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Hapa: One Step at a Time

This 2001 biographical film was made possible, and can be ordered in VHS, through KVIE, a television station in Sacramento, CA. Running 26-minutes, you will meet marathon runner Midori Sperandeo talks personally about her biracial heritage and reflects on the phenomenon of being biracial, with interviews from a number of ethnically mixed-raced people with additional viewpoints. Midori, her mother (who is also interviewed) and the others offer an overview of the struggle of racially mixed people to be accepted and understood, seeing how that role has changed as the United States becomes a more multicultural society. Midori describes her own personal struggles, likening them to her learning to be a long-distance runner.

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A Hard Road to Glory

AKA: The Black Athlete in America
Hosted by Arthur Ashe with James Earl Jones providing narration, this 1988 release lasts 60-minutes. A presentation of the difficulties encountered by the Black athlete in America and the hard won climb to the top of the profession. Based on extensive research and using historical films, the struggles and achievements of several black athletes are depicted. The need for a strong black presence in sports management is examined and explained by two prominent black coaches. As part of the Kodak Video Programs Sports Series, this video was originally distributed by Wood Knapp Video and was based on the book of the same title by Arthur Ashe.

The Harriers

This rare 25-minute black and white short film was recorded in the 1960’s at Humboldt State University by two students and Coach Jim Hunt (Training the Neurological Aspects of Distance Running). The footage is raw cross country running at its finest, set to banjo music without any narration. You would see college cross county athletes running their hearts out in a variety of settings including running through a herd of elk, racing at Clam Beach to determine the seventh man for nationals, and slipping through the mud around Patricks Point and the Arcata vicinity. This film was used at one time to raise money to send athletes to the National meets, however, one of the students obtained copyrights for this film leading to legal action. Currently Coach Hunt shows the film at his running camps, although he cannot sell it.

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The Hazing

AKA: The Campus Corpse
This 1977 movie was directed by Douglas Curtis runs 90-minutes and is rated PG. East is a naive country boy who goes to college with the hopes of being a big track star. Despite the fact that his older brother caused some problems for the Delts, the top fraternity, with his student activism some years back, East is asked to join the group. During the initiation ceremonies, he believes that a friend is killed and is shocked when the fraternity leader asks him to help cover up the death and to dispose of the body. You can order a used copy of this VHS tape from

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High Hurdles

Renaldo Nehemiah, the first to break 13 seconds for the 110 meter high hurdles, and his long-time coach, Jean Poquette, show you what it takes to become a great high hurdler. Nehemiah set three world records records, including 12.93 for the 110 highs. In this presentation you will see Renaldo Nehemiah demonstrating the Movie of the Month, February 2007skills as the voice of Coach Poquette walk you through the specifics. Four major components are discussed including the lead leg (most important), trail leg, lead arm, and trail arm. Next, four secondary components are detailed: lead foot, trail foot, lead hand, and angle of lean. Most of the running is in slow motion making it easy to follow without having to continually rewind as you go. Other areas of hurdling that are shown include drills (back and forth and jamming), flexibility, warm-up, strength conditioning, and the development of speed. If you want to learn proper hurdle technique and improve your times than this is a great video to study again and again. Done in 1991, this 36-minute video was discontinued by Championship when they phased out all VHS formatted material in June 2007. Some of the footage used in this tape can be found on Hurdles with Walter Curry, a 1998 production that was released in DVD format.

Higher Ed

UrbanWorld Films will be releasing this 2001 production to limited theaters in 2003. The cast includes: Pras, Aries Spears, Tiamak Guari, Ernest Thomas, Jean Claude LaMarre, Hill Harper, and Leila Arcieri. Written and directed by Jean Claude LaMarre and running 83-minutes it is about an inner-city kid who goes to college on a track scholarship and tries to leave his troubled lifestyle behind. Ed tries to ignore his roommate’s antics by absorbing himself in his schoolwork. With an eye for the ladies and a jock on his back, Ed must make a difficult choice: Will he get high with marijuana or get higher with education? This film has not been released on video cassette.

