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I am a Runner

Here is a 22 minute 16 mm film that was produced in 1979 and has narration provided by Bill Rodgers, Sharon Barbano, and Jacqueline Hansen. This production covers topics for everyday athletes such as stretching, running techniques, fartlek, hills, and intervals. There is also footage of elite athletes Bill Rodgers and Joan Benoit discussing racing strategies. In additon, you will also see footage of slow motion running studies and comments from a 77-year old runner. This film is rather rare, being held in only a handful of libraries, and has yet to be released in VHS or DVD format.

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The Ice Runner

His only chance for freedom lies across 39 miles of ice.
1993, 114 minutes, Rated R, distributed by Monarch Home Video. The back of the box states: "Jeff West (Edward Albert) is a U.S. spy stationed in the Soviet Union during Glasnost. The C.I.A. betrays him and after a fixed trial, West is sentenced to certain death at a dreaded gulag for political prisoners. Through West's resourcefulness, he assumes the name of a dead petty thief rerouting himself to a minimum security camp, where he plans his escape over the icy tundra. Suspicious of West's true identity, Koyla, the camp commander, sends for the beautiful wife of the dead thief. She has the power to expose him, but what ensues is a deep love affair. In a cruel twist, Koyla is reassigned to an outpost at the Bering Strait and takes West with him for one final confrontation. There are only thirty-nine miles of ice that separate Russia and America, and so a brutal game begins. A determined runner pursued by the commander, makes his final run to freedom." This movie was directed by Barry Samson, written by Clifford Coleman, Joshua Stallings, and Joyce Warren, with producer Jeffrey M. Sneller, and music provided by Emilio Kauderer. Although running is essential for the climax of this film, there are also a few scenes where you will see his covert training as he runs in his boots and heavy outerwear through the town and in the forest. This is available in both DVD and VHS from A review has been written by Glenn Erickson at DVD

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In the Trenches: Classroom Observation

This 2002 production takes you inside the classroom of 5th grade teacher Lynne Gronert. Watch her teach and implement a Track & Field lesson to her students in an unrehearsed and unedited presentation. Lynne leads her class through skill instruction, demonstration, and participation implementation of seven different activities: Relay race, field circuit of hurdles, long jump, sprints, a sprinters drill circuit, shot put, and a unique "poker run". With more schools without formal physical education teachers, you may discover that this leason is the perfect instructional tool needed to lend ideas on how to get your class up from the desk and becoming active in a well organized and productive manner. Running 40 minutes, this title is available from Championship, where you can also view a Sample Clip.
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Increasing Running Speed and Strength

This instructional video is for developing speed and strength in athletes. Willie Williams hosts this movie with topics including: stretching drills, warm up, lengthening the stride, methods for preventing muscle pulls, obtaining higher knee action, starting speed and lift. Also included is a 6 week printed program on putting the video demonstrations into practice, plus detailed weight training for increasing leg speed. To buy a new copy go to Wolverine

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The Incredibles

This is the first animated feature film (rated PG, with a run time of 121 minutes) to be added to these listings; it is that enjoyable. Following in the footsteps of previous Pixar successes Toy Story and Finding Nemo, is a great story with a child of super hero proportions with the gift of speed. His name is "Dash" and this 10-year old is introduced at the principal's office after pulling off another fast-footed stunt. We soon learn that he would love to compete in sports and use his natural superpower of running speed. Later, he realizes his full potential as he evades capture through the jungle, with the velocipods in fast pursuit, and he even runs on water at the lagoon as he reaches full speed. After all the drama unfolds, the scene that fulfills his dreams appears as Dash, with his family supporting him from the grandstand, races his peers in a 100 meter race. Dash has to find the balance of his speed as it needs adjusting to not draw any extra attention to his ability. Although his character is in a supporting role, the main character, Mr. Incredible, also finds time for some running. This feature motion picture opened in theaters November 5, 2004, and was released on home video in March, 2005. You may order your copy now from in DVD format 2-disc collectors boxes in either Widescreen or Fullscreen as well as a VHS option. You may also learn about the 19 songs on the motion picture Soundtrack.

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1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky
Indulgence follows ultra-marathoner Anton Krupicka during the summer of 2007 as he trains for the Leadville 100 mile ultra trail race. Running over 1000 miles in the 5 weeks prior to Leadville, Anton pushed himself to the Movie of the Month, February 2008limits of endurance in his successful attempt to defend his 2006 Leadville crown. Filming by Brennan Galloway and Alex Nicholswas was done primarily in Colorado but also included stops in Utah, Nevada, and California. The presentation reflects Anton’s simple approach to life, running, and his continued pursuit of this minimalist ideal amidst the expectations of modern society. Krupicka’s list of accomplishments goes far beyond Leadville with additional wins at the 2007 Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race, Estes Park, American Discovery Trail Marathons, and the 2007 Collegiate Peaks 50 miler. Brought to you by Negative Split Pictures, this is their second film release after the 2004 title Five Thousand Meters: Nothing Comes Easy. To learn more visit the official website at where you can place your order.

