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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 1

2000, 53-minutes, Rated E, for everyone. Authority of Warner Vision Australia as part of their Olympic Series. Although many sports are covered, the highlighted runners include:
Supreme Achievements:
Fanny Blankers-Koen (Netherlands, 100m, 80m Hurdles, 200m, 4 x 100m Relay, 1948)
Emil Zátopek (Czechoslovakia, 5,000m, 10,000m, Marathon, 1952)
Jesse Owens (USA, 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m, Long Jump, 1936)
Crossing the Line:
Harold Abraham/Eric Liddell (Great Britain, 400m, 100m, Long Jump, 1924)
Abebe Bikila (Ethiopia, Marathon, 1960)
Shirley Strickland (Australia, 100m Hurdles, 4 x 100m Relay, 1948 - 1952)
Fermin Cacho Ruiz (Spain, 1500m, 1992)
Dieter Baumann (Germany, 5,000m, 1980)
Jackie Joyner Kersee (USA - Heptathlon 1988)

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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 2

2000, 53-minutes, Rated E. Although many sports are covered, the highlighted runners include:
Closeness of Victory:
Herb McKenley (Jamaica, 400m, 4 x 400m, 1948)
Otis Davis (USA, 400m, 4 x 400m, 1960)
Breaking the Record:
Irena Szewinska (Poland, Long Jump, 4 x 100m Relay, 200m 1964, 1968, 1972)
Herb Elliott (Australia, 1500m, 1960)
Kevin Young (USA, 400m Hurdles, 1992)
Lee Evans (USA, 400m, 1968)

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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 3

2000, 53-minutes, Rated E. Although many sports are covered, the highlighted runners include:
Personal Achievement:
Carl Lewis (USA, 100m, 1988)
Murray Halberg / Peter Snell (New Zealand, 5,000m & 800m, 1960)
Wilma Rudolph (USA, 100m, 1960)
Kip Keino (Kenya, 1500m, 1968)
Sohn Kee-Chung / Hwang Young-Cho (South Korea, Marathon, 1936/1992)
Emotional Celebrations:
Paavo Nurmi (Finland, Long Distance, 1920 - 1924)
Edwin Moses (USA, 400m Hurdles, 1976 - 1984)
Nigerian Women’s 4 x 100m Relay Team (1992)
Bruce Jenner (USA, Decathlon, 1976)
Derarta Tulu / Elana Meyer (Ethiopia / South Africa, 10,000m, 1988)

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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 4

2000, 53-minutes, Rated E. Authority of Warner Vision Australia as part of their Olympic Series. Although many sports are covered, the highlighted runners include:
Alain Mimoun / Emil Zátopek (France, 5,000m, 10,000m, 1952)
Sebastian Coe / Steve Ovett (Great Britain, 800m, 1500m, 1980)
Horace Ashenfelter / Vladimir Kazantsev (USA / Russia, 3,000m Steeplechase, 1952)
Rafer Johnson / Yang Chuan - Kwang (USA / Taiwan, Decathlon, 1960)
Daley Thompson / Jurgen Hingsen (Great Britain / West Germany, Decathlon, 1984)
National Pride:
Hassiba Boulmerka (Algeria, 1500m, 1992)
Paraskevi Patoulidou (Greece, 100m Hurdles, 1992)

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Golden Moments of the Olympic Games: Volume 5

2000, 53-minutes, Rated E. Authority of Warner Vision Australia and was once available for purchase through as part of the Olympic Series. Although many sports are covered, the highlighted runners include:
Olympic Spirit:
Colette Besson (France, 400m, 1968)
John Akii-Bua (Uganda, 400m Hurdles, 1968)
Billy Mills (USA, 10,000m, 1964)
The Medal Ceremony:
Florence Griffith Joyner (USA, 100m, 200m, 4 x 100m Relay, 1988)
Josy Barthel (Luxembourg, 1500m, 1952)
Linford Christie (Great Britain, 100m, 1988)
Alberto Juantorena (Cuba, 400m, 800m, 1976)

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She was programmed to accomplish the impossible!
Originally intended as a two-part TV movie to be run in conjunction with the 1980 Olympics, Goldengirl was re-edited and released theatrically when the U.S. pulled out of the Moscow competition. Based on the science fiction book of the same title by Peter Lear. VHS release in 1987 by Embassy Home Entertainment, rated PG, length of 105-minutes. The back of the container describes this film in the following: Gorgeous Susan Anton stars as an untried female sprinter who enters the Olympics, claiming that she will win an unprecedented three gold medals. But when one man (James Coburn) falls in love with her, he unravels the bizarre history of her training and the tough money men who stand to make millions- if she survives! Directed by Joseph Sargent, screenplay written by John Kohn, and music by Bill Conti.

The Grand Olympics

AKA: La Gran Olimpiada
Produced in 1961 with a run time of 142 minutes this film shows the Soviet Union taking away the most medals in the 1960 Rome Olympic games. This film, however, was not released in the United States until 1964 and then only in a severely truncated version. Done in Italian by executive director Franco Galliano and director Romolo Marcellini.