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Higher Learning

Question the Knowledge
1995, 127 minutes, rated R. Starring Omar Epps, Kristy Swanson, Michael Rapaport, Jennifer Connelly, and Ice Cube. This drama examines the personal, political, and racial dilemmas facing a group of college freshmen as they begin their first semester at Columbus University. Malik (Omar Epps) is an African-American student attending on a track scholarship; academics are not his strong suit, and he goes in thinking that his athletic abilities will earn him a free ride through college. Fudge (Ice Cube), a "professional student" who has been at Columbus for six years so far, becomes friendly with Malik and challenges his views about race and politics in America, while Professor Phipps (Laurence Fishburne), a black man who teaches political science, firmly tells Malik that he will not be graded on a different standard either because of his race or his ability to run quickly. With Deja (Tyra Banks), Malik finds a girlfriend, a tutor, and a training partner all rolled into one. Meanwhile, Kristen (Kristy Swanson), a somewhat naive young woman from California, meets a boy named Billy (Jay R. Ferguson) after both have had too much to drink at a beer blast; Kristen soon becomes a victim of date rape and becomes involved with a campus feminist group to deal with the painful experience. While working with the women’s group, Kristen gets to know Taryn (Jennifer Connelly), a strong but understanding woman who is also a lesbian, and she finds herself becoming attracted to her. And Remy (Michael Rappaport) is a confused young man from the Midwest who feels lost in the multi-cultural atmosphere of Columbus. He is approached by Scott (Cole Hauser), a member of a group of racist skinheads, who believe that Remy is a perfect candidate to help carry out his group’s violent goals. The running scenes in this film include discussions with the coach at the track, brief training shots, as well as a 4 x 100 meter relay sequence. VHS and DVD widescreen formats are available at Roger Ebert gave this film three stars in his 1995 review, or for a more extensive opinion see a five page review written by Mike Lorefice.

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Highlights of the 1988 Summer Olympics, Seoul

Bryant Gumbel hosts this 1988 National Broadcasting Company film that runs 90 minutes. Highlights of 16 days of unforgettable Olympic action, as America’s athletes take home 94 medals, 36 of them gold. Enjoy this uninterrupted presentation of excitement and drama as East meets West for the first time in 12 years and more than 9,000 athletes from 160 countries compete for their "golden moment."

Highlights of Track & Field and Swimming & Diving Competitions at the 1932 Summer Games, Los Angeles

The United States Olympic Committee was involved in this 1932 black and white release that runs for 33-minutes in VHS video format.

Hill Training- The Lydiard Way

Although the 2004 video only runs for 8 minutes, you have the opportunity to hear historic Coach Arthur Lydiard talk about his methods, theory, and technique on hill running. The dialogue comes a lecture and interview conducted in Osaka Japan in 1991. As Lydiard is explaining the technique the on screen images illustrate the proper application of the methods performed by three different runners. Three sections focus on specific running that include the following: Steep Hills, Bounding, and Hill Springing. These repetitions focus on low speed, swiftly applied, and specific movements to develop proper running form, position, and power. The result is increased strength and eliminating running errors. As Lydiard explains, you want to "be like a ballet dancer" as you perform this training. This production was produced by Nobby Hashizume and was once made available through his organization,

Hitler, Jesse Owens, and the 1936 Olympics

Under the authority of EduMedia Techniques and written by Ralph Schreiber this 1992 release is part of the Living Archives Series. Jesse Owens is highlighted as the story is retold of one of sports’ greatest triumphs, and one of its most inspiring individuals at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

A Holistic Model for Training Distance Runners

Will Freeman is both the writer and host for this 1991 instructional film that runs for 55-minutes and was once available through Champ Online.

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Honolulu Marathon- 2002

Running in Paradise
Alberto Salazar and Toni Reavis host this 30 minute production that was released in 2002. The Honolulu Marathon is known as one of the most beautiful sporting events in the world, featuring a pre-dawn start, early miles past Waikiki Beach, then a sunrise over Diamond Head before the finish line in Kapiolani Park. This video covers the 29th running of the race, now one of the largest and most prestigious in the world. The elite athletes competing include Kenyan Mbarak Hussein and Russian Svetlana Zakharova. You will also see a special guest appearances by American record holder Mary Slaney. once offered this production in either VHS or DVD formats.

