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Kicking Bird

Run. Because it’s the only thing left to do.
From independent filmmaker Kelley Baker (read interview) comes a story of a 17-year-old runner and how a coach tries to use him for his own career gain. MartinMovie of the Month, April 2005 "Bird" Johnson has a mother in jail, father out of his life, a brother in a work camp, and his grandfather beats him. To cope with all these situations he does what he can and runs. When the cross country team tries to beat him up he outruns them all and the coach thinks that this is his answer to obtaining a college coaching position. This film runs for 100 minutes and, although unrated, it would earn an R rating due to language and violence. The historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon hosted the official premiere in late January, 2005. Watch for this film in 2005 at film festivals and to place an order for a DVD in widescreen format film visit, where you can also view a short Trailer.

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