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This 1978 comedy is based on the hit Broadway musical and stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Set in the 1950s you will follow a group of high-schoolers throughout their senior year as they seek a return to "summer love". About half way though this film Travolta’s character, Danny, wants to go out for sports in order to impress the girls. He has to put away the cigarette in order to fail out of basketball, wrestling, and baseball before he is led by the coach to the sport of running. On the track he tries to get some extra attention by clearing a set of hurdles, and when he tumbles over one you can imagine who comes running from the bleachers. He must have remained on the team because at the end of the film Danny is wearing a Rydell High letterman’s jacket (and it appears that he lettered twice that senior year!). The movie review query engine offers links to over 80 different review articles to select from, including some written in Deutsch and Français. offers six available film formats that you can order: VHS, VHS 20th Anniversary, VHS Widescreen, VHS Subtitled in Spanish, DVD, and DVD Widescreen and the Motion Picture Soundtrack features 24 hit songs that are sure to take you back in time.

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The Great American Foot Race

2002, 60 minutes, co-presentation of Native American Public Telecommunications and ITVS, narrated by David Froman. This documentary illustrates what was undoubtedly the greatest test of endurance, an unbelievable cross-country foot race from Los Angeles to New York that took place in 1928. Dubbed "the Bunion Derby" by sports writers of the day, the 199 runners faced endurance obstacles of almost Herculean proportions as they had to endure sunburn, injuries, towns that refused to cooperate with the race, detours, sandstorms, snowstorms, bankruptcy, food shortages and even threats that New Jersey citizens were going to knock off the competition so their home-state runner could win. Only 55 men finished the 84-day race that spanned 3,422-miles, primarily on U.S. Highway Route 66. Won by 19-year-old Cherokee Indian Andy Payne, the shy son of an Oklahoma farmer who entered the race because "I just thought I could do it." Payne took his $25,000 back to Oklahoma, paid off his family’s mortgage, and built them a new house. He continued to live on the family farm, eventually becoming Clerk of the Oklahoma State Supreme Court, a position he held until his retirement in 1973. The film not only describes Payne’s incredible achievement, but tells the story of a race that was filled with drama, hucksterism, and even, unfortunately, the early beginnings of corporate sponsorship of athletic events. PBS started broadcasting this film in November, 2002, and if you missed the original showings visit the Official Web Site to obtain fascinating historical information or to obtain your own DVD copy. The producer/director for this project is Dan Bigbee, Jr. and producer/writer/researcher Lily Shangreaux (read interview), clearly did the homework needed to make this a fine film production.

See other Ultra Running films.

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Great American Road Races

1990, 55 minutes, video tape has been available from in the past. This classic celebration of running is hosted by Toni Reavis and produced by Salmini Films and shows nearly twenty different road races from the 1980’s with a focus on preformances in 1988. Some of the races include Lilac Bloomsday 12K, San Francisco Bay to Breaker 12K, L’eggs Mini Marathon, Boulder Boulder, Cascade Run Off, Peachtree and Falmouth Road Race. Many athletes are shown competing such as Mark Curp, Jon Sinclair, Grete Waitz, Alberto Salazar, Joan Benoit, Jim Ryun, Eamonn Coghlann, Lisa Martin, Julie Isphordine, Frank Shorter, Bill Rodgers, and Steve Scott. In addition to about a dozen of the elite athlete interviews you will also be treated to two sections of mishaps and unusual sights entitled "Oddballs of the Sport" and "Perils of the Road".

Great Moments at the Olympic Games

This is a 1987 release done by Cappy Productions for Time Video. Bud Greenspan and his crew put together yet another compilation of the Olympic games. If you have additional information about this title please send it to me to post on this site for other viewers to read.

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Great Olympic Confrontations

This is one of three Sports Illustrated videos, done by HBO video with authorized footage from the International Olympic Committee, that was made available to subscribers in 1992 and was not for retail sale. Running time is 46-minutes, executive producer is George Berger, and produced by Karen Miller. Great Olympic Confrontations captures all of the tension and drama of world class competition between the Olympics’ most closely-matched rivals. Both Steve Ovett and Sebastian Coe entered the 800 meter final in Moscow with recent world records to their names. Their duel for the Olympic gold was unmatched for sheer excitement. You’ll witness some of the truly magnificent showdowns of the Olympics: Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis in a controversial battle of speed and will and Rafer Johnson’s decathlon struggle with longtime friend C.K. Yang.

Great Rocky Mountain Relay Race

This is a gripping expose of the dramatic 180 mile relay race from Jasper to Baniff, Alberta. It is set in the Canadian Rockies with an impressive music score. This site is seeking more information on this title, so if you have a copy please share information so the other readers are better informed.