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It’s time to stand up for the little guys
2006 feature film, rated PG, 90 Minutes. Roy is the new kid on the block at Trace Middle School and when being bullied on the way to school he becomes intrigued by a barefoot boy running faster than the bus. He asks another student "I saw this weird kid on the way to school today...He was running like crazy with no shoes on. Fast, faster than any kid I’ve ever seen." On the second encounter seeing the boy he gets off the bus and sets chase. He later discovers that a group of burrowing owls are about to be destroyed to make way for commercial development and he joins up with the outcast and tomboy to try to save the endangered species. You may buy this DVD at where you can also sample the 12 songs on the Soundtrack.

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How to Coach & Organize
a Successful Track & Field Program

In this 2001 release join coach Mark Guthrie from the University of Wisconsin as he speaks from experience on what it takes to create a successful track program. Over 59 minutes you will hear advice on how to create and implement your coaching philosophy while involving your athletes and staff, school, and parents. Guthrie has kept a concise record of what he does every week of the year to prepare for the track season and you can learn from his experience he shares about "must-do tasks" and checklists of meet management ideas that will greatly assist you when preparing for home meets. Coach Guthrie also provides suggestions for recruiting athletes to participate in track and his thoughts on how to keep the track program growing in a positive direction. A sample clip is available from where you also will visit to order this tape to bring into your coaching toolbox.

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How to Develop a Championship Sprinter

with Mike Holloway, University of Florida Head Track Coach
One of the premier sprint coaches in today’s track and field world, Coach Mike Holloway has developed the University of Florida into one of the top collegiate sprint program in America. In this insightful video, Holloway shares his keys to developing a championship sprinter at any level of competition. Covered in this video are Holloway’s training philosophy, mental preparation tips, weight training, posture tips, warm-up drills for sprinters, a series of Holloway’s practice sprint drills, and his cool down drills. Having been a successful high school, college and Olympic coach, Holloway’s methods have proven to be successful at every level. Released in 2001 this VHS title was discontinued from when they discontinued all VHS production in June 2007.

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How to Plan Track & Field Practices

59 minutes. Join coach Mark Guthrie from the University of Wisconsin as he takes the guesswork out of successful practice planning. A variety of strategies for track and field coaches are presented, including information on event assignments, utilizing managers, periodization training schedules, sample practice formats, warm-up and cool down ideas, event preparation even if you do not have an indoor or outdoor track, ideas for rainy day practices, and motivational ideas. If you are a coach interested in running more effective and productive practices then this video is what you have been looking for. Order this 2001 DVD directly from Championship where you can also view a sample clip

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Hurdle Drills

AKA: Drills for Teaching the Hurdles
This 30-minute video from 1992 features Mike Poehlein, Head Coach at Purdue University. Here you will find drills designed for both beginning and advanced hurdlers. Five of Poehlein’s hurdlers demonstrate such hurdle drills as sitting hurdle stretches, rug drill, stationary hurdle drills, one step drill, the mat drill, 2 step/4 step drill, 8 step drill, hare and tortoise drill and many more. 19 drills are featured in all with specific notations on where a coach should be observing each drill and what to be examining. In addition, the best time to use these drills are mentioned as well as what the desired result is that you are seeking such as conditioning, flexibility, or error correction. Championship stocks this film as part of their 9 DVD Championship Track and Field Drills Series. Following the main presentation, you will find an additional 12 minutes of previews from nine other track & field video productions.

