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Marty Liquori’s Runners Workout

AKA: Jog, Run, Race, Win!
For men & women For beginners to advanced

Originally done in 1982 by Selluloid Productions the VHS video was released December 20, 1999 by Best Film & Video Corp. Running is a great way to get in shape and stay in shape. Marty Liquori is your personal trainer and coach as he shows you the correct running techniques and the right training schedule for you...whether you are just getting started or have been running for years. Marty's advice will help you become a better athlete, will help you get the maximum benefit from your running routines, and will help you avoid the most common injuries. The video is broken into segments on training schedules, running form and equipment, safety, and racing. At the very end of this tape you will see the last 300 meters of the 1969 NCAA Championship where Marty Liquori, representing Villanova, out kicks Jim Ryun for the top honors in their specialty event.

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Marty Stern:
Training Female Cross Country Runners

2006, 48 minutes. Join 6 time NCAA "National Coach of the Year" Marty Stern as he reveals his Cross Country training philosophy that he has practiced so successfully at Villanova. From the early pre-season strategies that focus on a gradual progression of both mileage and frequency to the "Early Season Phase" where the attention turns to a high stress and quality workouts one day each week. There are six specific hard day workout prescriptions that make up the stronghold of the program. Stern then offers both general concepts as well as specific workout suggestions for the rest of the week including tips for maintaining a healthy team. There are also strategies for positive pack running, a critical element of a successful Cross Country team. An additional segment offers ideas for successful recruitment and retention of athletes. The last segment focuses on pre-meet and post-meet drills and rituals as well as a demonstration of hill running. Order yours today at Championship where you can also view a Sample Clip.

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Marty Stern: Training Female Distance Runners

Marty Stern, long time Villanova Track and Cross Country Coach, takes 71 minutes in this instructional DVD to share his schedule for training the female distance runner. In Part 1 of this three-part presentation, Stern gives recommendations for each day of the training week with the focus on the "quality day", Tuesday. Stern provides specific choices for workouts including alternative training methods such as water running and stationary bike training. In Part 2, the focus is on each different distance event and race strategy is suggested for both runner and coaches. "Building and Improving Your Team" is the heading for Part 3 as Stern reveals his methods for recruiting student athletes, interacting with the media, and the influence that a positive coach can have upon the lives of young people. Coach Stern has proven this simple yet scientific approach as he has now coached 145 All-Americans. Obtain this 2006 release by visiting Championship where a sample clip is also available to view.

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Marty Stern:
Training Female Middle Distance Runners

This 51 minute instructional DVD was released in 2006 and can be purchased through Championship Productions either individually or as part of a three DVD series on coaching female runners. In this presentation, Marty shares 43 years of coaching experienec as he shows the training methods, techniques, and many tips that he has acquired. Information is shared in a number of areas including: stretching, warm-up, weekly training cycles, hard and easy days, adjusting your workout to your meet schedule, relay strategies, form development through drills, and much more. In addition to these training aspects, Stern specifically discusses aerobic training, monitoring mileage, and alternative training methods that can be done in a pool or on a bike. This complete guide to coaching the female middle distance runner is one production that you will review each season to get your program off to the best possible start.

The Matchless Six

This documentary from 1996 traces six extraordinary women athletes and their triumph during one historic week at the 1928 Olympics. The athletes include 4 x 100 meter gold medal team Fanny Rosenfield, Ethel Smith, Florence Bell,and Myrtle Cook; 100 meter competitors Fanny Rosenfield and Ethel Smith; and Ethel Catherwood in the High Jump. This 46 minute production was made possible by Great North Productions with the narration provided by Jayne Eastwood, Brenda Hennig as producer and writer, and Janice Brown as director.

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Maui Marathon

For years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004
These race day event videos are done by the Outdoor Life Network and then are made available for sale at the Maui Marathon web site. All have been about 30 minutes in length, counting commercials, and include other interesting Island footage. This is a rather small event, so the top five men and women finishers are highlighted prominently. The price is very reasonable, and if you ran these events this is one way to recall your accomplishment.

