric drills that can be executed from a variety of heights. The last section takes place in the weight room where a variety of power lifts are demonstrated. If you are looking for specific drills that can be implemented into your hurdle workout then look no further than this DVD to bring you to the next level.

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300 & 400 Hurdles

Danny Harris, a two-time Olympian and winner of three NCAA titles, and his coach Steve Lynn, share the secrets to running the 300 meter and 400 meter intermediate hurdles. Harris demonstrates as Coach Lynn discusses four areas: Proper warm-up (3:30 min), correct hurdle clearance technique (7 min), training (11 min), and stride pattern / race strategy (5 min). The last section goes into block settings, curve running, and when to change steps between the barriers. It is a real treat to see the entire 1985 Drake Relay 400 IH race as well as watching Harris in isolated slow motion as the topics are covered. The length of this video is 31 minutes with 10 minutes of additional trailers from other videos in the "World Class Track & Field Series". This video was completed in 1991 and has since been discontinued from Championship

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400-Meter Strategies and Training

2002, 100 minutes. Here you will see a thorough explanation of how to coach your 400-meter athletes to peak performance. This video covers planning, getting and staying healthy, running relaxed, training and conditioning, strength development, recovery, mental toughness, techniques, strategy, eating and sleeping well, warming down,and having fun. You will see that every aspect is covered to lead your sprinters to a personal best. Ralph White of Williams College as your host and you can obtain your copy at or through Everything Track &

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49 UP

134 minutes, DVD release in November, 2006. This film by director Michael Apted is from the Up Series that was started in 1964 when 14 children were interviewed. Based on the premise "Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man" this brilliant series has returned every seven years to capture the lives of the participants. It was only a matter of time before someone would take up running and that person is Paul. He and his wife had moved from England to Australia and in the last installment of the series he had found peace by being around his horses. The horses are now gone and Paul has turned to running to find calm and peace in his life. His wife supports him by riding her bike along during his long runs. He has competed in races up to the marathon distance. Although this section of film is rather brief, the profound effects of running are clearly illustrated. I look forward to 56 Up to see where running may take Paul during his life adventure. is were you can purchase 49 Up as well as the Entire Up Series in a five disc collection that runs for nearly ten hours.

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The 800 Meters

Coach Doug Brown hosts this 1999 release that lasts 42 minutes. To fine tune your half mile performance and be your best you must find the balance between speed and endurance. Coach Brown covers the techniques, training philosophy, and methods that are needed to develop a great finishing kick and other essential points like energy conservation, and racing strategies. Sample workouts are provided and whether you are a coach or an athlete you are sure to benefit from this production. This production stopped being produced by Championship in the summer of 2007 when they discontinued all VHS tapes. Hopefully this title will be released once again in DVD format.

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