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The Greatest Moments In Olympic History

AKA: Sports Illustrated Presents the Greatest Moments In Olympic History
Hosted by George Grande, this 1987 Cappy Production lasts 52 minutes and was directed, written and produced by Bud Greenspan. As a fasted paced compilation it follows the modern Olympics during the time period from 1896 to 1984. The sections involve quick clips to demonstrate the points of such things as competitions no longer contested, numerous medal winners, repeat winners, overcoming hardships, those who failed to medal, great upsets, young athletes, and some brief closing ceremony shots. Numerous track and field athletes are referenced and briefly shown during this production. Here are some of the most notable mentioned: Roger Bannister, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Sebastian Coe, Mary Decker, Babe Didricksen, Harrison Dillard, Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses,Paavo, Nurmi, Steve Ovett, Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph, Peter Snell, Wyomia Tyus, Lasse Viren, and Emil Zátopek.

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Greatest Moments of the Goodwill Games- 1986

AKA: Moscow ’86: Goodwill Games
Contains thrilling and memorable highlights of the historic 1986 Moscow Goodwill Games, marking the first time in ten years that American and Soviet athletes have met in a summer, world-class, multi-sport event. Includes the colorful opening ceremonies as well as the following runners: Evelyn Ashford outracing Heike Drechsler in the 100 meters, Greg Foster in the high hurdles, Jackie Joyner-Kersee featured in her World Record Heptathlon victory, Canadian Ben Johnson, Edwin Moses extending his 400 meter hurdles streak to 111, as well as the last lap of Doug Padilla in the 5000 meters and Domingos Castro in the 10,000 meters. Turner Broadcasting Systems released this 89-minute title in 1986 which was distributed by MGM Home Video. After five Summer and one Winter Goodwill Games that included nearly 20,000 athletes from 100 countries, dozens of world records and countless memories, the Goodwill Games have now ceased operations.

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The Greatest Moments of the Olympiad

AKA: The Greatest Moments of the Olympiad with Bud Greenspan
Hosted by Bill Macatee, this 1996 release is a production of Triage Entertainment and distributed by Dreamworks SKG Television. Over 46 minutes you will see Macatee interviewing Greenspan in the Los Angeles Coliseum as he introduces many of his favorite moments that have been captured in his Olympiad Series. Most of these segments run about two or three minutes; much less than the segment from the larger series, although the most touching stories are revealed by Greenspan himself, putting a unique touch to these events. Here are the runners that appear, provided in order of appearance: Derek Redmond, Edwin Moses, Babe Didricksen, Valerie Brisco-Hooks, Jackie Joyner-Kersey, Jesse Owens, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Wilma Rudolph, Emil Zátopek, Ron Clark, Abebe Bikila, and John Stephen Akhwari. This tape was made in Canada and no known source is currently offering it for sale. Keep your eye out at the auction sites to pick this one up.

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Greatest Sports Legends: Jesse Owens

Featuring Live Interviews and Original Film Highlights
Hosted by Paul Hornung the box of this video provides a detailed description: Jesse Owens was described by track and field experts as the perfect natural athlete. Owens completely dominated the track and field scene of the day. He set world records for the long jump which endured for 30 years, and the 100-yard dash which stood for 20 years. Jesse Owens was the first true World Class athlete. In one remarkable Big Ten Championship, he set or equaled 4 world marks in a span of 70-minutes. His greatest triumphs were witnessed by the entire world as he won 4 Olympic gold medals in the historic 1936 Berlin Games. The most popular track man in history, Jesse Owens is one of our "Greatest Sports Legends". Produced and directed by Tony Verna, this film 30-minute video was made in 1973, broadcast on television in 1984 and most recently released on video in 1999. This film is one of the few places to see Jesse making a speech to grade school students and footage of his outstanding hurdle races.

Green Flood

A documentary depicting Ethiopia’s Greatest Runners
This 2005 release will be shown for the first time at Langston Hughes Hall in Seattle, Washington on September 18th. With a run time of 100 minutes, this documentary film covers the evolution of Ethiopia’s runners from the 1956 Melbourne Olympics to the 2000 Sydney Games. There will be a guest appearance by none other than the 1980 5,000 and 10,000 gold medal winner, Miruts "The Shifter" Yifter. Known for his blazing speed in the last 300 meters, he inspired countless countrymen to run, including Haile Gebrselassie. This presentation is made possible by Yichalal Productions and at this time there is no plans for video sales or future showings. Hopefully this event will be a success and more film appearances can be announced in the future. To view the event flyer visit

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Guided Muscles: Walking & Running

Here is a theory of running that is revealed by Jack Nirenstein and is shown in his self produced video that lasts 100 minutes. Jody Hawkins, four time U.S. National Champion runner, is one of many participants seen in this 2002 release experiencing the instruction. You will also see slow motion treadmill running to point out the specifics of the instruction. The theory is how to use gravity as the exerted force and how to use a vaulting process instead of a pushing process. There are also claims of increased relaxation as well as opening circulation and respiration by using this method. The focused muscle group in this video is the quadriceps. More information about this concept, as well as links to purchase this title in VHS or DVD format (as well as the companion book, Guided Muscles for Winning Sports) can be found at their web site:

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