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"A worthy source, for those of us who loves films and running."
Hal Higdon,

"Running is well documented on film and tape. But these movies were hard, if not impossible, to track down until Mark Hale-Brown did this legwork for us."
Joe Henderson,

"For every running-related piece of footage you’re ever likely to want."
Pat Butcher,

"Mark keeps you up to date on any and all movies, DVDs, and videos that have anything to do with running."
Ozzie Gontang, The Mindful Running Blog

"Makes it easy to find films about running."
Bernice Torregrossa, The Galveston County Daily News

"The site is definitely put together by a technically competent runner."
Mike Sandrock, The Daily Camera Elite Site Seal

"A wealth of video material on running, chronicling the history of our sport in a new dimension.
...a valuable resource."

Dr. Kamal Jabbour, The Post-Standard

"This site is relentless in its devotion to the sport. Everything is here."
Jules Allen, St. Petersburg Times

"Whatever movie that has running content in it, they have it listed there. A very resourceful running video website... You will be spoilt for choices!", Singapore’s Online Running Portal
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"...Cataloged here in aching detail.", Yahoo! Pick of the Week

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