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AKA: Arrête de ramer, t'es sur le sable (Canada: French title)
1979, 99 minutes, rated PG. Here is a comedy feature film that stages its climax around one of the shortest marathon competitions, a four mile "marathon". Amazingly, after running on gravel roads and falling down in the back-country the two competitors come down to the wire in slow motion detail to end their camp competition footrace. Characters are developed and connections made through the use of morning runs of a mile or two between the lead star, Bill Murray as "Tripper Harrison", and one of the youth, "Rudy" (played by Chris Makepeace). Running seems to be the one great link they have that can bring the whole camp together in the end, even as the antics seem somewhat outdated. If you are a coach looking for a motivational speech then pay particular attention to Murray's "It just doesn't matter" escapade. If you want to see numerous quotes from this film then skip to the end of this review. This film is considered a classic by many and can be ordered from in either VHS or in DVD format (pick up a used copy if they are sold out of new stock). Pass on the three sequels to this film, as they did not maintain the running subplot of this original film.

Medical Aspects of Running

This instructional film from 1985 was made possible by Training Management Systems in association with The Athletic Congress. Lasting 14 minutes this tape tries to offer in depth biomechanical studies covering all the runs, walks, jumps and throws.

The Melbourne Games

1983, 60 minutes, part of the Olympic Glory Series. Here you will see highlights of the 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne, Australia. Included is footage of some of the gold medal performances by Australian athletes as well as some of the highs and lows from the athletes of other nations. Includes some footage of the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as the Olympic torch being lit by Ron Clark. Written and directed by James Murray, under the supervision of UP Video Sports.

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Melbourne to Sydney

The modern Olympic Games will always have a special place in the hearts of Australians. Australia is one of only two nations to have attended every Olympic Games since its inception in 1896. Australia’s loyalty to the Olympic movement was duly recognized when the city of Melbourne was successful in it's bid to stage the 1956 Olympic games. This film features archival footage from the 1956 Olympics including Betty Cuthbert's three Gold Medal winning performance, the final of the men’s 100m, 200m, 400m, 10,000m and the Marathon as well as scenes from the opening and closing ceremonies. The second-part compares the organization, facilities, and technologies of the 1956 games with the upcoming Sydney 2000 Olympics. While the technology behind the games has changed greatly, it is the spirit of goodwill and the determination and devotion of the competitors that has made the Olympic games the grandest sporting event in the world.

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Mexico 68

Una Olympiada Inolvidable
1968, 150 minutes, released on VHS in 1992 by Videomax. This official Olympic film is a rare production and stands solidly next to other Olympic titles such as Tokyo Olympiad before it and Visions of Eight which followed. Directed by Alberto Isaac, there is minimal narration in Spanish, and no subtitles. After showing the opening ceremony to the games, this production takes an artistically close look at 40 Olympic events, each given around three minutes of competition coverage. Often the athletes on the awards stand is briefly shown as well as the places on the scoreboard. Capturing events in slow motion and tight camera shots allow facial expressions of the athletes to be a common sight in this production. The running events in order of appearance include: Men’s 4 x 400, Willie Davenport in the 110 meter high hurdles, women’s 100 meters with Wyomia Tyus, James Hines in the 100 meter sprint, Tommie Smith in the 200, Amos Biwott in the 3,000 meter steeplechase, Lee Evans setting a world record in the 400 meter, the 10,000 with Naftali Temu, 4 x 100 for both men and women, and Mamo Wolde in the marathon. Some other interesting coverage includes the 20 km walk where the top three athletes finished within five seconds of each other and special attention to the historic athletic performances of Al Oerter, Dick Fosbury, and Bob Beamon.

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Middle and Long Distances

Movie of the Month, June 2003From the Gold Medal Track & Field series comes this 1999 release that runs 43 minutes. Get faster race times through the high-performance training methods of an expert middle-and long-distance coach, Mike Poehlein, as he presents his training techniques for 800m, 1500m, 3K, 5K, and 10K races. Copies of this tape can be obtained new from Human in NTSC or PAL format as well as from Kam Miller was the producer and writer while direction was provided by Doug Fink.

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Middle Distance Running with Frank Gagliano

The coach of Steve Holman, Rich Kenah, and several national champion middle distance runners, Frank Gagliano of Georgetown University, discusses what it takes to be a successful middle distance runner. In this 41 minute tape, Coach Gagliano talks about how to use both the aerobic and anaerobic systems to develop 800 and 1500/1600 meter runners. All of the facets of interval training are discussed: distance, recovery, and speed. Demonstrations include both college and high school athletes. Long runs, tempo runs, hill runs, and stretching are also covered in this video tape. This title was released in 1997 and was made available by Championship for 10 years until they discontinued offering VHS formatted tapes in the summer of 2007.

