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The Magnificent Seven

This 1996 title is part of The Olympiad Greatest Moments series and contains "The Incredible Five" and "The Magnificent Ones". Both parts together run for 96 minutes.


A film by Marlin Darrah
This 28 minute 16 mm film was produced for Runner’s World Magazine by Marlin Darrah and covers the 1976 men’s Olympic trials held in Eugene, Oregon on May 22, 1976. 69 runners set off from Hayward Field at the University of Oregon at 2:10 pace on this warm and sunny day. You hear the announcer at the stadium providing splits as you watch Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers and Don Kardong secure their place on the Olympic team that will travel to Montreal. There is commentary provided by Joe Henderson, as well as discussions about the event by Shorter, Rodgers, and Kardong. During the course of the film you will find images of most of the other athletes who qualified to participate in the marathon trials (wearing shoes and singlets that will take you back in time). Some of the slow motion footage and athletes grabbing sponges and water are filmed using great techniques. This film is rare and is owned by only one library in the United States, Southwest Missouri State University.

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When you’re jogging between your wife and your dreamgirl- you’ve got to be on your toes
This made for TV comedy/romance was first broadcast January 30, 1980. Although completed in 1979 this 97 minute film was released on VHS tape in 1989 by Alan Landsburg Productions. Writing credits go to Ron Friedman; Alan Landsburg is the executive director, an the music is performed by Joe Renzetti. The box description states: Walter Burton (Bob Newhart) has everything a man could want: a loving wife (Anita Gillette), a happy teenage daughter, a good job and two of the best buddies a guy could ever have. But what Walter doesn't have is excitement. This problem is soon remedied when he meets Barrie (Leigh Taylor-Young), a beautiful female runner, in a local marathon. Suddenly Walter has more excitement (and trouble) than he ever dreamed was possible. Walter's obsession with Barrie escalates as he goes to hysterical lengths to possess her. Finally the conflict between his love for his wife and his infatuation with Barrie culminates with Walter running the grueling 26 mile New York Marathon where he learns a valuable lesson about himself and life in general. Under the hand of two-time Emmy winning director Jackie Cooper, Newhart and company are delightful in this look at a man facing his first mid-life crisis. Notice that Hungary's Laszlo Tabori (6th in the 1956 Olympic 5000 meters) plays the guest starter for the 10K that is run near the start of the show.


The great symbol of human endurance under conditions of strict competition, is the marathon. Traditionally it is a 26.2 mile or 42 kilometer event but the Westfield Sydney to Melbourne Marathon is 875 kilometers. This program follows the marathon and the training techniques, including the physical and psychological hardships endured by the 11 main runners. Among them is 61-year-old Cliff Young who leads the race and proves that age is not such a big obstacle. Mike Willesee is the writer and producer for this 1983 video that runs for 60 minutes.

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AKA: Running Boy
Released February 15, 2005, 115 minutes, from Korea. Based on a true story, this feature drama from director Jeong Yun-Cheol tells the tale of an autistic man who loves to run and his mother who is driven to have him succeed. She hires a former marathon champion, yet a now faltering man, to coach her son and the struggles escallates as they prepare for the big race. Filming of the marathon sequences took place during the Chuncheon Marathon of 2004. On this widescreen DVD you can select subtitles in English, Korean, or Chinese. A hit in Korea, and with no distributor in the United States, try buying this film at a very reasonable price from an auction site like eBay.

Marathon I

In this 49 minute film you will see the buildup and showdown of Alberto Salazar and Rob De Castella in 1983 as they prepare for and race the Rotterdam Marathon. With their personal bests only four seconds apart, these two runners will face each other for the first time over the marathon distance. You will meet their family, coaches, and see each athlete train. There is footage of the 1983 World Cross Country Championships where Salazar places fourth and De Castella sixth. The last 20 minutes highlights the Rotterdam race, then in it's third year. The pack of runners is 7 at the halfway point, then the pace slows slightly before the final drive home with 4 miles to go. With the last mile ran in 4:31, De Castella pulls away for the win in 2:08:37 (24 seconds off the world mark at that time). This rare video was directed by Tim Kupsch, produced by John Blackett-Smith, and was written and researched by Bob Leaman.

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Marathon Challenge

Who will cross the finish line?
Produced by WGBH in Boston for NOVA, this one hour presentation features 13 runners who in 9 months train for Movie of the Month, March 2008the 2007 Boston Marathon under the encouragement of elite runner Uta Pippig. Starting with fitness testing and then working with coach Don Megerle of Tufts University and nutritionist Miriam Nelson, watch this diverse group of people overcome a multitude of challenges that is put before them. Visit to read profiles of each runner, view their monthly training plan, and get a glimpse into the scientific testing that captures the transformation that occurred as a respond to the intense exercise demands of marathon training. You will be amazed and motivated to see how many of the original starters cross the finish line.

