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The Naked Prey

1965, 96 minutes, released by Paramount Home Video in 1994, not rated (although deserves an "R" rating). This action-adventure picture, filmed in Maputi, Botswana, and Zimbabwe, stars Cornel Wilde as Man, a great white hunter whose safari is wiped out by angry tribesmen. He is stripped of his clothes and his weapons and given a head start in a "lion’s chance" to save his life. Man is given the opportunity to prove his bravery as, for four days and nights, he is pursued by the village’s best lion killers. Cornel Wilde was also the producer and director while it took two people, Clint Johnston and Don Peters, to write this nearly silent script. The scenes at the village are quite vivid and would likely be disturbing to many viewers, however, look no further to read a review of this picture that casts this film in a more positive light than me. is where you can go to order this VHS tape and the Criterion Collection DVD (released in 2008 with audio commentary by film scholar Stephen Prince) gets high marks from the reviewers. This may be one film where you need to decide for yourself.

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Naylor’s Run

From the UK, this 38 minute Striding Edge production was first released in 1997 in VHS and can now be purchased in DVD (PAL) format. Watch Joss Naylor attempt to run the 60 highest Lakeland peaks in under 36 hours on his 60th birthday. With each of these peaks over 2,500 feet high, he has to negotiate 40,000 feet of ascent as he runs nearly 110 miles. With the beautiful weather and aerial photography you will see many pleasures as well as the pain that comes with such an experience. At times the very thick northern accent is difficult to understand, and there is an introduction by Eric Robson in this DVD, which is a specially extended version of the ITV documentary.

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New York City Marathon

Presented by Runner's World, more than a decade of ABC coverage has been captured in this highlights tape, from the thousands of runners, millions of spectators, and the personal pursuits of Movie of the Month, October 2002World Records. Hosted by Marty Liquori, you relive the starting line on the Verrazano, pass through each of the five boroughs, and see some of the spectacular athletes including Bill Rodgers, Alberto Salazar, and Grete Waitz. This event is hosted by the New York Road Runner's Club and go to their official web site to see about competing in this year's New York City Marathon. offers this tape for sale in either VHS or DVD format. The length of this 1990 production is 30 minutes.

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A Newsreel Library of America in Sports

AKA: Headline Stories of the Century: America in Sports
Produced in 1992 and running for 96 minutes this film contains footage of 79 great sports moments from 1897 to 1969, taken from archival newsreels that were shown in movie theaters in the days before most Americans had TVs. Although many sports are covered, the athletes who run include Babe Didrikson, Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph, as well as footage from the historic Boston Marathon. Narration was provided by both Phil Tonken, Howard Reig in this Questar Video release. Purchase this tape from Library

Niambi: Sweet Melody

AKA: Niambi
Six-year-old Niambi Robinson reflects upon the time when she, just a year younger, had broken the world's record for five-year-olds in the 100 meter dash. She still participates in track meets but they are treated as extracurricular activities. Her parents regard school work and ballet lessons as more important activities. As the camera follows Niambi through her daily routines of school, dance lessons, homework, and running, her parents, especially her father, who is also her track coach, discuss the importance of women and sports. This title was originally shown on the program called "Moving Day", produced by WPVI-TV in Philadelphia in 1979. Producer and director for this 25 minute show was Carol M. Rosenbaum. Recorded in both 16mm and 3/4 inch U-matic videocassette.

Nine and Three-Fifths Seconds

This silent black and white film is from 1925 and stars Olympic Champion sprinter Charles Paddock along with actors Helen Ferguson, George Fawcett , and Jack Giddings. The story line is of Charley Raymond (Paddock) as a college athlete who is disowned by his stern father. While fending for himself, the young man's clothes are stolen by a hobo, and Raymond winds up wearing tramp clothes and getting thrown off a train. He makes his way to a ranch where he falls in love with Mary Bowser (Ferguson, the owner's daughter. Raymond then shows off his sprinting ability by racing against a fast horse. A jealous suitor kidnaps Mary, and Raymond has to pursue them on foot. He rescues her, and later, when he returns home, enters the Olympic games and breaks the world record. Oh, he also wins Mary. This film is rare to find and was directed by Lloyd B. Carleton with writing by Roy Clements.

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No Tomorrows

A Film by Ambrose Salmini
This is the official film of the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trials for men, one of the greatest races of all time. The course starts over the Peace Bridge in Northern New York and is primarily raced on Canadian soil. This race features the premier marathon runners of the United States. Among the athletes competing Movie of the Month, February 2004are Alberto Salazar, Bill Rodgers, Greg Meyer, Ron Tabb, Dave Gordon, and Peter Pfitzinger. Many recent highlights of other events such as Boston and New York City marathon wins are shown as well as brief discussions with the athletes about their fitness level and strategy for being in the top three in order to qualify for the US Olympic Team. Tony Reavis provides some of the race commentary for this production as you see the pack real in those who break early and the individual pride during the sprint for the finish line. has DVD and VHS copies available of this 30 minute, 1990 film and as Alberto Salazar states: "The trials are an end in's all today...there is no tomorrow".