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Middle Distance Running with Sebastian Coe

AKA: Middle Distance Running
This 1990 release is part of the IAAF introduction series to track and field with a run time of 30 minutes and is part of the Track & field techniques series "Training with the Champions". Host Sebastian Coe demonstrates warm-ups, sprint drills, hill running, and form suggestions to help the young athlete build stamina through a routine of middle distance running. This video is an introduction and covers topics in general rather then putting forward an actual training program. The last 600 meters of the 1984 1500 meter final is shown at the end of this tape. Although Wood Knapp Video is no longer in business this video can still be obtained at Tony Maylam was the writer and director while the producer was Drummond Challis.

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Middle Distance Training

This 2006 release runs for 49 minutes and is hosted by Head Coach Marcus O’Sullivan from Villanova. In this DVD the main topic that holds it all together in based on anaerobic work. You will hear about establishing a training plan for the season by working back from the big meet, including a progression of appropriate training phases that helps to establish a solid aerobic base. A variety of anaerobic workouts that help increase the VO2 max and the anaerobic capacity of the athlete are presented. The goal is to get an athlete to build lactate in order to teach them to diffuse the lactic acid. Throughout the presentation Coach O’Sullivan is sensitive to the hazards of overtraining and strategies are shared that prepare an athlete to peak for the big meet. Specific workouts for various race distances are also examined. O’Sullivan also presents information on the importance of speed development to help increase and enhance the athlete’s quickness without it becoming a detriment to the overall race performance. Order your copy from Championship and start seeing systematic improvements with your middle distance group.

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The Middle Distance Training Program

1998, 48 minutes. Del Hessel ranks as one of the most successful cross country and distance coaches in the country, having successfully led three collegiate programs to national prominence as well as having great success on the international level. This instructional videotape shows that the very best runners have many common training workouts, and these are shared with you. Hessel also combines theory with scientific fact to help sort out the proven, time-tested methods from the rest. These training programs are applicable for middle distance runners at all levels who are serious about improving their performance. This production stopped being available new in June 2007 when discontinued all VHS tapes. Hopefully they will print this title in DVD format and bring it back for retail sale.

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Million Dollar Legs

It's Insane -- It's Joyous
Original release in 1932 with VHS provided by Universal Home Video in 1998. 64 minutes, black and white, and starring Jack Oakie , W.C. Fields, Andy Clyde, Lyda Roberti, Susan Fleming, and Ben Turpin. The box describes the film as follows: When brush salesman Migg Tweeney (Jack Oakie) bumps into the beautiful Angela (Susan Fleming), he literally falls head over heels. There is just one problem: her irascible father, played by the immortal curmudgeon, W.C. Fields. As the President of Klopstokia, a faraway land of goats and nuts, W.C. Fields rules with an iron fist over a madcap landscape of schemers, sirens, and dimwitted Olympic superstars. Co-written by the brilliant Joseph L. Mankiewicz ("All About Eve", "The Philadelphia Story"), "Million Dollar Legs" is an hilarious comedy classic and a must for collectors. To obtain this film go to an auction web site or buy it used from


Follows the running of the 10,000 meter Bonne Belle mini marathon in New York City’s Central Park. Includes interviews with some of the 2,500 women contestants who talk about their motivations, strategies, and enthusiasm for running. Originally done in 1977, this 25 minute 16mm film was made possible by Yvonne Hannemann in cooperation with New York Road Runners Club in 1979.

The Miracle of Kathy Miller

1981, 96 minutes, Based on a true story, this made for TV film has yet to be released on video. Starring Helen Hunt as 13-year-old Kathy Miller who remained in a coma for seven weeks after being struck by a car. She lost half her body weight and suffered from brain damage as well as one leg being mutilated from the accident. Her recovery began in May of 1977 and as Kathy fights back she eventually rebuilds her body and strength to run and finish a 10 K race. The difficult process of overcoming such a tragic accident affects the entire family and this common goal helps to pull them back together. This movie was directed by Robert Michael Lewis, written by Ethel Brez and Mel Brez, and has an original score by Patrick Williams. The True Stories Network broadcast this movie several times in September of 2003.

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Moments of a Lifetime

Vision, focus, persistence, discipline, commitment
From the International Olympic Committee comes this 1994 release that was produced by Frank Marshall, directed by Jeff Werner, and has a running time of 27 minutes. Bob Costas is the host as five sections, each from the tagline above, are illustrated with footage from both the summer and winter Olympiads. This video opens and closes with music montages (including America the Beautiful sung by Barbara Streisand), containing glimpses of several runners including Carl Lewis, Florence Griffith Joyner, Kathy O'Brian, Wilma Rudolph, Steve Prefontaine, and Evelyn Ashford. Two athletes that get special extended coverage are Billy Mills during the "Focus" section and Gail Devers during "Discipline" as their stories of Olympic success are told. Bill Clinton is also shown discussing Jesse Owens and a unique section is present describing the United States Olympic Training Centers and the support that they offer athletes as they prepare for the games. This rare VHS tape is clearly done to provide a feel good experience prior to the 1996 Atlanta games. Watch for it to appear at an auction site to bring it into your own collection. Griffin Publishing in Irvine, CA. still has some tapes available for purchase by calling1-800-472-9741.