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The Marathon Challenge

AKA: Prepare to Meet the Marathon Challenge
Follow eight people as they set out to meet the challenge of the marathon. See how they set about their training schedules; learn what to look for when buying shoes; hear advice on a runner's diet; be advised on health and see how to minimize injury; gain from practical instruction on exercising, hill running, fartlek and timing. Hosted by Leslie Watson and Ian Thompson who develops individualized training plans for each runner in this 1984 release by Morris Video that spans 75 minutes. John Taylor provides narration while the direction was provided by Neil Parker. One participant never makes it to the starting line, another finishes near his goal time of 3:30, and others require over 5 hours to reach the finish. So whatever pace you plan to run, there may be a snippet of knowledge hidden in this video to assist you in reaching your goal.

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Marathon Fever

1978, 24 minutes. Steve Alpert (read interview) produced and directed this documentary about four people who attempt he 1978 Johnstown Marathon in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The athletes vary from an eight-year-old Movie of the Month, May 2002experienced runner, a man and women attempting their first race, and an Olympic hopeful who has his eye set on winning this race. You may recall this film as it aired on Home Box Office and the USA Network during 1981 and 1982. When this captivating story was first released it won numerous film festivals, both domestically and internationally, and in 2004 it was dusted off and once again made available in VHS format for those who want to add it to their home viewing collection. You can find more about this film, read athlete quotes, and obtain ordering information by selecting the yellow "Movie of the Month" button above.

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Marathon Fever

Harvey Edwards acts as both producer and director in this 1977 film that was released in 1981 by Edwards Films. 23 minutes are taken to trace the history and current trends in marathons, including the 3 sports of cycling, skiing, and running. Filmed in both Europe and the United states it won a Bronze medal award at the New York International TV and Film Festival. Carlos Leresche was responsible for the musical score in this film. Place your order by visiting Edwards Films and selecting the title from the "Catalogue" then "Check Order" to print out your form to send with your payment.

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Marathon Man

1976, 125 minutes, rated R, Paramount Home Video. From William Goldman's best-selling novel comes one of the most daring and affecting thrillers ever brought to the screen. Oscar winner Dustin Hoffman (Rainman) plays the likeable graduate student and marathon runner of the title, unwittingly trapped in a killing game of intrigue involving a Nazi fugitive, Christian Szell. Laurence Oliver received an Academy Award nomination for his chilling portrayal of the sadistic Szell, who turns dental instruments into tools of torture with dispassionate ease. Directed by John Schlesinger and featuring an all star cast, Marathon Man moves with nail-biting suspense to it's thrilling, fever-pitched conclusion. Co-starring Roy Schieder and William Devane. (description from box, 1991 release). Footage of Abebe Bikila running the marathon is shown during dream segments. If you ask people on the street to name a running movie this is often mentioned due to the strength of the title, however, watch this more for the war thriller aspects than any direct connection you may have to the sport of distance running. Available in both VHS and DVD format from Over 20 reviews are also available if you want to see what the professional critics have to say.

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The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei

This 57 minute documentary is about one of these amazing men- Tanno Kakudo, the magic mountain on which he trains, and the philosophy and history of Tendai Buddhism, which inspires him in his quest for the supreme. The viewer will witness this monk's death-defying fast, his mummifying fire ceremonies, his vegetarian training diet, his support team, and his incredible feats of athletic endurance. The story of Tanno Kakudo never lets the audience rest. Having accomplished one amazing feat, he is immediately challenged by something even greater. Just when the viewer is comfortable with Movie of the Month, May 2003Tanno's first year of marathons in the pouring rain with just straw sandals and no socks, he stuns them by announcing that if he fails to complete any part of the prescribed practice, it is his duty to take his own life - by either hanging or self-disembowelment. As he breaks each barriers of human frailty, both his stature and following grow as he becomes a spiritual icon. Over a seven year training period, this Buddhist monk completed 1000 marathon meditation pilgrimages to the 270 sacred sites on Mount Hiei in Central Japan. Traveling on this spiritual path is the basic requirement necessary to obtain enlightenment in the here and now. The program shows Tanno's experience with the marathon and explores the traditions of his Buddhist philosophy. Background information can be found at Millennium Television and if you want to order this film you will need to contact Documentary Educational Resources who obtained rights to distribute this film in late 2002. This film was completed in 1992 and segments of this film were broadcast during the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games coverage on network television in the United States. The book featured in the picture is Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei by John Stevens, who himself was a marathon monk. Michael Yorke provided the direction while Harry Miles Muhiem gives narration and writing and production credits go to Christopher J. Hayden.

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Marathon of the Sands

The World's Most Daunting Footrace
This event has been referred to as the world's most daunting footrace as athletes experience seven Movie of the Month, February 2003days and 148 miles of running in the merciless, 120 degree heat of the Sahara Desert, one of the most extreme environments on Earth. To some of those who dare, it's a transcendent foray into the timeless sands of Morocco. And to the rest, it's an awful test of the limits of human endurance. "Le Marathon des Sables" captures the agony and ecstasy of this legendary race, as 600 of the world's fittest athletes compete against one another - and the Sahara. Tim Powell gets credited as producer, writer and director of this 1999 video that lasts 47 minutes for Outside Television. This video can be purchased used through if they are sold out of new tapes.