Hurdle Drills for Women

with Fred Harvey, University of Arizona
This 2002, 34 minutes. Coach Harvey is joined by athlete Nichole Thomas as they discuss and demonstrate about two dozen hurdle drills. The first seven drills are for strengthening and range of motion and take 11 minutes to describe. Some of these drills incorporate surgical tubing for added resistance. Next are six sprint mechanics drills that any athlete seeking improved speed could perform. The third section is on rhythm drills where eight drill options are presented. The last section is six minutes for the advanced hurdler that includes over speed training and one step drills. Throughout this video Coach Harvey stresses the importance in keeping as close as possible to maintaining proper sprint mechanics when performing the hurdle action. This is an excellent video for the beginning athlete with some additional challenges present for the more advanced hurdler. Unfortunately, this title was discontinued from Championship when they phased out all VHS production in the summer of 2007.

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Hurdle Training Drills & Workout

Hurdles provide one of the best tools available for teaching force application and recovery mechanics. With this hurdling video made in 1999, you will learn linear drills for speed, lateral and cutting movement skills, plyometrics, and sport-specific training ideas. Hurdles are great for all sports, and add an element of fun to your practice sessions. You may obtain this video from


Here you will witness a series of biomechanical analysis that was filmed at the first World Championship from Helsinki in 1983. Released in 1989 and made possible from the efforts of the European Athletic Association, Kratky Film, and Training Management Systems, this video runs for 28 minutes and is part of the Championship Form Series.

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with Walter Curry, Boston College
Coach Curry stresses the basic fundamentals of hurdling and identifies the common errors in technique that slow the athlete’s performance. Two of his graduates (Andrea Melton, 13.61 & Troy Semper, 52.20) demonstrate aspects discussed as well as the use of numerous other visuals from other Championship Production tapes (High Hurdles & Hurdling: Technique and Training for Women). Hurdle technique is broken down into five phases. About seven minutes is focused on nine errors, the reason for the problem, and what you can do to make corrections. About five minutes is used to explain 10 hurdle drills. Additional sections include: Starts & finishes, avoiding injury, warm-up and stretching, and observation of hurdle technique. Championship offers this 1998 release, with a run time of 31-minutes, as part of the Common Errors and Corrections Series.

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Hurdles with David Hemery

Released in 1987 this 25-minute video is part of a series of video tapes on beginning track and field that are narrated and demonstrated by great champions and record holders. This video series is available in the U.S. from Champions on Film and were produced in England. You will see the warm up, hurdle drills, and technique development for hurdling. Short clips from the 1984 Olympic games of Greg Foster and Edwin Moses are shown as well as several slow motion hurdles taken by Hemery in this taped session. The material is focused towards young girls and boys and they are shown in the teaching and learning process during this video. You can order this tipe from Wolverine To read a biography on David Hemery, past World Record holder and Olympic champion, see Sporting

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The Hurdles

with Dennis Shaver, Louisiana State University
1998, 53-minutes. In this comprehensive video, Coach Dennis Shaver uses six different LSU athletes to demonstrate a variety of drills and techniques to improve hurdle performance. The list of topics is extensive: 17 dynamic flexibility exercises, 15 sprint drills, 12 abdominal exercises, 12 medicine ball strengthening exercises, cable drills, hurdle mobility series, body building (including Olympic lifts), general strength circuits, multi-throws, plyometrics, stride patterns, and speed development. The last six minutes discusses daily sample workout schedules during three unique phases of training. This tape ends with a full 100 high hurdle race that is won in the time of 12.87. Consult with this video if you have advanced athletes in high school, or are at a collegiate level, to develop improved hurdle performance. In June of 2007 all VHS tapes from were discontinued, taking this title out of current circulation.

Hurdling: Technique and Training for Women

with Galina Bukharina, Southwest Texas State University
This 1994 release run for 25 minutes and features Coach Bukharina who developed seven athletes who won European and World Championship medals and herself was a former USSR Olympian and USSR national coach. On this tape she works with one unidentified athlete at South West Texas. This video starts with 14 flexibility exercises. Next is a section on motor coordination and developing rhythm. Specific technique with the lead leg, trail leg, start, and advanced exercises are also discussed before the last section on developing stride frequency and specific endurance. This VHS title was discontinued from when they stopped VHS production in 2007. Some of the footage used in this tape can still be found on Hurdles with Walter Curry, which has been released in DVD format.

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