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Northwest Triathlon 1999

A Video Scrapbook of 13 NW Races
1999, 58 minutes. Here you will see every event known to Northwest triathlon. Tri-Cal's Wildflower is the opener of the year and from there you will see footage from Vance Creek, WA; Blue Lake, OR; Hagg Lake, OR; Beaver Lake in Issaquah, WA; The Olympics Triathlon, Danskin, Escape the Rock on Mercer Island, Black Hills, Kingfisher, and Ironman Canada. The film crews then ended up spending Ironman week in Hawaii where the seed was planted for the next year's story. There is a lot of raw energy and emotion in this work, it's not perfect, but they tried hard to finish with the same spirit of community and camaraderie with which they started. Being their first production, this video is nowhere near perfection, however this group from Bainbridge Island, WA have continued to film triathlon events and this coverage is worth a look. Special thanks is given to St. Louis based musicians from Vitamin A and The Schwag for their help with the soundtrack. This tape was once made available by Pro-Motion X 5 films in VHS format.

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Northwest Triathlon 2000: The Curse of Pele

It all starts with a little piece of lava.
This 35 minute video begins where the story left off a year earlier (see above entry) in the magical sands of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. This year the production staff took a "traditional" storyline with more focus on the script. The story unfolds at all the races leading up to a dramatic conclusion back in Kona. Many spectacular event locations in the Northwest include: Wildfrower, Pacific Crest, Danskin, Kingfisher, and Ironman Canada, before the return to the Ironman competition in Hawaii. You can really tell that Pro-Motion X 5 Films has grown in it's ability to find the right combination of imagery, narration (by Laura Sperling), and music. This film played in several film festivals, including Ironman Utah. Musical score was provided by George "Mizobe" Johnson of the Trouble Boys.

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Northwest Triathlon 2002: One Perfect Race

Is there such a thing as a Perfect Race?
This is the fourth release from the independent film makers Pro-Motion X 5. Here you will see how two members of the Seattle Triathlon Club, Trevor Griffith and Ronan Walsh, win lottery spots for the World Championships in Hawaii then prepare, train, and race in Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Canada to get ready for their final challenge...the main event in Kona. If you have seen their previous films, don't think this will have nothing new for you as several new events are captured including: Apple Capitol, Troika, and Carillon Point. The northwest standards are also present: Victoria, Kingfisher, Pacific Crest, Beaver Lake Triathlon, and Dannon duathlon. These film makers go to great heights (above lake Coeur d'Alene) and to deep depths (underwater in Hawaii) and there are slow motion sequences as well as a special focus on the feet during the running stage. Original music is composed by Todd Houghton, singing the title song, "One Perfect Race" as well as "I Wanna be a Wahoo". Other musical contributors are Billy Hale and the ever present and talented George "Misobe" Johnson. This 44 minute film, with eight minutes of trailers, was at one time for sale from in VHS and DVD formats and a percentage of sales will be returned to the Seattle Triathlon Club to support youth scholarships.

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Northwest Triathlon ’03: Tips

The more you give, the faster you get
2003, 79 minutes. The cameras are rolling with the swimmers, bikers, and runners from all perspectives as the triathlon scene in the Pacific Northwest is captured again this year. Over a dozen different events are reviewed from locations including California, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, British Columbia, Canada and Hawaii. Some of the favorite races are Blue Lake, Coeur d'Alene, Pacific Crest, Black Diamond, and of course the finale, the Ironman from Kona, Hawaii. Even the young competitors are captured giving it their all at the Blue Lake Kids event. Executive producer, writer, and director Kevin M. Lynch once offered this film in DVD format from Pro-Motion X 5. The editing largely follows the musical score that has a variety of musical contributors including The Trouble Boys, The Erectile Orchestra, Billy Hale, Jim Chase, Tim Mcgovern, Sarah Pinzon, the Scottish band Kinship, Solarcade from Los Angeles and Jim Major from Hawaii's Big Island. These changes in tempo just reflect the triathlon itself, with all the ups and down experienced in each event combined with the body's sometimes unexpected response over such a long period. Whether you are reviewing the past or planning for the future you are sure to gain many visual tips from this production.

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Not-So-Great Moments in Sports

1985, 45 minutes. Host Tim McCarver presents film footage of sports scenes that include mishaps and errors, as well as displays of temper and cheating, that have occurred in various sports over the years. About three minutes is dedicated to running with a focus on two culprits: Rosie Ruiz and Fred Lorz. Lorz was one of the first cheaters in the modern Olympic Games having taken a truck for at least 12 of the 24 mile marathon race in the 1904 St. Louis games. Although banned from the sport, he was was allowed to return to running and won the 1905 Boston Marathon by completing the entire course. Rosie Ruiz is shown in this video running and crossing the finish line of the 1980 Boston marathon where she actually ran about the last half mile. She had cheated previously in the New York City marathon by riding the subway earlier that year. The most pathetic aspect is the interview following the race where Ruiz is shown fumbling through her answers to questions with statements such as "Um, I don't know, ah...". The real women’s winner in Boston that year deserves the real recognition- Jacqueline Gareau of Canada. You may have to search the used market places to find a copy of this tape.

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