Moments of Gold

AKA: Kodak Presents: Moments of Gold
Hosted by Edwin Moses in 1984 this 100 minute video's focus is on vintage highlights of the Olympic Games from 1896 to 1980.

Moments of the Runner

AKA: Runner's World
This 16mm film was made by Marlin Darrah Films in 1978, was produced for Runner's World magazine, and lasts 28 minutes. The theme is an examination of the popularity of running in the United States. You will also see the roots of long-distance running from ancient Greece as well as America's most popular road races of the time. This film was a finalist in the 1978 American Film Festival.

Montreal Olympiad

This documentary in 16 mm format was made by ABC Sports in 1977 with a running time of 80 minutes. Showcased are the highlights of the 21st Olympiad held in Montreal in 1976, including comprehensive coverage of many individual contests and profiles of some of the better-known competitors.

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Motivating Your Athletes for Success

Championship offers this 2005 release featuring York High School coach Joe Newton as the host. As a successful winner of conference, state, and 19 National Championships to his credit, coach Newton will instruct you on how to best motivate athletes to reach their full potential. If you want to inspire your runners to be successful in competition, and in life, then view this video to get insights on the difference between success and excellence as well as how to give the best effort to help the team win. Learn about concepts such as caring about your athletes, respect, and attitude development that can influence an athlete’s life. Many tips are presented with stories that will both inspire you and allow your team up to reach for their goals. See a portion of Coach Newton’s insights by viewing a brief Sample Clip of his presentation.

Multi-events I & II

This 1993 release requires 2 videocassettes to get in all the information and is under the authority of USA Track & Field, Inc. In a lecture with chalkboard visuals, high school track and field coach John Green discusses methods of training for multi-events in track and field. Includes weight lifting, power training, speed work, and endurance work for various events. Discusses how to train for more than one event during the same training period and how high school coaches can cross train their athletes who participate in more than one sport. Includes segments from the Olympic decathlon and heptathlon in sprints, long jump, triple jump, javelin, shot put, pole vault, discus, and hurdles.

Munich ’72

Done in 1972 this 46 minute videocassette, also available in 16mm film, was produced by the United States Olympic Committee in cooperation with Sears, Roebuck and Co. Not surprisingly, you will see highlights of the 1972 summer Olympic Games in Munich, Germany.

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My Champion

AKA: Ritoru Champion
A Test of Endurance A Triumph of Love.
1981, released by Media Home Entertainment on VHS in 1984, 101 minutes, Not Rated, starring Yoko Shimada and Chris Mitchum. This film is based on the true story of a Japanese immigrant who is a record setting marathon runner. Miki Tsuwa sets a world record in the Western Hemisphere Marathon but her career as a world class marathoner is suddenly jeopardized by the strains of marriage, motherhood and home life. Her husband Mike Gorman realizes that for Miki to be happy she must continue to run. He persuades her to enter a marathon with only 8 weeks to train. Miki pushes even harder and her final victory represents a triumph of the human spirit-his love, her dream, and their common determination winning against all odds. You can order this directly from

Order at MyMarthonDVD.comEnlarge Boston DVD

My Marathon DVD

Here is a chance to capture your marathon experience on DVD to recall your special accomplishment. This personalized DVD runs for approximately 30 minutes and contains video clips of you running (about 5 minutes worth) that are inserted into the race storyline. There is professional narration, music, and cheers from the fans along the race course. Cameras capture the action at multiple angles at various timing points that generally including the Starting Line, 10K, Half Marathon, 30K, and Finish Line. Official results of your performance, including split times will be on the screen and with the DVD menus you can scan to see yourself, the elite athletes, course maps, and other event highlights. You may request a refund within 30 days of shipping if for some reason you are unable to run, you don’t finish the race, or there is a problem with your DVD. Visit their site at to see sample video, customer responses, and to place your order for the following marathons that they film each year:
  • Boston Marathon
  • Honolulu Marathon
  • Ironman World Championship
  • Los Angeles Marathon
  • Marine Corps Marathon
  • New York City Marathon

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