See other Ultra Running films.

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Marathon Runner

An Inspirational Guide To Distance Running
Join marathon runner Paul Evans as he takes you around the London Marathon course as well as giving tips and advice along the way. Under the authority of Green Umbrella Productions this 65 minute film was released November 9, 1998. In addition to being the host, John Bicourt, also served as the film's writer and producer. This PAL format VHS tape is rated E for everybody and would be helpful to anyone who plans on joining the runners at this year's London Marathon.

Marathon Woman: Miki Gorman

This 16 mm film (also found in 3/4 inch U-matic version) was released by Ellen Freyer Productions in 1980 and lasts 28 minutes. You will see a portrait of an unusual athlete whose small size (86 pounds, and 5'0 1/2" tall) belies her determination and strength as a marathon runner. Michiko Gorman was born of Japanese parents in China and subsequently moved to the United States. Gorman set the world's best for women of 2:46:36 at the Culver City Marathon on December 3, 1973, just four years after starting to jog at age 33. Gorman went on to win the Boston Marathon twice (1974 and 1977) and New York City Marathon twice(1976 and 1977) during her career that ended in 1982 at age 47 due to an injury to her left knee.

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Marathon: A History of the Great Race

AKA: The Story of the Marathon: A Hero’s Journey
Track the history of the marathon from the ancient Greek battle that inspired the race to the first Olympic Movie of the Month, January 2005running in 1896. Witness the modern marathons that take place in major cities around the world such as Boston, London, New York and Tokyo. This dramatic documentary offers reenactments as well as archival footage. Top Shelf Productions provides the 1996 videocassette release of this 1992 production that lasts 52 minutes. The producer is Vincent Burke, written by Roger Robinson, directed by Monique Oomen, and the narrator is Stig Eldred for this presentation of Films for the Humanities & Sciences.

Marathon: The Ultimate Challenge

1982, 15 minutes by Marathon Film Productions, complete with a discussion guide. Carmine Morelli talks about the physical and emotional endurance required in running the twenty-six miles of a marathon. Includes scenes of Morelli training and running the marathon that was filmed on location during the Vancouver International Marathon, Vancouver, B.C. Canada. AIMS Media released the video tape in 1990 that was directed by Alan Jacques who also gets credited as producer along with Patrick Ramsey.

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Marathons +

Formerly known as Marathons
Marathons + is the most comprehensive running series ever produced and is the only series of its kind that meets the demand for a program that showcases running. Travel around the world to marathon sites to see the action, see music videos that feature marathons, watch awards for elite athletes or soak up some history from past decades with "Golden Moments". This series is produced monthly and distributed for international broadcast by TransWorld International in approximately 80 countries within Central and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. A yearly video subscription or individual episodes may also be purchased for your enjoyment. Length of each episode is 52 minutes. Contact Salmini Films through their web site at to obtain your DVD or VHS episode. They have full details at their site about the content of each months program from their home page.

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Marathons of the World I

Video Profiles of Today's Top Races
In this 60 minute production you will see that the challenge of the marathon distance knows no national borders. From Tahiti to Las Vegas, from Beirut to Bali, there are hundreds of 42 kilometer events to Movie of the Month, November 2003challenge the runners of the world. This video previews the big city races, including New York, Boston, London, Paris, Berlin and Honolulu. Also included are dozens of unique events that celebrate the extraordinary mosaic of the sport of road racing. As opposed to the elite competition, Marathons of the World focuses on the sights and personality that the recreational runners will find along the 26 mile course, whether Rio or Reykjavik. offers you a choice of DVD or VHS format if you want to own your own copy and tour the best running from North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia where endless possibilities exist for your next marathon.

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Marathons of the World II

Video Profiles of Today's Top Races
2003, 60 minutes. Experience 26 running events from each of the five continents: Americas: Napa Valley, Los Angeles, Achilles, Aspen Sky, Houston, Panama; Europe: Hamburg, Belgrade, Dublin; Asia: Tokyo, Hokkaido, Siberia, Beijing; Australia: Gold Coast; and Africa: Kilimangaro marathon, just to name a few. You are exposed to some of the history of each race, see winners from the recent year, and learn about the sights and sounds that a visitor may enjoy in each location. If you are one to combine your travels with a marathon race then this video experience is sure to get you in the mood to contact your travel agent, post your training plan, and start saving for the big day. offers you a choice of DVD or VHS format; call 201-944-5572 if the title is not listed in their online store.


AKA: Marathon
Here is the 1992 official film of the Summer Olympic Games of Barcelona made by director and film writer Carlos Saura. This documentary film has a run time of 120 minutes and it uses the last event of Olympic competition, the marathon, as a weaving thread to other competitions. Original music is provided by Alexander Massó and this title was originally released before 30,000 people watching the big screen. The top three men's marathon finishers were Hwang Young-cho of Korea, Koichi Morishita of Japan, and Stephon Freigang of Germany. This title has been rated G in the United States, although I have yet to identify a distributor, so if you know of a source to order this Spanish production please contact Running Movies.

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