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The Injured Runner

A Balanced Solution
This 135 minute DVD will allow you to recover from injury or prevent injury to keep you on the road without interruption. Join Bryan Whitesides, a 20 year runner, physical therapist, and board certified orthopedic clinical specialist, as he instructs you in "the most specific program available to develop core
Movie of the Month, November 2006stability, strength, balance, and flexibility. There are five main sections of presentation after the introduction that you can easily switch between: Foundation, Level 1, Level 2, Warm up, and Stretching. This video is ideal to observe the sets, move along with the athletes, and to pace yourself with the included verbal instruction. Although many of the techniques appear simple on screen, it may take many trials and sets before you find yourself doing these moves with confidence. You may order this 135 minute production from and if you want to read background articles, and other printed information on various problems that you may be experiencing (such as knee pain, IT band, achilles tendonitis, shin splints, ankle sprain, calf or hamstring strain), visit the Injured

Injuries To Runners

Released in 1979 as part of the Sports Medicine Today series, this 16 minute production was under the authority of Video Training Resources, Inc., Sports Medicine Resource, and McGraw-Hill Films. The video discusses concepts from the non-contact, overuse, and musculoskeletal injuries of runners to the subtle faults, defects and imbalances which lie behind most of these injuries.
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Inside the Olympic Games

PolyGram Video released this 55-minute video in 1996. Produced, written, and directed by Scott Messick and Kelly Hayes with Dara Torres acting as the host. The focus is on what to look for in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta although some of the information is timeless such as many different scenarios like: What it takes to vault more than 20 feet in the air? What is this game called team handball? How straight can an arrow fly? may be selling used copies or you may choose to wait to find it available on an auction site.

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Inventing the All-American

Idols of the Game: Episode One
1995, 95 minutes. Here you will take a close look at how American athletes have had a profound impact on the people of the time. These stories are put into political and social context starting with the story of Jim Thorpe. Thirteen minutes are dedicated to Thorpe’s story and his influence he had on sports and the culture he was exposed to. You will hear radio interviews with Thorpe as well as commentary from his son Jack and sports historians. Next featured is Babe Ruth, then Joe Louis with a two minute mention of Jesse Owens during the 1936 games. The remaining athletes who are featured include segments on Jackie Robinson, Arnold Palmer, and Muhammad Ali. You can order this in VHS format video from to view the triumphs, trials, and impact these athletes have had on society.

Iron Man of Kansas

This 1980 film depicts the story of world class runner Glenn Cunningham. See how he overcame a tragic childhood accident, and how he and his wife Ruth opened their home and their hearts to thousands of youngsters. Directed by David Howard, written by Mary Loy Brown, narrated by John Grassilli, and released by National Film Studios.

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Ironman Hawaii

If you are wanting to relive the action from an Ironman competition in Hawaii than look no further than They carry each of the NBC broadcasts going back to 1991, when seven million viewers watched the first 90 minute telecast featuring triathlon great Mark Allen fighting off Greg Welch and Jeff Devlin. In the following years take in footage of other endurance athletes such as Paula Newby-Fraser, Erin Baker, Dave Scott, Thomas Hellriegel, Karen Smyers, Luc Van Lierde, Juergen Zack, Lothar Leder, Peter Reid, Natascha Badmann, Heather Fuhr, Lori Bowden, Scott Tinley, and Tim DeBoom. With the men running well under three hours in the marathon, and the women nearly breaking this mark themselves, these athletes are truly amazing. The 2002 to 2004 events are on DVD and the other years can be found in VHS format.

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Ironman Triathlon Competitions

If you are looking for other Ironman triathlon competitions that have been preserved on VHS (in both NTSC and PAL format), and DVD turn to Ironman Most of the footage was taken for ESPN, and the venues are exhaustive: Ironman Triathlon World Championship since 1991, Canada, Europe, Australia, Canary Islands (Lanzarote), Switzerland, Lake Placid, New Zealand, Florida, Austria, California, Brazil, as well as the 2002 finishers and 20th and 25th Anniversary event. Their store is loaded with good with over 30 video tapes to choose from, so know what you are after or you may be overwhelmed by your choices.

The Isolation of Two Long Distance Runners

AKA: Futari no chokyori ranna no kodoku
1966. Directed by Shinkichi Noda of Japan. This short film is an alternative version of the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Marathon and was based on a sixteen-foot snippet of film that captured an unauthorized runner trying to beat eventual winner Abebe Bikila. Noda returns to this segment again and again as other shots are added to consider the nationalistic politics that are underlying the Olympic events. No source is known at this time to view this film. Noda died in 1993 after completing just a couple of film projects in his filmography. If you have additional information about this title please share it via the Contact Form.

It Happened in Athens

Lasting 100-minutes this 1962 production is based on a true story that chronicles the exploits of a gorgeous Greek actress who decrees that she will marry the winner of the 26-mile marathon at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens. It will be the first time the race has been run in 2,672 years. The actress does this because she is sure that her true-love will win. The real winner is a poor shepherd. Fortunately, the shepherd would rather marry another. The film contains Olympic Games footage and real-life Olympic hero Bob Mathias plays the American captain. Much of the story was shot on location. Music is performed by Manos Hadjidakis, the narrator is Alan Caillou, and writing credits go to László Vadnay. This film is quite rare and difficult to obtain a copy, although the movie poster is more widely circulated due to Jayne Mansfield's revealing costumes.

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It’s a Mile From Here to Glory

Adapted from the novel by Robert C. Lee, this New Kid Home Video has also been shown in the 16mm film format. Directed by Richard Bennett, the story is of Early McLaren, a 15 year old who is small for his age, and how he becomes a long distance runner whose self-esteem is totally dependent on winning. A debilitating accident forces him to reassess his attitude with the help of a knowledgeable therapist. Originally released in 1978, the VHS version became available in 1999 and has a running time of 47-minutes and can be ordered from This Martin Tahso Production has also been shown on television as an "after school special".

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